Niggas that should be Freshman you feel me? Shoutout to Dylan. He belongs on the list every year.


Nigga just be high and crooning on the hooks. I fuck with that. Plus he a nigga that minds his business and just smokes his weed. I fuck wit niggas like that. 


She hella fucking weird but she can rap her ass off. She reminds me of Missy mixed with Tyler The Creator with her creativity and she very versatile. I listen to her quite a bit. 


This nigga got the city on fire and he hasn’t even been home from jail for 4 months. He’s dropped 7 music videos since being released. I’ve never seen this from any St.Louis artist ever. I’ve never seen this from a mainstream artist either. The best artist from St.Louis is The Block Captain. Easily. 


Similar to Jizzle with her work ethic. She always working and she do old style promo where she go city to city and tap in with DJ’s. Plus she be rapping rapping. She is a walking hit machine. 


Nigga be rapping and then flexed on niggas and dropped the best R&B debut album since Keith Sweat. Easy choice for 2019 Freshman. I ain’t been motivated to sing to bitches since Confessions. Myrion brought the feeling back.


Not too many people know these dudes but the groundwork they’ve put in has been amazing and organic. Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher and Conway are Griselda and their sound is classic street NY rap and everything I’ve heard out of this camp has been amazing. I’d love to catch one of their shows in the future. Their lack of recognition is criminal to me. 


I don’t listen to her music at all so I can’t speak much on it but if I don’t listen to your shit and I know who you are that means you’re doing something right. She seems cool to me. Think it would be stupid not to have her on the list. 


This nigga marketing is really dope and this nigga be spitting and his flow is always on point. I was a fan ever since I seen the video where he stood his ground in Atlanta at his video shoot. He wasn’t disrespectful and he stood on all 10 like a man. He’s the best new rapper in the game right now. 


She don’t sound like her peers and her subject matter not the same either nor her look. She in her own box and I respect that. She a rockstar. Anybody who spit in bitches mouths at their shows is definitely a rock star. 


One of the best albums this year. I think it is the best. Boogie is really good at getting his pain and feelings across on records. It’s like he’s right beside you when you listen to his music. Plus I didn’t know he’s the nephew of The Twinz. The Twinz were a hip hop duo I grew up listening to and created one of my favorite albums “Conversation” and Warren G put them on. Great music and bloodline. This is a no brainer. 

Thats all folks. 


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