Society gives us this template of the path it believes everyone should walk. The majority believes deeply in that template and instead of embracing someone who is walking a different path society isolates those people or try to interfere, re-route, and try to walk that person’s path for them.

They’re wrong and do not understand the art of falling the fuck back.

Everyone path is different. As long as you walking and you’re not stagnant you good. Even if you walking in the wrong direction you good because you’re going to learn from the mistakes that are without a doubt coming your way and you’ll become better. 

We get so invested in the way we do things and when we do those things right and see the benefits from it we believe that our way is law. That’s the farthest from the truth. Your way worked for you. Doesn’t mean it works for the next person. When someone does something that isn’t the norm in someone else’s world that person will be met with questions about their methods and why they’re doing things their way instead of encouragement. 

I know people who go to AA meetings for alcohol. I know people who abused alcohol and didn’t need AA and quit cold turkey. Neither is right or wrong. They did what worked for their healing process. 

There’s people who go to the gym 5 days a week. There’s people who only go 2 days a week. Both can get healthy. If they both eating right they can both prosper. This isn’t a foreign concept. 

There’s people who graduated college in 4 years and there’s people who graduated college in 8 years. That’s life. Doesn’t make one better or smarter than the other. Shit just be like that. 

Some people achieve brand recognition without networking at all and some people achieve brand recognition networking at every event they attend. 

What’s for you is for you. Sometimes it’s hard explaining that to people in our lives because usually when you’re trying to explain this shit you’re in a different stage in your journey than they are. Whether you’re behind them or ahead of them doesn’t matter. Trying to relate to things in different stages is tough. 

Then when you lose your footing on your path and you fall they are the first to greet you with a pointed finger telling you how they “told you so” and then maybe they will offer to help you up. You did nothing wrong. You just fell down just like any other person does. Doesn’t make your path worst than others. You just fell. Don’t let people convince you that your way is wrong. Everything I’ve done the past 3 years is looked at as the “wrong way” but yet I’m doing pretty good for myself. I just stuck with what works for me. As long as you put in the work and effort you’re gonna be okay. Some like to write from 9pm to 2am. I rather write in the mornings or the evenings and be done by 10pm. Doesn’t matter what time the work is done. As long as it gets done. Different path. Same goals. 

Some people find themselves when they’re 18. Some people find themselves when they’re 37. I didn’t know who the fuck I was or wanted to do all of my 20’s. Don’t put that pressure on yourself. I spent my 20’s walking a path that wasn’t for me but that was part of my journey and what shaped me into the man I am today. I didn’t lose time. It’s what was supposed to happen. I accepted who I was at a time in my life people may believe is “late” but I’m young so I don’t believe that. Don’t look at the people around you and their journey and the goals they’re achieving. That has nothing to do with you. Fuck goals. Focus on the person you want to become. Do you wanna be selfless or selfish? Do you wanna be positive or negative? Do you wanna live or exist? Once you have an understanding of who you want to become your goals won’t seem so distant. 

Our differences in philosophy and methods are what helps us make a difference that actually mean something. Not just in your life but other people lives. Walking the same path as everyone else won’t help or impact anyone. The world needs new ideas and new ideas and perspectives won’t happen if you’re walking someone else’s path. You not built like everybody else and that’s okay. Stop trying to force shit. Stop shrinking yourself to fit into shit you outgrew or that isn’t for you. If a friendship isn’t in the cards for you now then leave it alone. If a relationship isn’t in the cards for you now don’t force it. If a job isn’t for you at the time then let it go. I promise you’ll be okay. Make the decisions that work for you and you only. No one else.

Life is gonna go on regardless if you’re on your path or trying to walk someone else’s path. Your path is your path to your happiness so why not do things your way? Isn’t happiness the end goal for everyone? Different paths. Same goals. 


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