Trailer dropped. Nothing we’re not used to. This is the first film of the new phase of the REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED FILM CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE! 

As some may know Spider Man is my favorite superhero and this trailer ended up being really important because of what was said in it and I was NOT expecting it. 

Peter asked “There’s a multiverse?” 

Okay. Was not expecting that in this movie. Marvel is coming out the gate immediately. Now for the people reading this and not understanding what The Multiverse is, it’s just a bunch of alternate universes. So for example in an alternate universe Thanos could be a good guy and Thor could be a bad guy. Ant-Man could rule the universe and Captain America is his sidekick. Iron Man could be brought back to life and Cap could’ve stayed Captain America instead of living a normal life (Please don’t bring Tony or Steve back) the possibilities are endless. With the multiverse being mentioned that means villains and other heroes like X-Men, Venom, and Fantastic Four can be brought into the MCU even easier. Still not sure if they will go The Sinister Six route (A group of 6 of Spider Man’s deadliest enemies) but I’m praying they do. But that’s not what interested me about this trailer.

Mysterio says in the trailer that the snap ripped a hole in the dimension and now people from his version of Earth have a path to the Earth we’re used to in the MCU.  Now what if he’s lying? Mysterio’s calling card is deception. He’s an illusionist. He’s the most untrustworthy mothafucka ever. The nigga always lying. I don’t believe he is lying about a multiverse existing but there’s more to the story I’m sure. 

Now what we don’t know is how bad is this situation. We saw so many things that could fuck up the universe.

Thanos snap in Infinity War.

Thanos destroying the stones after the snap.

Hulk snap to bring people back.

Iron Man’s snap to get rid of Thanos.

Loki taking the tesseract and escaping when they went back in time.

We still have Captain America possibly creating a multiverse over pussy, and staying in the past to marry Peggy Carter. That’s highly unlikely Cap’s decision caused the multiverse but I’m sure his actions have a negative effect that will be felt down the line. All those actions mean something. One of those events fucked up something bad. 

Now it’s not confirmed but the fact that there might be a multiverse (because Mysterio could be lying about it) this may lead to “Secret Wars” which is in short a Royal Rumble between villains and heroes on another planet. The Russos (Directors of The Avengers movies) said they will only come back to direct if Marvel does The Secret Wars. I think they will and this is what they’re building up towards. If not I could see Galactus or Dr.Doom being the new final stage bosses of this phase. I think Doctor Strange’s second film is going to be critical in giving us further information about where this phase is going because of now the multiverse is coming into play. . 

It would have to be the Secret Wars story from the 80’s instead of the 2015 version since they put the stones back and the cool thing about it is that The Fantastic Four wouldn’t really need their own movie. You can have them featured in future films since there’s a multiverse. Secret Wars just makes the most sense as the next big event like endgame. 

I’m interested to see where they’re going to with this but all I gotta say is regardless if they do the multiverse or not JUST GIVE US DOOM!!!! WE WANT VICTOR VON DOOM! IT’S TIME!!!!! 

Oh great trailer by the way. Spider Man Far From Home looks like it’s gonna be dope. 


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