Granny survived. You can’t kill the real. 

I thought Angry Trap Nigga was vegan anyway how this nigga ain’t see Carl Winslow big ass in his backseat? Boy almost got his top blew while he was caking n shit. 

Get ya own & you ain’t gotta worry bout shit. A nigga who mooching off niggas always got the most to complain about. Nigga sit down and don’t touch the A.C. 

I Fuck wit this homeless nigga pops. Nigga wearing his AirMax like he Deebo. This homeless nigga got a whole attitude even though he let him stay at his house. Should’ve left his ass on the train getting punched like a ninja turtle n shit “Don’t ask me shit bout yo momma. That chapter is closed” is the most necessary statement I’ve heard this year.  

Ronnie in jail drinking hooch like Ray Gibson in Life. This nigga Granny just got beat the fuck up and he thinking bout bootleg toilet liquor. 

Big boss Jake trying to become an entrepreneur. He been the realest. 

Ronnie withdrew his guilty plea to try and make bail. Niggas bout to be upset. If this nigga get outta jail this season bout to be DELICIOUS! 

They trying to paint Coogie as a bad kid to release Ronnie and that hurts my heart. Coogie had the hair of prime Bizzy Bone. He could never be a bad kid. 

When Junie was on IG Live saying “We out here opp shopping” it was funny but that shit wasn’t funny. 

Angry Trap Nigga is really angry. This is the content I’ve been waiting on. This nigga been smiling too much. I need him back on the bullshit and being stressed out while stressing other niggas out. 

Angry Trap Nigga said “Compartmentalize” in a full sentence & meant that shit. Hotep Trap Nigga has arrived. 

Aw shit this nigga bout to pay child support. It begins. I’ve seen niggas get served and that shit is hilarious. 

Jerikka is awful bruh. She lied to her parents cause she ashamed of this nigga. 

Jerikka parents are Stanley from Friday & her father just compared her love life to tuition payments. That’s straight disgusting. So you only paid for her to go to college to get fucked by a nigga with a 6 figure salary? 

Jerikka care what people think. I’m thinking she doing better this season and every time she do some solid shit she ruin it immediately.

They’d have to throw me in jail cause I ain’t paying shit if I can’t see my child. I wouldn’t even sit down for a meeting with them hoes. If I can’t see my kids you bout toes the “Fuck Them Kids” come up outta my soul real quick. 

Them white people hired niggas to fuck Granny up. 

Kevin know that his life would be fucked if he took the stand. Smart kid.  

Jerikka meeting about the Condo account is exactly what people was saying about Nipsey’s death. “Why was he helping the hood?” People like that old stuck up ass lady is why shit has gotten worse in neighborhoods.  Jerikka having that lady over for dinner & of course she needs Brandon. I see it coming. 

Big Boss Jake bout to be in a group home fucking around with these niggas. 

They short the money so that means niggas gotta get robbed. 

I was with the black queen police officer talking her shit to the white boy. I was like “Talk yo shit black Queen!” Until she said she was drinking Gin. I take everything I said back now. 

Bruh if you got somebody who won’t accept you for who you are they are dead weight. Jerikka only proud of this nigga and support him behind closed doors and when no one watching. 

My nigga Brandon put on his white man voice the whole dinner. 

My nigga Darnell real and so are those women. All 3 baby mommas on the same team eating chicken with me is a future goal of mine. That’s dope & righteous. 

Emmett has a right to be upset. Nigga was like “Damn niggas get pancakes and chicken and I don’t get shit but my phone bill paid.” 

Jerikka really avoided talking about that “Not like those people we discussed” comment. Bitch you ain’t clever. 


Knew niggas was getting robbed. When the money low that’s what happens. 

Aye man this Arab nigga be saving Emmett ass. Nigga just be handing him hustles and ideas. Now these niggas bout to be selling bundles. 

White people always talk about Black Lives Matter but there’s more white on white crime than there is black on black statistically. People wanna sound so smart and be sounding dumb as fuck. Just like this Nazi bitch Ronnie talking to. 

Angry Trap Nigga meets 63rd mob boss Douda and I’m tired of these Don Cheadle looking niggas running shit. Can we please get a real nigga with a grill and Adidas track suit and not a nigga who dress like Cuba Gooding Jr. Please! This nigga drinking scotch with a thick woman thinking he’s me. I’m fed up. 

Douda accountant thick ass fuck. What’s her IG? I’m tryna lift her in real life. Melvin in Baby Boy Style. Wait and where is Jason fine ass momma at?? I need her.

I think 63rd mob gets hired to do invasions for that housing company to kick people out who don’t honor eviction notices. That’s a real hustle right there. 

Now Brandon is into the bullshit on accident. This nigga blessed the streets with baked macaroni and this the thanks he gets. Feds taking pictures. 

Big Boss Jake is a Big Boss Mentor. Teaching Kevin about how the streets a myth. Shit not real. It’s real dumb. 

Wolf lawyer is a “Fuck it I’ll do it” Queen. She joaning on this nigga and speaking facts. It’s official, This nigga Ronnie will be outta jail in 2 days. 

Emmett asking for wine to spill the tea with his momma. The realest shit he’s done in this series. 

Kevin taking the stand forreal. His life gone be hard as fuck unfortunately. 


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