Yeah… Chakras. These are the things that your energy reside in and it balances, stores, and distributes it throughout your body. I’m bout to turn y’all into art niggas but not musty art niggas. I promise you. I’m a teach yall about all the chakras. Sorry no crystals. 


This mothafucka red  like every dope ass Jordan color way. Your foundation. This is your survival instincts. This means you got real niggas around you at all times. No faulty niggas. No jealous niggas. Your circle is key to your survival in society. It’s where you get majority of the game and determines how you carry yourself. If you keep the right people around you then life won’t be too much to handle. I like that my circle aren’t dishonest or try to disguise lying as something else. For example not telling someone something and hiding behind the fact that you never said anything is still lying to me. None of my people close to me move like that. I feel a great sense of security with the company I keep. Things that fuck up this chakra is money problems amongst yourself and your loved ones, addictions, and not having confidence in yourself or asking for help from your friends. When you feel this chakra getting blocked go play some Solange under a tree with some water that has an immaculate PH balance, do a spa day, get a massage from one of your hoes and you’ll unclog your chakra and return to real nigga or real ass bitch form. Overuse of this energy will make you violent and egotistical. Like Denzel in Training Day. 


This one Orange. The Sacral chakra is healthy when you’re trusting, passionate, social, and spontaneous in every aspect of your life. So your creativity, your hobbies, your sex life, your friendships, it’s all about trying something different, communicating, and actually giving a fuck about what you’re doing. Now I’ll admit me being spontaneous hasn’t been that great the past year due to how much work I do but I’m going to get back to it. On the social side of things the whole summer I’ve been extra fucking social. I’ve been drunk and outside every weekend since June 1st. I’m forever passionate about everything I’m involved in. A little too passionate actually. Trusting….. well I only trust my friends. Sometimes I think everybody plotting on me. Take that how you wanna. If you wanna clear this chakra be the first person dancing at a function, meet 3 new people every time you go out, eat some pussy on a Ferris wheel, treat things you create with extra care and show your passion. Now if you over use this chakra you’ll become manipulative and controlling


This that bad bitch yellow right here. That fire. When this chakra is clicking you’re body temperature is perfect. It’s warm. You have the energy of Megan Thee Stallion kneecaps. You have the confidence of a nigga stopping at 6 different houses and leaving with 6 to go places from each of them. You love you some YOU! You’re as empowered as a prime Jeezy The Snowman intro. Your energy is just consistent and welcoming. What blocks this is simply anger. To deal with that find something where you can release that anger in a healthy way. So joaning on your friends, weight lifting, martial arts, boxing. If you always have stomach issues this chakra is why along with some health shit so please go get checked out. Watch comedies and laugh as much as possible. Remember that you’re in control of your life. No one else. Overuse of this energy will cause you to be judgmental and stubborn. 


Easy one. Pink and Green like a AKA baby. The motherboard of all your emotions. This one is about forgiveness. Giving and receiving love. Understanding. Compassion. Now forgiveness is tricky for me. I forgive all the people who disrespected me in some way shape or form. My definition of forgiveness may differ from others. My definition of forgiveness is that I will not put hands on you. It does not mean I will speak to you. It’s simply you go your way and I’ll go mine. I will not wish any ill will on you, I will not cheer for your downfall or laugh at your bad luck. We crossed paths negatively and I’m moving on and wishing you a healthy life. That’s it. Once you understand everyone has different circumstances your heart opens more and more. Don’t let nobody play you but understand why they’re attempting to and that’s where the compassion comes in. Like “Damn this bitch nigga don’t know no better. Their life must be difficult.” The heart chakra is blocked when you’re unable to forgive and you’re cold and cut throat towards everyone. Living a life full of despair. To unblock this just treat yourself to great day on your off day. Everything is about you. Turn your phone off. Buy some shit on your amazon prime wishlist. Stare at Rihanna. Drink some margaritas. Listen to the Isley Brothers. Receive nudes. Forgive someone that you have a grudge with. Do something nice for a stranger and make their day. Overuse of this energy results in entitlement. jealousy, and blaming everyone but yourself. Just look for someone in love with someone who don’t want them no more and you’ll see the bad side of this energy. 


This the sound one. Turquoise like The Squirtle Squad. This energy gives you no problems expressing yourself like Bernie Mac. Always honest like Luffy from One Piece. If you don’t feel like doing shit you aren’t afraid to say no. Your communication is clear. You’re always willing to communicate like a drunk mothafucka. Let it all out. This is also the creative chakra. When the throat chakra tee’d up your creativity is flowing like merlot in a lit kickback. Lack of creativity and indecisiveness blocks this chakra. To overcome this just create something just for you. Watch some classic anime to get that inspiration in you. Reach out to your circle to vent about what’s on your spirit. Understand there will be wrong answers and you’ll be okay regardless. Overuse of this energy is never shutting the fuck up. Ever. 


Everything purple like screw tapes. The third eye. This could give you psychic powers. Clairvoyance. If niggas really unlocked this shit we’d be on some Professor X from X-Men type shit. This shit all about being intuitive and this chakra allows to act upon our intuition. Helps us understand the balance between logic and emotion. It’s visual so you’re always watching shit like that Kim Kardashian meme. You’re very imaginative like a nigga getting his lie together after a long healthy night of cheating. Insightful like Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender. This shit makes you wise as fuck. You know this chakra is blocked when you can’t visualize what you want or aspire for. Just meditate and then visualize what you want to manifest. It also is blocked if you frequently have nightmares. Same deal. Meditate to bring calmness to your spirit. Overuse of this energy is always living in your imagination, always spaced out, worried, annoying people with conspiracy theories you seen on youtube.  


This one whiter than the coke Pusha-T used to sell. When your crown chakra is activated you are complete as fuck like watching Yu-Yu Hakusho for the 50th time or eating a chicken plate after a quickie. You are a walking inspiration. You are truly connected with your spirit and a higher power. Your intent is pure. You have endless waves of inspiration like finding fire fits for a vacation. This is where you find your purpose. This is basically heaven. When this energy is low depression is what sets in and hopelessness. You just have to write down everything good in your life and connect with the most high to balance that energy back. Overuse of this energy will have you craving for popularity and attention like a pick me bitch. 

Balance all that shit and become the realest mothafucka moving. 


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