Thought about Rell Finesse on Finesse Day and thought about a lot of cool people I’m grateful to know. Here are your flowers. Smell me? 

Adrian E. - If I ever get married you already know you my best man. You’re one of the most intelligent guys I know. You’re literally good at everything you do. I’ve seen you bounce back from so many losses and never heard you complain not one time. You my ace forever. 

Darius - You one of the funniest and weirdest niggas I know. You always playing around but you always handle business. You teach me to always look for adventures in life.  

Matt - From the days of us playing Dreamcast to seeing you with your own family and always providing for them no matter what is nothing short of admirable. You a good man bro. Don’t ever change. I wish I had the personality you have. 

Moe - Proud of you bro. The support you show people. Seeing you be all in with what we’re building with POLITE. You taught me how to live and not be so serious sometimes. It’s no coincidence that when you’re around everybody is smiling. I’m very blessed that you’re in my life. Can’t wait to buy our mothers whatever the fuck they want just from being ourselves. 

Cue - You’re the heart of CBI. If you stall we all stall. People don’t understand how much work and time it takes to build a music career, produce, work on the podcast, audio engineer, run the studio, you’re the hardest working man out here. I’m forever grateful for you believing in me and always willing to help me bro. 

Steve N Clair - You’re a natural talent. You’re always curious. You don’t follow. You lead. Always willing to learn. You lead with love. You impress me with everything you do. You change my perspective on things. I remember when you said “How you gone fight a war killing off your own soldiers?” That line saved my life when my brother passed and runs through my mind when I feel myself about to lash out at my own people. Thank you bro. 

Kev - Honest. Always willing to help people. You never move with negativity. Always understanding and willing to make sacrifices. You’ll be one of the greats one day. Keep grinding and keep bringing your vision to life. I’m lucky as fuck that you’re my dawg. 

Klick Klacc - I’m really proud of you. You’ve come out of your shell creatively the past few years and now the world can see what we already knew all along. You’re special bro. Keep feeding the people with your gifts. 

Patric - You’re one of the most honest people I know. You’re fearless. Confident. You stand on what you believe and you own your mistakes and flaws. We need more people like you out here bro. 

Enigma - I want you to understand that the world is yours bro. You gotta meet your destiny halfway and that road comes with pain but the best version of you is on the other side of that pain. Don’t get discouraged. Just take your L’s and bounce back. There’s potential in you that you haven’t tapped into yet. Tap in so you can see what I see and that’s a man that can change people lives for the better. 

Nico - You’re our light. Our flower. You’re such a loving person no matter the circumstance. I wish I had the strength and positivity you have. I’m getting there but the reason is because you’ve lead by example. 

Sharonda - I don’t think there is anything you couldn’t do. You’re so sweet and have such a beautiful soul. I always remind Cue he’s a blessed man to have a partner like you and all of us are blessed to have you as our friend. 

Adrian W. -  The things I’ve learned from you are endless bro. You‘re so real, open, funny, creative, and caring. When I started everything I’m doing now I used how you did things for the St.Louis scene with MadeMonarchs as a template. The moment I met you I knew you would be one of the best human beings in this living shit we doing. 

Rell Brodie - You literally say the things I’m thinking all the time. You hella relatable bro that’s why people gravitate to you. It’s because being real is infectious. You just wanna see everybody smile, jam, and love each other. You’re the GOAT.

KV - I’m very proud of you and love your approach to everything in your life. You love to take risks. You don’t care what people think. You just go out and do it no matter who’s watching or if there’s odds against you. You’re my favorite innovator. 

Jessica Page - I can’t help but smile ear to ear every time I see you. You’re funny.. probably the funniest person on this planet. You’re outgoing, and you never settle. Everything you do is cool as fuck to me. 

Sie - Sometimes I believe you’re older than me. I should start calling you Auntie. You been grown since you was 15. Seeing the woman you’re becoming is amazing. Smart, passionate, like you really care about shit in a time where not caring about things is praised. I remember you said you weren’t “creative” to me years back. I think bout that and laugh cause you creative as fuck Boss Lady. Don’t ever stop being you. 

Misha - Never really met anyone who seen something in myself I couldn’t see. I usually pride myself on my self awareness. It’s rare you meet someone that builds your spirit and loves you for you. Your ambition and caring nature plays a huge part in my life. 

Bo Dean - Don’t know someone who has love for his people as much as you bro. You really give back to our community and care about our people. Aside from being extremely talented you one of the realest people in my life. 

Seals - You move with such positivity. Never seen you upset. Always full of love and optimism. I’m currently on the same wavelength and I have you to thank for that bro. 

4Deep - Y’all the coolest youngn’s I know. Stay focused. Don’t take your eyes off the mission. Continue to elevate each other and inspire. 

Trina Rager - You’re my spirit animal Tri. You’re so self aware and I love how supportive you are of others. 

Rahmar - You wear your emotions on your sleeve and I love that about you. I’ve only known you a short time but the energy you bring around is something that will stay in my life. Keep evolving bro. 

Jon Alexander - Another person who name is never in no bullshit. Just hard work and innovation. You’ve continued to stay humble and bless us with your gift. Now if I can finally sit my ass down and write a script for you to use in the future lol.

Preach - We need people like you man. I’m not sure if you know that. I see you go through it sometimes and I go through it too bro but remember to always go back to what energizes you. I love and respect how far you’ve come and this shit not over…. keep swimming. 

94Nodd - I keep telling you that you gone take off. It’s just a matter of when. Stay patient. Keep executing and everything gone be straight. You’re one of the coolest guys out here and you have such great imagination.

Paul Middleton - Extremely proud of you. I love how chill you are and how you’ve continue to boss up the past couple of years. You in LA making us all proud. Can’t wait to FINALLY try Canes when my money right. Lmao!!

Stu - I’m happy that you’ve found love bro. The amount of respect I have for you I can’t even describe. You solid. 

Sean Alexander - What you’ve created with your brand brings so much life and color to a city that has a habit of only looking at things in black and white. Don’t ever stop man. 

NoWhere - All of you inspire me in different ways. Zado taught me bout vulnerability. Eddie taught me about confidence. Dragun taught me about embracing the parts of me people think are weird. 

Alexy - Thank you for holding me accountable. I promise I’m releasing that book and I have you to thank for that. You’ve always been real with me and I’m grateful for that. 

TreHitz - Seeing all you’ve gone through and seeing you in the place and space you’re in right now brings a real nigga tear to my eye. I’m so proud of you. I’ll always be rooting for you. 

Mvstermind - Bro I’m not sure if I ever told you this but the day you knew who I was through my music and when you seen me in person and approached me to show me love was one of the proudest moments in my life. That’s how much I respect you. You just always carried yourself with positivity and never let anything bring you down.

Ciej - You’re one of my favorite artists and human beings ever. You always showed me love and respect. I want you to win so bad bro. 

Alex Don - You’re a piece of shit but I respect the fuck outta your practicality. That’s all you’ll get from me lmao. 

Roach - You understand life more than the average person your age. You’re definitely wise beyond your years. Respect how you carry yourself creatively and in life. 

Evie - The path you’ve walked is definitely an inspiration for me. Everyone says great things about you and I love how determined you are and the fact you’re literally responsible for my skin glowing. 

My bad if I forgot anybody. I love you. 


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