Fenty Fez. 

Fendi Fezco. 

Fezco Ferragamo. 

The legend has many names. 

As this season as Euphoria has gone on I will admit I’m not too impressed overall with the plot lines so far with the exception of Kat’s in episode 3 but I’m going to wait until the end to determine if I think it’s a good show or bad show. We’re only 4 episodes in and we have 4 more to go. Jules was my favorite character just off of mystery alone but in episode 4 I didn’t really like her backstory. I thought it lacked depth so that left the lane wide open for the King to take his throne as my favorite character. The trapper of the year…. Fezco. 

Out of everybody on he show the one character that’s the most likable and actually has morals and common sense is the drug dealer. Everybody else is fucked up except Fez. The drug dealer is the adult. It’s hilarious because he’s trapping with a child and he still has more character and soul than everyone else. Like Rue said Fez is someone who’s not normally revolving in the same direction as planet earth. 

Now since there are 4 episodes left I will update this blog post as the season goes on. So if some more lessons are taught to us by the Almighty Fezco then I will update this blog post and repost it again. 

Here are some lessons we can learn from Fezco….. so far. 


What I like about Fezco is his awareness of not only his surroundings but the people he deals with on a daily basis. He understands people not on just an external level but on an internal level also. An example of this is when Rue gets out of rehab and goes to see him he tells her that he met a girl he thinks she’s gonna be friends with cause she was looking all Sailor Moon n shit and she looks like somebody Rue would get along with and that girl was Jules and Fez was correct. Rue and Jules are now best friends. Of course there’s the video cameras out side his crib and his trap spot. Then there’s the scene where he tries to kick Jules out his house before his plug came. Fez knew what kind of creep ass mothafucka he was dealing with and he knew Rue would be in danger and that’s why he wanted her to leave. Fez keeps his head on a swivel. He’s aware of his intuition too. He told Rue “Your whole drug shit got me feeling kinda uneasy.” That’s some real 3rd eye shit right there. You always have to be conscious of the not only the people in your circle but the people you aren’t close with and deal with and your surroundings. Always be on point. Observe. 


Fezco doesn’t do the drugs he sells. At least to my knowledge. He talks like he does but all you see him do is smoke trees and black and milds. Anybody who smokes black and milds has seen some shit and been through some shit. Like he told rue “I seen a lotta people die.” Fezco is stressed.  Well that’s the vibe I get from him and him worrying about Rue stresses him out even more. The drugs just seem like a stepping stone for him. I think Fezco hustles for something serious. Not just on some flexing shit. He trapping for life or death.

Again If you pay attention to the scene where Rue just walks in his crib before the plug comes you see an elderly woman in a hospital bed in the room next to Fezco’s room. That’s either Fezco Mother or Grandmother. There are no other signs of any other adult in the house. It’s just maybe Fez, Ashtray, and the sick elderly woman that Fezco is probably taking care of. So Fez might be trappin to pay the mortgage, and to pay for the healthcare for the elderly woman in the house. So that probably explains why he dropped out of school to trap full time cause he couldn’t do school, trap, maintain the house, and take care of his sick relative all at once.

Fezco most likely sacrificing his freedom to take care of his people. When Rue yells at him on episode 3 and calls him a dropout who sells drugs to teenagers I think it’s deeper than that with Fez. He seems like a guy who’s tired of drugs and the shit that comes with it but he’s going through it for the people he loves. I could be wrong but that’s the vibe I’m getting. It feels like he’s on the borderline between heaven and hell. You gotta sacrifice though. There’s always hard times in our lives and sometimes the path we don’t want to go down we choose not for our benefit but for someone else’s. 


The appeal of Fezco is that he’s an empathetic guy. He really cares about people. Now the foundation of drug dealing is evil which makes Fezco evil. He’s destroying people even though those people have a choice on whether they want to do drugs or not but like I said above I think he doesn’t want to and feels he has no other options given his circumstances. If you go back to episode 1, you see the disappointment in face when Rue comes back from rehab and asks to see Ashtray. He’s genuinely hurt that she’s not trying to stay sober. At the party he tells her “This Drug shit not the answer.” He tried to get Rue out his house before she was forced to take the fentanyl then he called Jules and drove Rue to safety. When he refused to serve Rue you can see the pain in that boy as he pressed his head against the door and listen to someone he cares about tell him he’s not shit.  He knows what he’s done to Rue and he’s trying to right his wrongs. The more as time goes on in society people are starting not to care about anything anymore. There’s a lack of empathy. A lack of compassion. Everyone is just trying to one up each other. Start caring more. 


Fez is clearly the most chill character on the show. He just takes his time with things and stays calm. No panic. He has poise. The whole time when that creepy ass plug was pressing Rue he just kept his cool put his hand on his toolie in the couch cushion and prepared himself to air the crib out. Not only did he do the right thing in the end but he lost money because of it and didn’t yell at Rue. He just took the L and he adjusted by not letting Rue come over anymore. Most people would’ve shot the plug cause that bitch was talking extra spicy and because of their ego and nervousness but I bet Fez was thinking long term and how that would effect the situation he’s in. Fez can still keep trappin. It’s not all about winning the sprints. It’s always about the marathon. When the storm comes just keep your composure, get through it and move different after the storm. Don’t fold under the pressure. 


That’s all Fendi Fezco does. He trap and stays out the way. He not on no flexing shit. He’s not on shit that can bring his operation attention. I don’t even see this legend on any hoes. Dude really locked in on the bag. He really on a mission. As Ashtray said in episode 1 “Fezco don’t front nobody.” Homie a real one. You ever see people who be in great positions and fuck it up and you think to yourself “All you had to do is get the checks and chill.” Don’t go out like Suge Knight. Don’t throw away your empire trying to be in the mix. Fuck that. Trap and stay out the way. Always think longevity. Always think legacy. 


Now the one thing that concerns me is that he had the plug meet at his crib with the money and work at his crib. A huge no no. He’s a teenager so I’ll let that slide but his other setups are on point. Their trap spot is a gas station that I assume he owns or his family owns. He pulled up to the school carnival, setup a pretzel booth and trapped out that mothafucka. Fezco bout his fees and he go about it the right way. The funniest shit is that they clean their drug money through bitcoin. When I seen that I was like okay they serious with this shit. Always figure out a way to jugg your shit. Do it the smart way. Don’t cut corners. Figure out a way work smarter not harder. 

Aye man fuck all them other characters. We need Fezco and Ashtray backstory right the fuck now dawg. I don’t give a fuck about the rest of em. Give the streets what they want. Give em Fez. I swear if Rue gets my boy killed or locked up I’m taking a leave of absence from work.


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