This episode was better than the last one for sure. This centers around 2 clearly unhealthy relationships and 2 young girls that the truth is staring dead in the face but they refuse to acknowledge it. 


Maddy is without a doubt a huge narcissist and the master manipulator. Nate is also a manipulator but he’s not as good at it as Maddy is. But they’re essentially the same so that’s why they’re obsessed with each other. As I’m watching her backstory and see that she was into pageantry as a child it’s easy to see why she’s able to manipulate people. That’s all pageants are in a sense. She’s able to manipulate her friends, her parents, adults, it’s all her life is predicated on. If she’s not in control she doesn’t know what to do. Which is why when the police is brought into the picture with the assault charges filed by Maddy’s parents against Nate Maddy has no way to manipulate the situation and she loses control and she just spirals out of control. She’s a mess and her life is in shambles. Which leads her to text Nate 273 times and nearly crash her car when he finally reaches out to her through McKay and Cassie. 

Maddy looking up to Sharon Stone’s character “Ginger” on the film Casino was very hilarious because Ginger was an evil bitch that tried to have Sam killed, fucked Sam’s best friend, was stealing money from Sam and giving it to her ex boyfriend, kidnapped her own child, tied her child to a bed and left her unsupervised. Maddy and Nate will be each other’s downfall and I can’t wait to see it. 


Rue is in another toxic situation with Jules but she doesn’t realize how toxic it is. First she has a fentanyl cloud hanging over her. I have a feeling she’ll go back to using that. Second she’s been sober for 13 days but Jules has been the focus of those 13 days. Rue only knows Jules and drugs. She has no identity or interest outside of those 2 factors. One thing I noticed about their friendship in this episode is that their worldview is really different. Jules is an explorer and I don’t think Jules can be tied down. Jules experience in the world is way different than Rue’s. Rue is kind of sheltered and Jules isn’t. Jules has been in love already. Rue hasn’t. As each episode progresses you see how naive Rue is about life. The situation with Fezco and his plug. Anyone with sense would know that something was about to go down. Rue making light of Jules situation with Cal and Nate. Rue telling Ali that she will just follow Jules to New York. Rue literally has no plans for herself. We don’t even know if Rue has any interest in anything outside of drugs and Jules. She literally went and got matching tats after kissing Jules. Lexi credits Jules with Rue’s recent sobriety and that scares the fuck out of Jules as it should because she realizes that she is Rue’s only escape from using drugs and that’s so much unfair pressure put on her. As Ali said what’s going to happen when Jules says they should just be friends. Rue’s is going to breakdown and turn to drugs to ease the pain and potentially kill herself and Jules will feel awful because she will believe she’s responsible for whatever Rue does. The more time goes on the more Jules is looking at Rue like as a responsibility instead of a friend you can see it written all over Jules face. She looks like she’s a caged animal and wants to be free. 


So Kat has realized that men are trash so now she’s tapping into her sexuality at full force. She doesn’t see feelings anymore and has become obsessed with this image of herself. The guy she hooked up with at the mall actually wanted to get to know her and she just wanted to suck his dick. She felt this sense of control and it was a rush to her. The last time she showed vulnerability was when she thought Ethan was fucking with the good looking girl at the carnival and instead of confronting him about it the lack of confidence in herself drove her to jump to conclusions. She’s so oblivious to feelings that Maddy called her clearly distraught and she was more concerned with sucking dick than figuring out what was wrong. Maddy could’ve been suicidal or something crazy and she was so caught up in horniness that she blew Maddy off quick as fuck. It’s going to be interesting to see where she goes. At her rate she’ll either get a STD or get pregnant but I predict that there’s going to be a situation where sheets exposed for who she really is because how she’s carrying herself is an act. Kat is soft. 


Cal is back his sleazy motel headquarters with another boy and instead of sex he actually wants to talk. He wonders if not coming out as a gay man has actually hurt his family instead of helped. He sees how angry his children are and it confuses him. It’s interesting because in this episode you see all the characters it focused on live in these fantasies of who they think they are and who they want to be. Cal is in his 40’s/50’s so who knows how long he has lived this fantasy and double life and now he’s starting to ponder if it was even worth it. He just wants to be himself instead of hiding and running from the truth. 

This was just an episode about control and fantasy and it was one of the better episodes in the season so far. Only thing I didn’t like about the episode was that there was no Fezco. That’s never good. 


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