We’re going to commit to the process.

Whatever our goals are it may take some time and a lot of mothafuckin effort but we’re built for this shit. 

We’re going to focus on what we want to do and not what we want to happen. 

We will find the resources we need. We will learn the resources we need. The end result will be us having these resources. 

Our mental health comes before anyone’s feelings. Our joy comes before anyone’s feelings. Our lives come before anyone’s feelings. 

We will spend time on what’s important to our creative journey. We will prioritize the tasks that are involved with that journey. 

We’re only surrounding ourselves with winners. Not just winners in career but winners in mind and spirit. 

If we don’t like shit we will speak up. We will be respectful but if we’re not feeling something or don’t feel like doing something we will say NO and we will not feel ashamed about it. 

We will be teachable. We live to learn. If we don’t know shit we admitting we don’t know shit. We asking all questions too. 

If it has nothing to do with our purpose then it has nothing to do with us. 

We’re here to collaborate more than we are to compete. 

We’re going to be fully present for ourselves because that’s where creativity begins. 

We will not be afraid to start over if we need to. We will destroy the entire building and build another one. If things didn’t workout it’s okay. We’ll pickup our tools and build again. 

We came into this mothafucka to touch lives. We came here to make a difference. It starts with us but it will end with how many people we touch. 

We will be comfortable in who we are. We will not compare ourselves to anyone. 

We will not doubt what we’re capable of. We the baddest mothafuckas alive. 

We will not be afraid to own and share our failures. It will be our moment to teach. 

We don’t care if it’s our best work or not. We’re sharing. We’re not hoarding ideas, we’re not holding on to our gifts, we’re not locking our dreams away anymore. We’re putting out our work. We’re destroying the idea of perfection. 

We will understand that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to the process just as long as we get shit done. We will do what fits our lives. 

We supporting our friends. We’re supporting strangers. We’re showing love not to receive it in return but to get in the habit to have the energy and aura of love around us. 


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