I saw a good friend Saturday night and I typically don’t go to clubs or bars because I’m a homebody and I love to  stay in and write but I haven’t seen him in some years so I came out to catch up. Once I was outside the bar getting some fresh air and getting ready to drive home, people were coming up to me. I’m not the most welcoming person. I’ve been told I’m hard to approach but when people are drunk they think otherwise. I’ve had women I don’t know grab on me and people get too close to my face and this shit happened Saturday again. But when one of the situations happened I said something weird. I said…  

“Get the fuck out my house.” 

I didn’t mean to say that. I meant to say “Get the fuck out my face.” I didn’t even feel embarrassed because I was annoyed but when I drove home I was talking to myself like “Nah my nigga I made sense.” My personal space is MY house. My Energy is MY house. My mental is MY house. My heart is MY house. My spirit is MY house. I made a promise to continue saying that shit forever. I treat my mental and physical space like my house. 

I don’t know how people prefer the energy around their place of residence. Some people don’t mind having kickbacks and gatherings at their home. Some people trust co-signs from friends when friends bring people they haven’t met into their home. Some people may prefer quiet in their home and not having guests over. It’s none of my business. 

We have to be aware of the houseguests we allow into our homes meaning we have to be aware of the people we allow in our mental space, physical space, and hearts. We have to be mindful of who we share our energy with. 

There can be houseguests in your home where they were welcomed but they’ve overstayed their welcome with their behavior. There can be houseguests that show up without calling. There can be houseguests that are always fun when they visit. The upkeep of your house is important. The Feng Shui of your house is a representation of your personality. I guess your Feng shui is your outfits and glow. There’s no landlord available  to fix shit when things go wrong in your house. That’s your job. We control the flow of our lives. We’re the homeowners. 

Have you ever thought about the parallels of the types of houseguests and your actual life? It’s very fascinating. 

The Free Loader in your home and life that just takes, takes, and takes, and offers nothing but mental or physical pain. Never giving you anything but high anxiety levels and stress. Once you ask for rent or help with the bills in your house there’s always an excuse. When you threaten to have them removed from your house they get their act together for a couple weeks then its back to the same leeching behavior. Same promises. As time goes on just the sight of them in your house pisses you off. You come home from a long day of work and they’re still there and not amounting to shit. That’s how it is in life. People in your life with nothing to offer. When you don’t put up with their bullshit anymore they try to question your character. They’re just in your life taking up space and instead of making a dent in your couch they’re making a dent in your sanity. 

The sad houseguest that always going through some shit and your house for them is the “Help me get my shit together headquarters.” Even though you love wine and weed, you’re over the wine sessions about the same women or men that they’re crying and venting over. The same job they’re complaining about. Same family issues. You’ve given them sound advice and they didn’t follow that advice and they’re right back in your house. On your couch. Interrupting your “Me time.” They’re sucking away your energy. You almost slapped people at your job. You have your own shit to decompress from. You don’t need nobody else shit.  I’m all for helping friends but only if I see attempts at change. Other than that I don’t care about your problems I just wanna smoke my weed. If you keep doing the same shit then I have nothing for you. You’re tolerating it. You don’t need more sadness and negativity weighing on your mental. You have to set boundaries with these kind of people. 

The houseguest who always invite random people into your house or force their way into your house. I don’t need a group hangout with randoms. I don’t have the time for new niggas. Everybody doesn’t mesh. Everybody isn’t meant to hang with each other. There’s nothing wrong with having multiple friend groups. If we meet inevitably and we hit it off then it’s meant to be. The way people try to force their way into your house is trying to bribe you with your favorite activities or things. Nah I’m chilling alone. I’m doing my own thing. You have to accept that. There are people in this world that feel they’re entitled to be in your life because you have a past with them. They try to make you feel like a villain for moving and not telling them your address. Jokes on them because you have no problem with accepting the role of the villain. Hero or Villain whatever gets you on the path of leaving me the fuck alone is what I’m rolling with. These are houseguests that try to force their way into your house. 

Don’t let no muhfucka adjust the A.C or heat in your house and they don’t pay your bills or your dues. Translation, don’t let anybody adjust your feelings like your feelings aren’t valid. It’s your life

Don’t let strangers do what the fuck they want on your property. The mortgage in your name not theirs. Translation, don’t let a muhfucka run your life when they don’t bring shit to the table regardless if you know them or not. Your house is your sanctuary. It’s your peace. They gotta abide by your rules once they set foot on your property and if they don’t like that then they can step like Martin Payne. Don’t let these lames come in yo shit like Bruh Man from the 5th Flo. 

If they gotta take they shoes off in your house then that’s what it is. You ain’t gotta hang with everybody. If you stop fucking with people you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You’ve uninvited them to your home and moved on. If you don’t wanna be touched then you shouldn’t be touched cause it’s your personal space. You’re not living to tolerate bullshit. Get that shit the fuck out of your house. 


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