Rich entitled white women destroying each others lives? Sign me up please. 

Listening to Madeline complain about the first day of school and not making it about her child I’m reminded that this show is about grown ass women acting like children. 

Chloe already handling business in the Aux not even 10 min in. Hands down the only adult in this series. 

How the first day of school not about the kids? 

Bonnie not having it. “Fuck Otters” written all over her face. 

Okay this episode was getting annoying but Meryl Streep (Mary Louise) reading Madeline fake ass is the content I signed up for. I need Grandma to read and disrespect all of these grown ass women. Even though her son was a piece of shit and is burning in hell if that’s the energy that gives her power for Madeline shade then GOOD! 

Ed a better man than me. Tori titties were tittying like it was nobody business. Fake or nah titties gone titty. 

Celeste needs dick is all I got from that therapy session. He dead sis. Go get yo back blown out in that expensive ass shower you got. 

Bonnie runs like a fat badass 4 year old. I’m laughing my ass off right now. She run like a computer virus. 

Nathan like “Damn Bonnie can I at least sniff some coochie. Just one titty.... just one.” He going through it. Pray for that man. 

Why did Nathan think it was a good idea to ask his ex wife husband to take out his shorty? “Snide fuck” is a funny phrase. I’d be snide if I wore a cardigan at coffee shops too. I think it’s Ed nose that’s snide. Ed can’t control that shit. 

Renata is so fucking extra. 

Gordon got some side pussy or at least planning on some. I know he going through it. He looks like he’s breaking out in the face. Some side pussy will clear that right up. Renata would drive any mothafucka insane.

Abigail doesn’t wanna go to college. I’m so proud of her. Go live the life you want. 

Can you imagine a world where Madeline shuts the fuck up? She didn’t even ask her daughter if she had a plan. She only want her to go to college so she can look good for people she don’t even care about. 

Even in apology Mary Louise takes Madeline’s soul. Nothing makes me happier than this. 

“The Monterey Five” sounds like a fire grilled cheese sandwich. White people can’t flame. They so corny. 

Why don’t they understand that this woman is traumatized from killing that man. Even though he was an evil piece of shit killing someone is traumatizing for a sane person. 

In reality Bonnie telling the truth not flying. They’d throw her ass in jail. You not all white mam. They’d put you under the jail. 

Madeline is a terrible parent. We all knew this and I’m just stating the obvious. Just in case you forgot. 

Jane been getting checks and not cashing them and instead willingly going to work to just smell like Flounder? 

Jesus Christ Mary Louise is fucking evil. I think I’m turned on. 

It’s gonna be a sad day when Mary Louise finds out her son was a dickhead and guess what? She won’t give a fuck like Bishop from Juice. 

Why is Jane fucking drawing pictures of Perry? She’s such a fucking bird. 

Mary Louise “Who are we planning to kill?” Shit they gone have to kill you Mary Louise cause I know you not fucking with none of these bitches. 


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