Brandon need to play “Earned It” by Chief Keef out his taco truck to let the neighborhood know he pulling up. Would’ve boosted sales 1000% Actually nah Chief Keef dissing a dead person in that song I don’t want Brandon to get shot. He could just play “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” by Kanye or some Bump J. 

Brandon gotta hit niggas with the cash app. You too grown to try to run a business and not have any credit setup. If he would’ve took his truck downtown he would’ve been in limbo. 

How does Brandon not have any protection when people know he’s been making money all day. He a walking lick. It’s fucked up you would need a gun to protect yourself from your own neighborhood but you either adapt or the shit will keep happening. 

Look at this Antoine Fisher looking nigga Ronnie. 

This nigga Emmett a straight loser. Nigga worse than Jody from Baby Boy. At least Jody had a Pac mural in his room. All this nigga Emmett got is sneakers and a dried up box curl. 

It’s all about perspective when it comes to therapy. I’ve seen it work for people and I’ve seen it not work for people. For a child I think it would have a higher percentage of resonating.  Kevin seen a kid get killed and shot someone. Yeah he needs it more than anybody. 

Not having permits I understand that shit not cheap and take time to get but not having insurance on a truck you worked so hard to get is the most irresponsible shit ever. This nigga Brandon business bout to fall off harder than Nutso in Above The Rim. 

Cocaine and alcohol broke up New Edition Papa but I appreciate the urgency and the awareness of knowing that negativity will have your skin looking like a crunch bar. 

Women like Tiff are trash. She not hurting anybody but that child. Emmett is a whole bum. Lord bless that baby. 

Myesha pee yellow as fuck ordering all that shit. They might as well buy her a bottle of syrup and tell her to drink that. 

Brandon got the pole back. “Alexa play Big Payback by James Brown.” 

Emmett really Ezell from Friday. Next thing you know he gone be trying to climb through Keisha window and stealing Teddy bears. When a nigga whole life is in 2 garbage bags that’s all the red flags you need. 

The city gone kick Granny out that house. Sad because she don’t have nobody but Jada. 

Ronnie talking to the White Boy from Hustle & Flow.

Damn Ronnie tried to be 12? I think every person from the army try to be 12 and own a Camaro. 

The first time we seen Angry Trap Nigga not look stressed. He happy as fuck Q gone hahahahaha

You ever notice that Homeless & deadbeat niggas always having the time of their lives? This nigga Emmett don’t have a care in the world. No roof over his head and he thinking about pussy. Get this nigga off my TV. That Nigga don’t deserve a 3 some. Thank you beautiful black queens for not blessing the undeserved. 

Tiff brother stole this nigga in the eye lmaooooooo. You know how much you gotta hate a nigga to punch him in the gut? That’s some Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon shit. He punched this homeless nigga in the stomach like Nelson does to Bart Simpson. Lmaoooooo. 

Real Niggas put on the gloves. Crazy how kids have more sense than adults. Big boss Jake ain’t got no hands tho. My boy gotta get his squabbles up. 

Aye man I’m a start counting my sins like Papa. I just wanna see how high it get. 

I like this scene because even though she probably not gone hire Brandon she giving him feedback that he can grow from. We need more people like this woman in our community. She not doubting his skill but she wants Brandon to tap into his potential. There’s a lot of people who are talented at various things but they don’t know what they do it for and why. 

They shooting dice to the wackest beat ever. I hope all them niggas lose all their money. 

This homeless nigga tried to force his way back to his momma house lmaoooo. My momma would’ve cussed me smooth out and called my Uncle on me. Unk would’ve swung on me and then bought me some Remy. 

I forgot this nigga Emmett has 3 kids. Somebody stop this nigga. 

Ronnie story is sad because we see that shit everyday. This country only care about veterans when they’re trying to win a debate. White people love caring bout the troops when they’re trying downplay the struggle of black folks and make an excuse for their racism. You the man in the army cause you set but once it’s over they just throw you back into the fire with no psychological help, no program, no financial help unless you get married in the service and all they have to turn to is vices like alcoholism and drugs. 

I like the fact that he changed the name of his truck but nigga please go get insurance and sell candy out the truck too. Run the check up. A nigga who slangin taco’s and non laters can’t lose. 

Man why they do Granny like that? Them people hired them to fuck that house up to get her to move out to a home or them niggas shooting dice to Scott Storch instrumentals outside did that shit. Either way I’d air that whole block out if someone did that shit to my Granny. 

A lot of black kids think the way Kevin do. Thinking “If I grow up” doesn’t surprise me it saddens me. 


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