Everyday I look into my mirror. Outside of being handsome as fuck and being impressed everyday, I look into my mirror. If I did something wrong my face won’t lie. If I did something right my face won’t lie. As an adult I refuse to not look at myself first regardless of my place in any situation in my life. Every time I see my reflection I see an individual that has grown into somebody who did a complete 180. In the past I didn’t have my emotions in control. I had a temper that flew off the handle. I thrived off my ego. I didn’t give any thought to how my decisions effected other people inside and outside of my life. During that time I did what the majority of people today do. I approached my mirror with my back. Refusing to address the fact that I am the problem. When you approach your mirror with your back turned you feel that you are not responsible for any wrong doing. You’re the master of avoidance. An escape artist. You deflect any and all accountability that comes in your direction. 

Deflection is a form of abuse. Any person that deflects any form of accountability is abusive in some type of way. It’s a fact. A person who constantly deflect will never grow. They always say some dumb shit like “People never have faith in them” or they’re very competitive and feel threatened when no one is threatening or competing with them. They will never see logic or sense. Their way of thinking has no solid foundation that can never be relied upon because they take their mistakes and constant disregard for their behavior and put it on the people around them. Everything is external to them and never internal. Their ego does not allow them to admit to any wrong doing. This is why my circle is the way it is now. I do not spend time with people who do not take accountability. Look around at my circle if you know me. Lurk around into my life if you don’t know me. You’ll see the company I keep is solid. It’s because I have no room for people who project their flaws on everyone but themselves. I have no room for good hearted people who have those types of people in their lives. I have my own flaws and that’s the only liability I need in my life. I don’t care if you’re a good person, like you, love you, known you for years, if you have those type of people around you or in your life I will separate myself from you. It shows me your judgement is poor and you have no control of your life. I make enough poor judgement calls in my life and I don’t need any additional help. I’ve had instances recently at the top of this year where I had to sit down with someone I respected and let them know I will not come around as long as they’re hanging out with certain individuals. A person who tries play both sides and be neutral just as dangerous as the poor company they keep because they’re only looking at situations one way or they live in a fantasy and can’t see shit for what it is. 

I was watching The Godfather 3 and it’s a fucking terrible movie but for some reason my spirit wanted to see it. What I noticed about the movie was that it was Michael dodging accountability the first half of the movie but finally accepting he’s evil in the second half of the movie. If you watch the entire trilogy you’ll see that Michael Corleone was the worst human being ever and lost so much due to his deflection but in the final movie Michael tried to repent and take accountability and while I’m watching this movie I started to ask myself “Why do people deflect?” I couldn’t come up with an answer better than that they’re narcissists and immature. While I was watching an anime the answer came to me outta nowhere like lightning. People deflect accountability because they’re afraid. They’re afraid of something. It can be the fear of change, the fear of losing something or someone. It’s fear and the deflection is a defense mechanism. The defense mechanism will result in petty behavior. Pointless arguments. Immature actions. Meaningless competitions.

I’ve lived through it and the unfortunate part about it all is that you can’t make people look into the mirror. It has to be a decision and a step they’re willing to make. Some people will try to baby people to look into the mirror. Some will try to reason with them to look into the mirror. It won’t work. It’s like quicksand. When people try to make people look into the mirror they will struggle and sink with them. It’s a path they have to be willing to walk. They have to be willing to identify what they’re doing good, what they’’re doing bad, and question whether they’re the cause of what happens in their life. 

If you’re a master of deflection then it’s safe to say you haven’t truly seen your reflection. Go meet the woman or man in the glass and embrace the truth before you destroy yourself and destroy others. 


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