Very short and easy straight forward show to get through so this will be quick. 

The plot was what kept me interested. All heroes were scumbags. Any hero with integrity was an outcast. I mean seeing a man with shrinking powers shrink himself and run full speed and jump into a vagina made me pause the show and really rethink my life’s purpose. I mean he really jumped in that pussy like it was a Chuck E. Cheese ball pit. Anyway, seeing that these heroes are basically all frauds and do some really terrible shit and being backed by their employer a huge superhero corporation called Vought was a great plot. Vought had more control than the Government in a sense. The main character Hughie witnesses his girlfriend murdered by a superhero and then sees the superhero lie about it on national television and through the manipulation of a man named Butcher who hates superheroes Hughie joins him to bring down Vought. 

I liked “The Boys” team. All of them were really different. Mother’s Milk aka Titty Milk was very level headed and tactical and a man who just wanted to love his gorgeous ass wife. Frenchie was this arms dealer who just lived and breathed the underworld. Every building he owned looked like the building Scott Riggs was tortured in at the end of Lethal Weapon. Hughie was this timid, spineless, nerd that wouldn’t harm a fly, has a 40 Year Old Virgin creepiness to him but he was very resourceful. Butcher was this manipulative rugged vigilante. The Female aka Kimiko was this quiet and deadly soldier. All of them connected through their differences and that made for a great team. 

Out the gate this show is really unpredictable. The way Hughie’s girlfriend Robin is killed came way outta left field. Same with The Deep jacking off in front of Starlight. This series is like the prime ECW of superhero shows. It’s truly No Holds Barred. The violence really got gruesome at a lot of points in the season and I loved that. A lot of gore. Like prime Mortal Kombat fatality gore. There was a brutal murder at the end of the season in a train station bathroom that was insane and very awesome. Thumbs up on that one. The plot takes so many turns I didn’t see coming. Especially the final twist of the series. It left me wanting more and unsure of what could happen in the next season. Definitely a good ending to a wild ass 8 episodes. 

I really loved Starlight/Annie. I loved how they highlighted how naive she was and how her character and morals just did not fit on the superhero side or the corporate side. It was like she was the only good cop in a corrupt precinct. Immediately out the gate she was conflicted and everything she grew up believing in was torn down piece by piece as the season progressed. All her life she wanted to be a superhero and when she received that wish she was disappointed. It was like the saying that you never wanna meet your heroes. Starlight’s hero was being a superhero and when she met being a superhero she realized that everything was about perception. 

The Deep is introduced as this gross and evil hero and then by the end of the season you start to feel sorry for him. I liked how he was written. He committed sexual assault and rape at the start of the show then he ends up essentially being raped, kicked off The Seven, moved to a shitty town where Norman Bates or a fugitive wouldn’t even live in, you see that he’s a superhero who isn’t taken seriously amongst his peers and now he’s not taken seriously by the public. The Dolphin scene was hilarious. I’m interested to see where the story of The Deep goes. 

The Seven and Vought were really some evil mothafuckas man. This company was full of Donald Trumps. Murder, Rape, Sexual Abuse, blackmail, Drug Use, Drug Dealing, infecting babies with drugs and experimenting on them they did every major crime. This was some sinister shit man. Homelander (The Strongest hero in the world) was just a truly fucking evil piece of shit. Like he’s a terrifying and creepy man. The Vice President of Vought Madelyn Stillwell was a different kind of nasty. Anything that was in the way of Vought she would destroy. Every time Homelander opposed her she would throw that old dusty cougar sexuality in his direction and he would fold like a bitch. They’re whole relationship looked like incest to me. Felt very gross. She definitely did a great job as a villain. 

I didn’t really like how women were used as props and men having to come solve the problems. Everything is driven by women as the victims. Robin’s death. Butcher’s wife being raped. Starlight being sexually abused. Seemed like women were the only people that suffered. 

Maeve’s storyline was lost in everything. I felt they should’ve done more with her. Didn’t get to sympathize with her situation much because she didn’t have much impact on anything.

I also didn’t understand Butcher’s end game because it’s not really explained or even touched on. The world is full of Supes as he calls them and he hates them more than anything. So how can you get rid of them all? If The Boys bring down Vought then what? Will the country look to The Boys for help? 

Once I started the show I couldn’t stop. Amazon finally has a hit show. 


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