I didn’t review the first episode because I felt weird about doing so. It’s high school kids. Even though the actors portraying high school kids are over 21 I still felt weird about it. I also didn’t think the first episode was really profound or anything. I wasn’t impressed. I’m sticking to my 5 episode rule though. I never want to say a new show is bad or good until I’ve seen 5 episodes. The one thing that had annoyed me about the first episode is that a lot of things are clearly shock value and that sometimes they can take a really great scene and ruin it with either Rue’s narration or something so ridiculous that it just leave you asking “why?” For example with the scene where McKay aka Ralph Tresvant was fucking his girlfriend (I forget her name in the show she has the biggest titties though if that helps) and McKay gets really rough with her during sex and she stops him and tells him that it’s not okay and instead of insulting or belittling her McKay actually listens to her and respects her wishes. It’s a really great scene in terms of the lesson but it’s ruined by Rue narration where she talks about porn and how guys try to imitate what they see. It just wasn’t needed and cheapened a cool moment.  

Anyway I’m bout to watch Episode 2 now. Let’s go.

So out the gate we’re seeing the evolution of a douchebag or a “bro” thanks to Nate undercover gay or bi father. So now I understand his hate for Jules at McKay’s party. Nate’s either just like his dad where he might be bi-sexual. I think he targeted Jules cause he either knows she’s trans or he seen Jules in his dad’s porn video stash. The music placement with “Stuntin Like My Daddy” by Lil Wayne and Birdman leads me to believe he will be just like his dad. Either way Nate is a fucking psychopath and the typical white kid who wouldn’t serve any jail time for doing evil shit to people. He’s a pretty predictable character. I can see him seriously harming or killing Jules in the future. 

So a drug that turns your face to glitter like that underrated Mariah Carey movie and soundtrack? Sign me up. Gimme some. 

Wouldn’t you think the school would know that she overdosed over the summer? This scene is stupid. White people nosey as fuck they’d know about Rue’s overdose and tell their staff about it. 

Dealing with addicts in my life. I can say that Gia seeing Rue dance out the hospital would piss me all the way off. Addicts are selfish like that in a way. 

Any black mother would’ve beat the shit outta Rue. Like literally. The argument they’re having in this flashback is white people shit. You raise broken glass to a black mother you will die or somebody in the family would fuck you up. 

Rue lashes out at Lexi which probably wouldn’t have happened if Rue didn’t flush the drugs down the toilet. When you come between and addict and their high they say and do the most hurtful shit. It seems like Lexi hasn’t been judging Rue for battling addiction. Lexi defending Rue while those girls made fun of Rue was very telling. Plus it seems Lexi has seen addiction with her mom being an alcoholic so Lexi understands. At least I liked to think she does. 

Nate is stalking this guy who hooked up with Maddy at the party. I’m telling you this guy is going to do some evil shit. The high school photo being used instead of a mugshot on the news after being charged for murdering people is coming real soon. He was a Quarterback. He never got into trouble. He got good grades. He had an athletic scholarship. Blah. Blah. Blah. Every scene he’s in I just see white privilege. 

Rue taking care of her dad just shows me that she’s been around pills her whole life. She was given pills when she was very little and now she’s taking care of her dad with access to them whenever she wants. The reason she’s an addict is no surprise. 

Kat was recorded fucking & the whole school knows which means that it’s going to go viral. I can see that coming especially with the internet age these kids live in. 

Watching this pep rally I’m just expecting some goofy pop music by Jonas Brothers to start playing.

Well it’s no secret that Rue likes Jules. It’s very apparent. Even before inviting her over to meet her family. 

Christopher McKay is in college & still hanging around high schoolers. At first I was like what a dork but those titties he has access to I’d come back every wknd too. I understand. 

Jules is the most interesting character in this series by far. Her past I wanna know more about & why her dad has custody of her. Also her obsession with Tinder is interesting. Everyone else isn’t interesting to me maybe Lexi has some intrigue but she’s not an important character. 

There’s no consequence to Rue’s actions besides the overdose. Rue is an annoying character. If I’m selling drugs there’s no way I’m letting a 17 year old disrespect my operation. 

Look at this fucking idiot breaking into this guy’s apartment. 

McKay wants conversation and his girlfriend (FUCK WHAT IS HER NAME??!!) just wants to throw titties in his face. Aye that’s a great option but when a man ego is crushed you’ll see the saddest or angriest side of them. 

Rue being there after Fezco told her to leave has made the transaction longer. You never want long transactions when selling drugs. In and out always the policy. Rue fucked all that up. 

I would kill Nate if he sat in my crib. I don’t give a fuck what knives you hip. I’m bussin your head wide open with whatever I get my hands on. 

If someone beats the shit outta me in my house then takes a shower in my house they would have to count their fucking days cause they will die. Especially if they used my body wash or facial products. They will find you in a dumpster behind a Applebees. 

Kat bout to have an only fans page putting up feet videos. 

I’m calling McKay “Horny Man” from now on. 

So Jules has been talking to Nate on tinder the whole time. This was kind of predictable cause he watched all of his dad’s videos and continued to keep watching them. I also knew Nate had to be gay or bi when they showed him in that unnecessary penis locker room scene. Then again Nate could be setting Jules up to hurt her. I personally think it’s the former but he’s going to do the latter anyway because he cares what people think and he wouldn’t want the news of him being in the closet getting out. 


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