The word “Nigger” hasn’t been invented yet and all those white people in Winterfell just made up that word in their head when they saw Greyworm ride in there on a horse. 

Bran has the most punchable face and I can’t explain why. 

Sansa is already on the dick measuring contest bullshit already. Somebody come kill this bitch. I’ve had enough. Sansa is like a great value Cersei now and it’s triggering as fuck. 

The fact this bitch Cersei thought that Elephants could be brought on ships just further proves she got some fire pussy. Dumb hoes always got that snapback. 

Take a lesson from Euron. This is how you get women. CONFIDENCE. He knows he ain’t shit but he don’t give a fuck. He has CONFIDENCE. He carries himself like no woman is out of his league. 

Cersei is a City Girl. I dunno why she trying to put up this front like she not trying to get her back blown out. Euron is the worst kinda muhfucka to deal with because any man that is willing to kill and die for some pussy is hella dangerous. Wouldn’t be surprised if he kills Jamie.

Bronn just having 4-somes like it’s a daily workout. Can’t believe they want my guy to murder his homies. He can’t go out like that. 

Cersei telling Euron “He might be the most arrogant man I ever met” is equivalent to a woman telling you “You play too much. We gone fight.” You know the coochie yours. But that baby not though. 

Everybody but Jon and Bran are worried bout the wrong shit. The Night King on his way to treat niggas like a bbq plate in the hands of a nigga who just did 8 years in prison and these weirdos arguing over status. 

Dany’s whole army pulled up to Winterfell like Nene from The Real Housewives From Atlanta. Whew Chile the ghetto. They not used to living like this. 

Jon bout to take Dany’s Dragons while she at work like Jody took Evette’s Honda in Baby Boy. 

Damn Jon really fucking his Aunt and he has no idea. It’s an evil world we live in. 

Arya has the eyes of a killer now and The Hound knows it. Arya also ready for ol boy the blacksmith to smash too.

Sam really just found out that his family got turned into BBQ Pork steaks and it was the most gut wrenching feeling ever. When he found out his brother got hibachi grilled I felt that shit. Hurt my soul. 

Bran just sitting down and giving niggas gems and instructions like Jay-Z in the first State Property movie. 

I’m calling him Aegon Targaryen from now on. Like Muhammad Ali got rid of Cassius Clay. No slave names around here buddy. 

The Night King is not fucking around with these weirdos. The Night King hanging up niggas arms and legs in Basquiat fashion. The Night King treating The North like Macaroni art. He bout to score 31 touchdowns in one game when this war starts. 

Bran “I’ve been looking for yo Sweet and Sour Chicken Ass” Stark finally sees Jamie the man that started all this bullshit. THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!! 


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