Here are 9 things that are sure to waste your time. Get off this shit immediately.


Do they know you? No. Do you know them? No. Well that solves everything. I never like arguing and I’m not giving someone who doesn’t know me the opportunity to dictate my time. I only argue with people I love because they’ve earned that respect from me and I value their place in my life. Me arguing with a mothafucka in New York over twitter about the same 6 recycled topics is not going to help my family or my business in the slightest. Me arguing with some weirdo with a confederate flag as a avi does not improve the world or myself in the slightest. I am good. You’re racist? Well good for you. That’s one less prick I’d feel sorry for when something happens to them. It’s not my responsibility to convince a stranger not to be racist or to convince a person that their way of thinking is toxic. They’ll find out the hard way. 


Overthinking ain’t shit but trying to convince yourself that the truth is a lie. Overthinking is just fear. You’re afraid to make a decision because it might not work so you overthink to buy more time. All you’re doing is wasting time. You create more options which leads to more thinking which leads to more stress which leads to your breakdown and then when you recover from the breakdown hopefully you realize that simplicity should’ve been the move from the beginning. What helps me deal with overthinking is that if I’m right about something I’m good. If I’m wrong about something I’m good. I learn and move on to the next. 


Everybody won’t like you. Regardless if it’s your fault or not. The people that dislike you are always people you wouldn’t hang with or give a fuck about anyway so it’s irrelevant. There’s people that don’t like me and one thing that’s not going to happen is me investigating why they don’t like me. That’s one less human I don’t have to talk to and as far as I’m concerned that’s a blessing. The reason someone doesn’t like you is their problem. Not yours. You have better things to worry about on your agenda. People pleasing is another unnecessary activity for people who are extremely insecure. 


Nah you just scared. Perfectionism is an excuse. The people who claim their perfectionist are 90% bullshit. They either lack confidence or they put too much stock into what people will say about them. Who do you have to be perfect for? Yourself? Then what? What happens after your idea of perfection is met? Nothing spectacular. Perfection always sound like some shit that I’m spending too much time on and my ego just won’t let go of it. 


I said what I said. I did what I did. I don’t owe anybody an explanation. I always move with respect so I don’t disrespect nobody so if you disrespect me you’re the asshole. I’m confident in that fact. I’m a man who minds his own and never keep people name between his teeth. You can send me all the 5 paragraph texts you want I’m not answering that shit. 


Sometimes I wanna say “Fuck my past.” Sometimes I think about how the past made me into what I am today. Either way it’s behind me. Some people hold onto the past because they have no clear indication on where to go. The mistakes in our past some of us don’t want to admit that they were mistakes. If they admit something in their past was a mistake then that means it’s truly over and they have to move on and they’re afraid of that. To hold onto your past is the same as not having faith in yourself. It’s admitting that you’re unable to create a better future for yourself. You’re only creating resentment. 


The one time I compared my life to someone else’s I changed my thought process because it didn’t feel good. You can’t be the best version of yourself if you’re focused on everyone else’s behavior. Especially in a social climate where everyone only shares the best in their life. Could you imagine if we could see everyone life outside the internet like the Truman Show? I bet you’ll see how fucked up people lives are and that everybody not shit there’s just different levels of all of our aint-shitness. Stop letting society tell you how to live or dictate your happiness. 


The sooner you realize that you’ve contributed to the problems in your life the less annoying you’ll be and your life will move in a better direction. Even if you truly are the victim either seek help if it’s too much for you to handle or move the fuck on. I always blame myself for shit even if it’s not my fault. I just don’t like pity parties even if they’re warranted and cookie cake is being served. I don’t like being apart of shit like that. When you’re always being the victim your life is stagnant and you’re likely to hold grudges so can use them in the future as an excuse to not be responsible to make the right changes for your life. When you’re always the victim you’re wasting so much time because you don’t know when enough is enough and you’re holding onto old shit. 


If it’s not in your control then there aren’t too many options. All you can really do is adapt or move on from it. Focus on what you can control and just continue to be a good person and help and influence as many people you’re able to. Don’t waste time on trying to change things that are out of your control. Just focus on your energy towards those things. The more you waste time trying to change some shit you have no control over the more you move towards a stress filled life.


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