Your comfort zone is a space that feels amazing. It’s sort of an oasis. Everyone has a comfort zone. Mine is in my room watching crunchyroll and writing but if I want my brand to grow I have to actually go to functions and show my face. Do I want to? Nope! I rather stay home but it’s what must be done.  

My anxiety is awful. I’m scared as fuck to meet people but I do it anyway. Fear is why people will not step out of their comfort zone. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of other people opinions. Fear of leaving a job or even just going down to part time hours instead of full time hours just to focus on what they want to pursue. When you leave your comfort zone you relinquish some of the control and that scares the fuck out of people. You’re no longer in the position of where you’re the only critic of your work. The comfort zone is comforting because you can play it safe and not be judged or suffer real losses. But you’re losing regardless because there is no growth occurring. You’re stagnant. Fear and regret are your roommates in the comfort zone. Fear is not going anywhere. You have to learn to live with fear and the way you do that is do it outside of the comfort zone. 

A lack of information plays a part which is from a lack of research. Go research what you want to do. Watch youtube tutorials. Google. Email and direct message people in the field you want to go in. The more research you do the more information you obtain and the more information you obtain the more confidence you’ll have because it won’t feel as scary as it was when you didn’t have any information at all. When you research you can finally plan for your future. Planning is important because it’s your map to the top or what you view as success. 

Do you know how many people are sitting in their comfort zone right now as I type this? Millions. Making excuses. The easiest thing you’ll find in life is an excuse because they can be created by anyone. It doesn’t take a special skill to create an excuse and that is why you’ll find them in abundance. You’re never going to have the right equipment to start out. Well, create shit anyway. Your editing skills for videos aren’t great and you don’t have the money to hire someone to do it for you. Well, edit them yourself and if it sucks it sucks but at least it’s progress. Any movement is progress and that’s what I want people to understand. No matter how bootleg or trash it may be, as long as you’re moving that’s what’s important. Just take steps. I rather a person go in the wrong direction than to not move at all. You’re actually testing when you’re moving in the wrong direction. You can actually critique movement regardless if it’s wrong or right. You can’t critique stagnation because there is nothing happening. If you’re okay with just getting by, surviving, and you’re not complaining about your life at all and that’s how you prefer it then congratulations you’re winning. But if you’re complaining about how you’re broke or complaining about your job while sitting in your comfort zone then you’re losing. The percentage of people living outside their comfort zone is probably very low. 

Another thing about comfort zones people rarely touch on is the people who take risks and believe that because they took a risk that success is owed to them when in reality all they did is acted like everyone else. Yes quitting your job and focusing on your business and creativity is the sexy thing to do. Everyone is doing it but doing what everyone else is doing is still something that’s apart of the comfort zone because you’re thinking it’s safe because everyone is going that route. You’re not doing it for you. You’re doing it because you’re seeing people live off their passion and you think it’s easy and less stressful than your job when it’s actually harder work and more stressful. 

Just to show you that I’m not fake and I don’t chill in my comfort zone I’ll tell you one of my biggest weaknesses. One of my biggest issues is my procrastination. I’m procrastinate with everything I do and that was my biggest issue as far as dealing with my comfort zone. Doing things as they arise is stressful because of my laziness. It’s the most backwards thing about my mindset. It’s easier for me to browse youtube instead of answer emails immediately and saying to myself “I’ll respond later.” You are not alone with your comfort zone issues. I have them also. 

Choose happiness. I’m talking about happiness without complaint. Your happiness is outside your comfort zone. You’d be surprised how close your happiness is to you. You think it’s so far away but your comfort zone tricks your mind into believing that the distance is so great. Your happiness is literally next door to your comfort zone. Do more than ask to borrow the wifi password from your comfort zone’s neighbor. Go get the most out of your life. 


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