Didn’t you just try to Jazzy Jeff your mom out the crib like Uncle Phil Bonnie? Now you wanna sing duets. Crazy. 

Oh you know this bitch Madeline fucked up if she driving Ed around. White women don’t like driving men around. 

How is Ed the bad guy Miss Therapist lady? Wow! Here we go. Getting away from the point. 

The therapist is verbally beating the shit outta Madeline with facts. She’s projecting her shortcomings on her daughter cause she doesn’t like herself. Outside of her kids, what has Madeline significantly done in life besides get divorced by 2 men? 

Bet you she ain’t tell that story she told to Celeste to the therapist. This is how toxic people stay toxic. 

Mary Louise gets more and more out of pocket each episode and it’s the content I signed up for so I’ll allow it. She really pulled up on Jane at her job to basically say she was a hoe that seduced her abusive son. 

They teach none of this shit when I was a kid. Sustainability? Climate change? These Kids got me feeling dumb as Cole from Martin. 

Renata daughter has an anxiety attack & Renata is trying to find something outside her marriage and fucked up life to blame it on. Renata is the blame here and of course she’ll never realize it. 

This is the first series where I do not like any of the main characters. I just like the kids. Give the kids a spin-off. Let them be like the Stranger Things kids or something. 

Madeline thinks the doctor is bullshit which is funny because she went right to Celeste to tell her that her daddy had side bitches and how it fucked her up but didn’t tell the therapist that. 

Give your child counseling. Please. This child was found in the closet panicking like she was hiding from Michael Myers. You’re the problem Renata & climate change of course. I seriously would rather go to hell than be around Renata. Gordon is a better man than me. 

Mary Louise is a stalker. I pretty sure she will have a knife in her hand at some point this season. 

Why is this therapist reading all these women and giving them the cure but none of these toxic adults are taking the cure? Her war analogy about Celeste and Perry was spot on. Celeste is addicted to that man. 

I don’t like this curly headed fuckface Jane is dating. I always forget Jane is on this show. She’s boring and so are her bangs. Give us Ziggy. 

Mary Louise talks with Jane and of course it takes a turn for the worst. How many people gotta tell this woman that her son makes Marvel villains look like Jesus. Also Why would  Mary Louise say these things to Jane who was raped by her son & then think she would have her in his life? This lady sick. It makes me wonder if she was beaten and abused by Perry’s dad too. Anyway Perry was evil. Get over it Mary Louise. 

Ed is the leader of the “Hard On Hoes” club. Salute to him. Keep your foot on her neck Ed. Don’t let up. 

Renata said she will buy every child a polar bear at her daughters school when she becomes rich again. I’d deal with that crazy bitch for a polar bear. Where do I sign up?

If you actually do your research Medusa actually was a good person. Renata is not Medusa. By any means. 

Gordon reads Renata. Finally man. Grow some nuts. 

This Principal is an asshole and I like him for it. 

Madeline is having a breakdown at a PTO meeting & it’s delicious. It’s so delicious I want to lick her tears. 

Good job Ed. “Hard On Hoes” club extends to her friends also. 

Mary Louise gets caught snooping by Celeste. Now Mary Louise is accusing Celeste of being a junkie. This old hag is doing any and everything to absolve her son from being the spawn of satan. Gotta respect the persistence. If I was Celeste I’d put her ass out into the street at that very moment. 

No wonder this bitch ain’t healthy. She still bussin nuts to her dead husband every night. There is no hope for this woman. That man is all she knows. 


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