Another episode in the books. Let’s get right into what I liked.


So this episode took place at the annual school carnival and the cinematography was beautiful, the pacing was perfect, the soundtrack for each moment at the carnival hit it’s mark. It felt like a roller coaster ride watching it. 


The MVP Fezco setup the trap as a pretzel shop. Another brilliant showing from the MVP. We need Fezco’s backstory immediately.


Jules going up to Cal to prove to Rue that she fucked him was a great scene. It shows us how dumb teenagers are and how they never think. Jules immediately regrets it and it was a very tense scene especially watching Nate stare at Jules and his older brother call her jail bait. I liked that scene a lot cause again it shows Jules is unbothered with putting herself in dangerous situations. Cal then following Jules to basically beg for her not to ruin his life was hilarious because Jules really not thinking about that man. Another thing that was interesting was that Cal could’ve threatened Jules but he didn’t and I think he never had plans to. He’s the opposite of his son who is a psychopath. 


Maddy scene at the chill cookout was stupid but the one thing that saved it was that she called Nate’s mom a cunt and that’s a funny word to me so I’m going to put this in my like column. Her pushing over the chills was also hilarious. Shoutout to her fit. Would’ve went to visit Fez fr some Molly and smash in the house of mirrors or something. Nate a lame. 

That’s all I liked. Let’s get into the bad. 


So we finally get a glimpse of Jules backstory and it was just like I predicted. Her mother played a huge role in her trauma. I was left kinda disappointed in Jules backstory because it didn’t dive deep into her issues like the previous episode did with Kat. I guess my biggest disappointment was that they just mentioned Jules transition for barely 3 seconds and that was it. I thought that would’ve been great insight to people who don’t know about what Trans people go through and show teens going through the same thing that they’re not alone.  Everything was just empty and that was it. All we saw was the one issue I have with this show which is that they have a lot of cliche moments. The mental hospital was the typical prison and it was full of violent kids and that’s not how majority of those places are. Of course it’s not Euphoria if a dick isn’t shown in a weird way and of course that happens in the mental hospital. Jules is still my favorite character but there was so much left on the table with her backstory and that hurt my feelings.  


Cassie is the town hoe. Great. That’s it. That’s the character. I love hoes. I used to be a hoe. I’m always here for hoes but Cassie is the most boring hoe I ever seen. Her part in the story is very odd and it feels forced. Like I said in the previous review. McKay and Cassie’s plot is not interesting. McKay refuses to tell people that Cassie is his girlfriend because he’s insecure about her reputation and he just leaves. There is no interesting dialogue afterwards. He just leaves and goes back to school and then Cassie decides to do Molly with Maddy and they start giving each other these corny bad bitch pep talks like Iggy Azelea raps and Cassie proceeds to bust nuts on a fucking merry go round and the whole carnival realizes she’s the horniest bitch to ever live. Like what the fuck is this shit? It’s so lame. I’m just so confused with where they’re going with Cassie. I’m assuming the hoe shaming will continue and that’s it. 


Kat was the highlight of episode 3 but this episode she takes a step back. Her shit was not as bad as Cassie’s part in this episode but it was close. She hangs with the boy from her biology class who obviously likes her they’re having a great time and then she jumps to conclusions and sees him talking to this girl who’s clearly the opposite of her and her confidence takes a hit and she runs off to go fuck this corny generic washed up bad boy who graduated from her school years ago. This shit was so bland and it’s just more weak storytelling. She fucked a popular has been and he didn’t make her orgasm and that makes her feel validated? Huh? That made her look dumb. 


For the love of fucking God will somebody please find this child. Pointless search. Had no place in the story. All that was needed was that we know she’s run off and just end it. So much more dialogue could’ve happened but instead they look for Gia for an absurd amount of time only to find her smoking weed like a fucking normal 13/14 year old. I thought when they found her she was going to either be hurt or doing some fucked up shit. Nope she’s just smoking weed and listening to another 13 year old call her sister a crackhead and not saying shit to defend her. 


Okay I don’t know what this kid is. Is he gay? Insane? Depressed? What? We know he’s a dick and we clearly see where he got it from after seeing his dad give McKay the most cliche speech ever. McKay is surrounded by crazy and horny white people. Move out of town my nigga. Go eat some baked macaroni. Come home brother. Anyway, we do now know that Nate seen the movie Cal and Jules made since he did the same thing as his dad by putting his fingers in her mouth. Outside of that, Nate meeting with Jules was very meh. It was the moment for Nate to really own and takeover as a true villain and just like everything else… it was boring. Remember Zendaya scene with Fez? That gave me chills. I felt something. Nate abusing Maddy and mentally abusing Jules I kinda laughed because he’s not really convincing. I don’t wanna call him a bad actor but I just don’t believe him. The part where he was telling Maddy he’s confused and the face she makes while holding him was the exact face I made watching his performance. Jules saved their scene. Easily. 


The flashback sequences took away from what could’ve been another great scene. Jules and Rue scenes are always great so why didn’t they just let them act and lead up to the kiss? They’re good actors let them off the leash and let them create magic. The sequence just cheapened the moment that we already knew was coming.

Disappointed in this episode but at least it was shot beautifully. 


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