This is what true success looks like. When you start doing these things you’re truly successful.


I’m not the type of person to withhold gems from anyone. Even if I don’t know you I’ll share knowledge with you. Even if I wanted to be selfish about it, withholding gems doesn’t help me. If I share gems with someone I open the opportunity to learn something for myself. I’m not just a man that will just talk. I listen better than I talk. I observe better than I speak. Leaders intake more information than they give. It’s a true leader quality. A person who always withholds knowledge is a snake. They’re underhanded. I don’t vibe with those types of individuals. Gem-sharing also strengthens the community around you. It strengthens your professional relationships. Successful people share gems. 


Success isn’t about getting worldly possessions and shitting on people who doubted you. Only clowns think like that. They never have any impact long term and it just continues a cycle of our obsession with materialism and shit that doesn’t really mean anything. Success to me is about being grateful that you were willing to make sacrifices and able to commit to those sacrifices. The feeling that you get when you achieve something and realize what you had to give up in order to get it is such an underrated feeling. You remember your mindset during those moments. You remember the fear. You remember the self doubt. You remember the times you almost quit. You remember the isolation and being misunderstood. All those feelings you recall and you look at the position you’re in right now and you’re so thankful. 


Ask yourself these questions. 

“How many people am I helping?”

“Who am I influencing?” 

This is what success truly is. You only succeed if you help others succeed. An empire built on selfishness is an empire of emptiness. It doesn’t make sense to not help the society you walk amongst. Give your energy to people who need it. Give your time. Give people great ideas. Give support. Give opportunity. It’s deeper than just money. You want to discover meaning in your life? Start helping people. Control the help center. 


When I figured out that the most high blessed me with a second chance to impact people and use my gifts I started to look at life differently. I was blessed with something I didn’t want to lose. I understood that I have to control my emotions. I have no problems with letting things go. Walking away from things. If I feel I’m about to lose control I get to a safe space where I can pray and take a breath. One of my favorite lines from Pharrell Williams is “I’m a peaceful Rolls Royce driving Black John Lennon.” When I heard it years ago I didn’t know shit about John Lennon. I researched him and he was a peace activist outside of being apart of The Beatles. I rebelled against it back then but as time went on I understood why peace was really what was cool. It’s hard to enjoy things with anger and hatred in your heart. Some days I slip and tell myself “I shoulda slapped X,Y,Z” but I center myself and remind myself that my purpose the most high gave me is the path I’ve been chosen to walk and I cannot stray from that path or I will lead myself to destruction. Being in control of your emotions is an important key to success. 


When I say’s the best writer I mean that I’m better than the writer I was yesterday. Each day I aim to be more knowledgable and talented than yesterday. I don’t gain anything by telling people that I’m better than my peers or contemporaries. It’s pointless. I’m here to collaborate with people who intrigue me not compete against everyone. I’m better than no one. I’m just me. I live in my own little world where I write, help my friends, watch anime, and read. Just be better than your past self. 


I want my mind to be open. I wanna learn. I wanna hear different perspectives. The mind is the ultimate computer and it can never be overloaded with knowledge. It’s always ready for intake. The mind is the most important part of any equation. If you can’t conquer anything mentally the journey is far more difficult. I want to be open to change. I still have trouble with this and it’s usually written all over my face but I’m working on being more open everyday. My heart is open. I pray for everyone. My family. My friends. People who don’t know me. People who don’t like me. Everyone. Being open is something people have difficulty with because of our emotions. Like I said I still have trouble with this myself sometimes but I realize that there’s more than one way to look at things and my way isn’t always the only way. 


Building a foundation for myself and my family is always a goal and I want that foundation to be built on love. Especially for our own people. Not only your company but your purpose will go so much farther if it’s built on a foundation of love. A foundation built with love is the only place I ever wanna call home. I want no hatred near me and mines. 


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