I don’t know DJ Khaled personally from a can of paint. I like to think that he’s a good corny guy. There’s good corny and bad corny. The man career was rebranded in positivity after he got out of a deal with Cash Money. He was a motivational speaker through Snapchat basically. It was to the point people couldn’t wait for him to snap so they could get their dose of motivation to start the day. He even made hit singles during his rebrand. He became bigger than he previously was. 

Last week he posted a video of him complaining about he makes music to be heard by everyone in all places such as other cars passing by, TV, barbershops and proceeded to shade Tyler The Creator’s newest album as mysterious because I’m assuming that he’s never heard Tyler’s music being played in the places he frequents. It was insane because I’ve never seen Khaled talk about someone in a negative manner. He usually talked about “THEY” which is his definition of a hater but it’s crazy to see Khaled turn into “THEY” over being number 2 on the charts. We seen a similar situation with Nicki Minaj last year and it was a fucking shit show. She insulted Travis Scott for having the number one album on the charts. In both situations both celebrities let negativity fuel their responses rather than positivity and after I seen Khaled respond with the now deleted Instagram video I realized that negativity will always be hustling backwards. If he just congratulated Tyler I think fans of Tyler would’ve gave his album more streams because of the love showed. Same with Nicki Minaj. Tyler’s Flower Boy album debuted at number 2 on the charts and he congratulated the album that beat his which I believe it was Lana Del Rey and he went about his business. Showing love is free and rarely comes with a bad feeling after you do it. Showing hate is free also but there are consequences and bad energy attached to it. 

Anyway this all I learned from DJ Khaled the past 5 days. 


If you really think about it, Khaled being in the position he’s in is a blessing. For him to be as big as he is and hasn’t had one great album he’s curated is fascinating. He’s like the Marvin Lewis of hip hop. Marvin Lewis was the NFL head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals and he did not win a playoff game for 11 straight years and kept his job. Khaled has had hit records but the albums they were on were all mediocre. This man literally has had a fruitful career for a decade plus putting out mediocre albums and is awarded for it. His career is basically white privilege. I don’t think he understands how blessed he is. 


So piggy backing off the first point, Khaled not only doesn’t understand that he’s blessed for releasing 11 studio albums and all of them are bad except Major Key and if I had to put a grade on Major Key I’d give it a C or D but with this chart controversy I’m starting to see that this man really believes his own hype. This man really believes he’s an icon. Think of artists or entertainers who are iconic. Now compare DJ Khaled to all of them….. Exactly. Nowhere close. Remember Ronda Rousey? That’s what this reminds me of. Ronda Rousey to her credit was a trailblazer and one of the biggest stars in MMA history but she was also someone who believed her own hype. When she came to UFC she was finishing her opponents fast as fuck and became this rock star. This woman believed her hype so much that she believed she could beat Floyd Mayweather Jr in a boxing match and she did a cover shoot for Ring magazine and on the cover it said “She conquered MMA is boxing next?” The one thing I said about her when she was winning fights was that she’s fought people with no true boxing technique. The moment she fights someone with technique, footwork, and knows how to control distance it’s going to be bad for her. And I was right cause Holly Holm a former boxer kicked her head off. Amanda Nunes knocked her out in 45 seconds. She really thought she had superior hands. She believed her own hype and it ended her MMA career. Don’t believe you’re hype. Improve instead. 


Him saying that if you don’t hear the music in barber shops then it’s not valid was some of the most out of touch rhetoric I’ve ever heard. He’s clearly 43. I have literally never heard anyone say “Aye play that DJ Khaled album” ever. I’ve never heard anyone play an entire DJ Khaled album front to back but that doesn’t make his music mysterious. Only time I hear anything he makes is if I’m watching a sports game and they play the win song. He has hits and I’ll never take that away from him but how many follow ups to the hit come from that same album? For example Cardi B has 2 hits from the same album “Bodak Yellow” and “I like it.” I think he’s only done that on 2 albums out of 11. There’s people actually living a different life outside your reality. Remember that. 


Tyler The Creator is a generational talent and visionary. DJ Khaled is a curator but he’s not good at curating entire bodies of work. He’s curated hit songs but no timeless albums. Curators have to innovate. Khaled does not innovate. He rides the wave of what’s popular. That’s it. Khaled is basically an A&R. DJ Khaled formula every album is find the hottest sound and find the most popular artists of that period and put them together on random songs with generic production. The tracks outside of the hit records are literally throw away songs. Just because artists are popular does not mean the chemistry will be there to make a solid album. Case and point that SZA song on that generic “Ms.Jackson” remake. Awful. He’s had Hov on 3 straight albums and none of those songs are good. How can you have Hot and Beyonce on 2 straight albums and those songs are not hits? I know he can DJ but outside of that what is he good at and since when are we letting someone with little to no talent speak on someone with clear superior artistry? 


Diddy went on Snap or IG I forget and called Khaled’s latest album a classic. Ready To Die is classic. The Fix is classic. Doggystyle is a classic. Khaled new album is fucking terrible. Diddy stop lying that’s bad.  Joe Budden reviewed it on his podcast and of course he doesn’t wanna say it’s mediocre cause he’s an industry nigga pretending he doesn’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks. 


Every album Khaled puts out has nothing but A List artists and legends on them and he hasn’t made timeless album yet. Tyler learned from every album he created and improved the next album. He focused on quality. Remember that song last summer with Quavo, Chance, Bieber, and Weezy? He literally tried to re create the same song with same lineup this time without Lil Wayne. That’s not quality my friends. That’s people who’s out of ideas. 


Ego makes you do stupid shit and say stupid shit. Especially the male ego. You wanna see some dumb shit? Find a hurt male with an ego and he’ll make an ass outa himself in record timing. Khaled disrespected Tyler who’s an artist that never cheated the game. He always played it fair. He always cared about the art form. His rise to a number 1 album in the country was natural. The real artist got disrespected by the fabricated “artist” (I use that term artist loosely) who has major machines and corporations backing his projects and claims that he shows respect to those who work hard. Congratulations, you played yourself because you just hated on one of the hardest working artists ever. Nothing screams HUGE EGO more than a 43 year old man being chauffeured in a super luxury vehicle with his stomach out complaining about an artist that has done nothing to him. 


Instead of apologizing for lashing out at Tyler who’s an actual artist he stands on his negative behavior by posting on Instagram again congratulating himself for finally reaching the number 1 album on the rap charts and says “I’m in the music biz, not the bundle biz.” Earth to DJ Khaled, you were just complaining, storming into label offices, and now suing Billboard because your bundles were not included in the final numbers which made you fall to the number 2 album in the entire country. You’re were trying to do the exact same thing you’re criticizing. Delusion is crazy because you can literally sit a delusional human down and have factual evidence why they’re wrong and they will still argue you up and down and stand on their lies and bullshit reality they live in. 


I really believed Khaled was this super positive guy who just minds his business and doesn’t hate on anyone. He would talk about “THEY” on his snapchat over and over again and he ended up becoming “THEY” in this unfortunate situation he’s started. If he apologized and congratulated Tyler then that’s one thing but he didn’t and instead he doubled down on his negativity and implied that Tyler is in the bundle biz and not the music biz. That’s jealousy, envy, and hate right there. Tyler could literally take a shit and it would have more artistry than DJ Khaled has. I believe the negativity we saw is the real DJ Khaled unfortunately. He’s had chances to do the right thing and he keeps failing. The last 2-3 years he’s built up this positive image and he’s ruined it with his immaturity, ego, selfishness, and inability to step out of his world and into reality. We never took DJ Khaled seriously because he’s corny and He’s a meme and Khaled never seemed to take himself too seriously so we gave him a pass. Now that we see he’s seriously hating people aren’t giving him a pass anymore. 


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