I know in the title that’s not the name of the episode but FUCK EVERYBODY! FREE FEZCO! 

You know why the fuck I’m here. Let’s just get this over with. 


The scenes with Rue imitating a 1970’s cop was refreshing, funny, and brilliant. Amazing camera work. I did not expect something so dope and it shows that Zendaya is carrying this show with her performances. I wouldn’t have been mad if they stuck with it the entire episode but they went down the road of showing Rue get a bladder infection the rest of the episode. Literally took all the air out of the sails of the episode. I understand what they were trying to do by showing her bi-polar and depressive state but for them just to focus on her not going to piss was silly to me. 


Fucking boring. Backstory was boring. Every scene she was in was boring. It’s like watching Ben Stein teach the periodic table of elements. She is a blank page. Her sister Lexi is a way more intriguing character and actually would make for a better story. Could you imagine Lexi being the one who gets pregnant? I bet you it would be 47,567 times more entertaining. The scene where she tells McKay she’s pregnant felt so lifeless. I’ve said this 40 times in these reviews. If you remove McKay and Cassie plot lines from the show I promise no one would give a fuck. They’re not bad actors but the material they’re given just isn’t good. How the fuck does Maddy and Kat steal the show in an important scene about her potentially telling her friends she’s pregnant? Can we please get more scenes for Lexi instead? 


Okay. Stories need a villain. They need someone who presents obstacles. At this point I’m fucking over this shit. I’ve had E-FUCKING NOUGH. No disrespect to the actor but this kid cannot act. Like he’s just not good. When Nate meets Fez at the gas station I was supposed to feel like “Oh shit this shit bout to get crazy.” I never felt that feeling because I knew this guy would make the scene corny somehow. His body language, the way he speaks with no conviction. I’m not afraid of Nate in the slightest. He’s a tall cheeseball rich white kid. It was supposed to be the clash of The Gangsta vs The Bully. I just seen a gangsta vs a kid unaware of his white privilege and a show that doesn’t dive into that privilege that allows him to do what he’s doing. At first when we find out he’s just like his dad Cal we see that there might be some layers to Nate but instead he’s become so predictable. I swear to God when Fez told him he’d kill him I said “that bitch gone call the police.” And what happened? He called the police. Nate drags down everything. When the show and plot seem to be progressing in the right direction here comes Nate to bring the quality down and make it typical again. Jules sex scene was dope the cinematography was crazy. The soundtrack was crazy and guess who ruins it? Nate. Right on fucking schedule. Dude can just disappear. I don’t care. Just get rid of him. I’m over it. He’s not growing as a character at all. He doesn’t really have any standout scenes. Why are we subjected to his mediocrity? 


Kat literally scored a triple double on the episode that focused on her and it’s been downhill ever since. Literally just an afterthought since. Her plot line is withering away. Even with the guy she’s video chatting with I don’t care for. It’s probably some guy who knows her. Could be that boy that has the crush on her. Either way who cares. 


So Nate the plot killer calls the police on Fez which leads to the police to come to Fez’s house and now Fez and Ashtray flush down the supply of drugs that they just received from Mouse. Which now puts Fez against Mouse, against the police, and directly puts him on the list of people who want to kill Nate. I swear to fucking christ if Fez doesn’t get a backstory I’m going to lose my shit. The only intriguing characters on the show are Jules, Rue, and Fez. They have the best stories and every time the writers go away from those stories and focus on Cassie, Kat, Nate, McKay, and Maddy the show instantly plummets and becomes a cheesy O.C teen drama show that shows dicks. Fezco has the most interesting and mysterious past out of those 3. He’s a 20 year old trapping with a 10 year old child while taking care of his granny who’s in a coma. That’s clear “WTF” material that 99% of people would watch. It’s a shame that Fez didn’t get more screen time. He was a special character. 


Jules going to the city was the most we’ve ever learned about her honestly. She explained how she became trans. She explains her relationship with men and her quest to conquer femininity. She was way more comfortable in the city. The scenes and conversation were really great until the Nate shit. Wished there was more focus on her trip than Rue’s bladder. 


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