The day I can crash an Audi reminiscing about past pussy like Celeste did for past dick is the day I’ve made it. 

They should’ve played “Feds Did A Sweep” by Future when The Feds hopped out on Gordon. 

Mary Louise hella unpredictable but what’s predictable is her shitting on Madeline every chance she gets and I love her for it. Actually Mary Louise a crazy old bitch and very problematic but since I’m the driver of the “Madeline Hate Bandwagon” I’m okay with it. 

Kids always be knowing. Bonnie daughter just notice the little things and can see that something not right with her parents and of course these lying ass adults don’t keep it real with their kids. 

That therapist bout to be rich and put her kids and grandkids through college because of Celeste cause that woman will never get better. 

Renata really bout to kill herself cause she gotta be a regular bitch and put her kid in public school. 

Nathan really called Bonnie momma. Bonnie is the problem though Nathan actually trying to see what’s wrong. 

These kids are reading the fuck outta these messy ass adults. These violent ass twins were right about their momma and her dishonesty. 

Lord these twins are the spawns of satan. 

Bonnie momma is going off on Nathan and everybody else and I’m here for it. She was correct about everything. 

Celeste thinks about her first date with Perry and the fact this fucking weirdo said “I’d have you all to myself” after finding out her mom is dead was the biggest red flag. Celeste is naive. 

Mary Louise found out about Ziggy and this is the moment shit is about to hit the fan. She can’t trust Celeste and that’s all that evil woman needed. 

Madeline mad at Chloe for no reason. If she wasn’t running her mouth then Chloe wouldn’t have found out about Ziggy having evil twin brothers. 


I forget Jane exists but I’m glad she actually explained “Assault” to Ziggy. She’s the first adult that actually treated her child like a human and was honest. 

Madeline is a disease. She fucks up everyone’s life. No one’s life is better with her presence. 


Mary Louise obsession with Perry is sick. She didn’t believe anything Celeste said about Perry and immediately shifted the blame to Celeste and Celeste has no spine so of course she goes along with it. 

Bonnie momma is a damn witch. Ain’t that some shit. She prayed over her with the help of a chicken bone. 

Celeste is dumb. She can’t be honest with her children. Just tell them that their father was flawed and did fucked up things. 

Anyone dating Renata wouldn’t think federal prison isn’t that bad. I’m sure they would revoke their own bail instead of being free and living with Renata. Side note if my girl won’t ride my face anymore I’d walk right back to prison. 

Abigail really snitched on Madeline to Ed about her infidelity and I couldn’t be happier to see this marriage crumble. 

Ed says he’s done and I don’t blame him. Go find the girl with the world class fake titties you saw at the grocery store and go actually be happy Ed. 

Bonnie is an annoying character. You grown as fuck. Tell your momma to leave and throw Nathan some pussy. He deserves it. 


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