No funny shit I’m just gonna get straight to the point. This is the worst season of Game Of Thrones. It’s fucking trash. I’ve tried to make it as entertaining for myself by being goofy and making jokes but this shit is terrible. The writing for this show has been average to below average since Season 5 but with this being the final season I was holding out for the writers to pull out all the magic. Hasn’t happened. This season just confirmed that it has wasted my time for a decade and I am a fucking idiot for watching all of it. 

We’ve seen great character arcs built and the writing for them has just gone to shit. Let’s just start with the obvious Daenerys Targaryen. She massacred everyone. Now I know I said burn everything down in my last review BUT I did not know that they would surrender. I was thinking if Cersei is going to fight until the end and hide behind the innocent people of Kings Landing thinking Daenerys wouldn’t kill them and has to destroy Kings Landing to get to her then fuck it call her bluff but I did not think they would surrender. They did surrender and Daenerys as fucking usual let her ego and emotions get the best of her after she won the war without any civilian casualties and burned innocent humans alive. Then the army followed suit and killed every person they could on the ground. Daenarys could’ve literally flew straight to Cersei and just killed her and The Mountain but she didn’t.

Daenerys turned heel. She’s full on villain. She’s worst than Cersei. I’m not against it but the writing for her whole arc to this point is not consistent with it. I would understand if she just got more ruthless as time went on during her journey but let’s be real that didn’t happen. Daenerys on the first episode of this final Season and Daenerys on episode 5 is total opposites. Which goes back to what I said in the beginning YOU’VE WASTED MY TIME! In the scene with Jon she becomes a mini Cersei by trying to fuck Jon yet again and then when Jon holds back she says “Let it be fear” and I literally rolled my eyes because it was so Cersei like. All these bitches is Cersei’s sons and I’m over it. It’s like they’re trying to make every bitch villainous and in her image. This show caters to Cersei so much and it’s disgusting. 

Now you could spin it that the dragon queen has been betrayed by everyone. Jon won’t give her dick and told Sansa the truth. Tyrion is a fucking idiot and became a terrible hand to her overnight. No one respects her as Queen. Everyone loves Jon. Seeing a place that betrayed her bloodline and took everything away from her family which caused her to snap. Okay fine. Some people will defend her killing everyone with “Hey. Those people cheered when Ned Stark died.” With that kind of thinking that’s like being okay with somebody going to war with Trump and them assuming that you cheered and voted for him and deciding to kill you and everyone in America. Not everyone cheered for Ned’s execution just like not everyone cheered and voted for Trump. I guess the writers were trying to shock people with Daenerys actions but you kind of seen it coming anyway. They have written Daenerys into a corner and she has to be consistent with what she just did. So next episode there shouldn’t be ANY negotiations. She has to kill Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Tyrion or they have to kill her off in the last episode. She either has to own being a full villain or die. There is no other way around it. 

Next Tyrion Lannister’s character has been completely fucked. Again he’s been built up to be this strategist who always chooses logic over hope, emotion, and dumb shit in war. In the last episode this nigga making speeches to his sister who’s tried to kill him on multiple occasions. Had him framed on multiple occasions. SHE JUST SENT BRONN TO KILL YOU LAST EPISODE AND YOU’RE STILL TRYING TO SAVE THIS BITCH! He snitched on Varys. Like what the fuck? The Tyrion we’ve known this whole series would not be arguing with Varys about Daenerys. Tyrion would’ve agreed with Varys. Tyrion would’ve found a way to neutralize Daenerys or overthrow her. This nigga talking about hopes and dreams and a bunch of weirdo shit and it’s just never been his style. When did he change? The whole time I’m like I know Tyrion has something up his sleeve but it’s revealed he doesn’t and he’s just stupid as fuck now. Him giving this speech about Jamie saving Cersei was so pitiful and it’s was the end of a great character. I had Tyrion possibly making a play for the throne with Jon by his side. We seen this guy fall from grace as a character literally overnight. 

Jamie Lannister. Again another character built up to complete shit. His arc was wasted. Cersei put the hit out on him. He didn’t care. The shit with Brienne was pointless. Euron tells this dickhead that he fucked Cersei. He’s been betrayed and they send him back to King’s Landing for him to die in Cersei’s arms. Now if he would’ve did all that and in the end stabbed Cersei then it would’ve been decent but they try to make the shit metaphorical. They stuck with “Jamie is who he is” in the writing and it was kind of disappointing. His whole arc was pointless. 

Cersei. So everyone has hated Cersei since Episode 1 so her death is something the world was waiting for and as far as I’m concerned she got off easy. Yes her body was crushed by boulders but let’s keep it 100. She instigated all this shit and she didn’t have to see nobody? She didn’t come face to face with her enemies? MORE OF MY FUCKING TIME WASTED! This Cersei love affair the writers have is a fucking joke. They’ve been giving fan service this whole season for dumb shit and the one thing you don’t give fan service for is Cersei Lannister’s death. Un fucking believable. This is what should’ve happened……. 

The Battle Of Winterfell should’ve been last but they wanted to prop up Cersei as the ultimate final boss and literally crippled Daenerys strength to make Cersei look more formidable than she really was. Daenerys lost 2 dragons and half her army. There was no reason for Daenerys to take her dragons to go fight the dead in season 7. NONE. Nobody had a reason to go fight the dead in season 7. They had Daenarys doing dumb shit and making egregious decisions to make Cersei look like this war genius and the season suffered because of it. They nerfed a whole fucking war with the dead to make Cersei look like this untouchable bitch. The writers protected her til the very end. The Night King was a joke. The White Walkers were a joke. The war was a joke. They built this shit up with Cersei like this war was about to be insane but instead it was a massacre. This Cersei shit should’ve been handled by episode 3. 

The only good things about this episode was The Hound showing his love for Arya and fighting his brother and dying by fire and seeing the terror from Arya’s point of view on the ground. Arya had to travel back from the end of Kings Landing all the way back to the front gates while the sky is falling on her. Jon Snow likely having a wake up call which is 4 episodes too late and seeing “His Queen” kill innocent people was funny. Tyrion looking like an idiot in complete shock after Varys told him this massacre was inevitable. Varys is smiling from the grave like the effective messy bitch he is. He was right. She’s not fit to rule.

I can’t wait until this shit is over. I don’t even care how it ends. Just end it. It’s not an all time show anymore. It’s not Breaking Bad. It’s not The Wire. It’s not top tier. The first 4 seasons? Fuck yes! Everything after season 4 is mid. I’m not watching this shit ever again once it’s over. No need to release the full complete series blu ray set. It just seems once they ran out of Martin’s source material the writing just crashed and burned like King’s Landing in this clusterfuck of an episode. 


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