I never go into series finale’s on any show with the expectation that it will end how I think it will end. Nor do I get upset if it doesn’t go the way I want it to. I don’t care if the heroes win or the villains win. In the end, I just want good writing, good story, and something that sticks with me a long time. 

I received none of that in this finale. It’s the same shit. Great visuals. Great soundtrack. Characters that are not fleshed out at all. 

By no means is Euphoria a bad show. If I had to grade it I would give it a C+ but what annoys me about it is that there were episodes that have incredible scenes and I just sit and wonder “Why can’t they keep up this momentum and feeling?  Also the places that need improvement are so obvious to me and I hope they see it and improve them next season. 

The scenes I really liked 

Cassie’s abortion scene was great. FINALLY! A scene with Cassie that actually made me think. Cassie dreaming about ice skating which is an activity she seems to be perfect at while going through a procedure that is traumatic and perceived as evil by majority of society was some eerie shit. Seeing her Mother and Lexi support her was incredible to see and I was left asking myself “Where was this all season?” 

All the girls drinking Everclear out of a gatorade bottle and thinking about how will they remember high school or if they will remember it at all was great because that’s actual shit I see high school kids talk about. Some think they have it figured out. Others are afraid that they don’t have it figured out. All of those ladies have different journey’s and it was great to see their different takes on high school. That shit actually felt real. 

Lexi is a gem. It’s time to focus on Lexi and Fez. I can’t stress this enough. Lexi has less screen time than everyone and she’s a better character than Kat, Maddie, Cassie, McKay, Nate, and maybe even Jules. 

The scene with the Donny Hathaway song was cool. It showed the anger of Rue’s addiction and the toll it had on her Mother. 

Maddy finding Cal’s porno with Jules after all the mean shit he said to her. Cal has fucked up and Maddy finally has leverage over Nate and not just her pussy and she definitely has HUGE leverage over Cal. That man is fucked and I hope he’s going to jail for fucking those kids.

Welp lets get into the all the mid shit of this episode. 


Nate psychotic episode after getting handled with grown man strength was some of the dumbest shit I ever seen given the timing of it. Why is this in the season finale? If this happened before the school carnival or on his episode which was episode 2 then I think it would’ve had a bigger impact and made Nate more interesting and I think the writers would’ve built a better plot line for him. Instead I just see a fucking 200 plus pound 6 foot 5 goofball flopping around on the floor in his room like a fish and it was hilariously bad. That was not good acting. It was not shocking. It was kind of expected given the fact he just jacked off to himself in the fucking mirror like a fucking narcissistic terrorist. As a character Nate is a one trick pony. This tantrum doesn’t make him any more interesting. It doesn’t add any layers to him. It just confirms what we all know and that he’s a spoiled bitch that never had accountability for anything in his life and he’s rolling around on the floor like a 4 year old who was just denied McDonalds. They tried to make him vulnerable but the tantrum doesn’t do much for what they’re aiming for. There’s only 2 options for Nate in my opinion that would make him a more intriguing character. 

Option 1: He has to be Euphoria’s Johan Liebert. Johan Liebert is the villain in the anime thriller “Monster” google Johan. Nate has to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing where people don’t just love him for being an athlete or jock but they love him cause he’s nice to people and disguising himself as a good guy but underneath he’s a snake and evil. I’m talking he hides behind straight A’s, volunteer work, class president that type shit. Make it so Nate is so fucked up that he’d go to great lengths to uphold his reputation as a model student and member of society so he can hide who he truly is which is a snake. Him being the perfect role model to the public but he’s ruining everyone’s life in the shadows and hiding the fact that he’s gay or bi is interesting. 

Option 2: This is obvious but actually show him living a double life like his dad except he’s more psychotic and he’s not the alpha in his gay relationships. Now that’s vulnerability. The farthest they went down that road was him texting with Jules under an alias and the random dicks stored in his phone. We never saw him act upon it. They brought him to the edge of the cliff and had him just stand there all season long. 

Side note. Why in the fuck is Nate using his Cal’s porn as a bookmark? Huh? And how hasn’t his dad noticed. all they do is just sneak around that house. I’m sure he would’ve found it.


The writers are treating Fezco like a pee wee and this finale proved it. He had no backstory which was pure bullshit. Again when it comes to showing racial issues or poverty the creators of this show shrink faster than Paul George in the playoffs. This is a show about white suburbia so I understand if people don’t agree with showing blackness but there are black people on this show. Show something. Damn. Anything that deals with race they run from. Anything with poverty they run from. But dicks they have no issue showing that. Fez clearly grew up poor which makes him the most interesting out of his social circle. He’s literally at every party and most likely grew up the poorest. He dresses different from all his peers. He acts different. He has a personality that you can add layers to. How in the fuck is he not a key character? MCKAY GOT A BACKSTORY AND HIS PLOT HAS LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER CHARACTERS EXCEPT CASSIE! LITERALLY NOTHING!  NOBODY IN THE STORY IS EFFECTED BY MCKAY’S DECISIONS. CASE AND POINT YOU SAW MCKAY WASN’T IN THE FINALE AND YOU DID NOT GIVE A FUCK!!! 

All we see in the finale for Fez are the moments leading up to him robbing the plug who’s a rich ass doctor. We didn’t see how he handled the police. We just saw him run around like a ninja and eventually pistol whip the doctor in front of his son. Why would a rich white doctor let Mouse know where he lives or even bring him the same place his child is present? It’s the little things that pisses me off about this show. No rich white man is moving like that. Established corrupt white men are always worried about the paper trail. Police could stake out Mouse like Fez did and lead them directly to the doctor. Makes zero sense. They did so little to even make the cliffhanger of Fez story valid. Of course Mouse don’t give a fuck that Fez robbed his plug. He just got him his money back with interest and the doctor doesn’t know that Mouse sells to Fez. So Mouse basically got free drugs. The only thing that could happen is the doctor quits selling to Mouse and Fez is the blame for that but I doubt it. The doctor can’t call the police or he’d put himself at risk of losing everything. 

Bruh if Fezco isn’t a main character next season it would be a fucking mistake. If Lexi isn’t a main character it would be a fucking mistake. The 2 most intriguing characters of the show are treated like shit in the writing. 


After the Donny Hathaway song we go into this ridiculous “This Is America” type music video. The last 10 minutes of the show were basically wasted. This shit was so mid that I could not believe what the fuck I was watching. All that was missing was those white masks praise dancing groups in church be wearing. This was such a cheesy way to end the season it took all the seriousness out of it. I looked at that shit like a joke. Then it shows Rue relapsing which I get cause the way she was breathing at the train station you knew she would turn back to drugs regardless if she went with Jules or not. 


Again Jules still is one of my favorite characters but the last few episodes but now they just have her doing shit for the sake of doing shit. What’s her point in all this? Is it still going to New York and being a fashion designer? I just feel she’s been reduced to the love interest of Rue that’s all over the place and it’s about to become some pointlessShawn Hunter from “Boy Meets World” type shit. Always running away from shit but have no clue where the fuck they’re going. I liked when Rue and Jules were just friends. We received better dialogue from them when they were friends and better character development for Jules when they were friends. She’s in love with everyone and it’s tiring. She’s been in love 3 times in a month. The funny part about all this is that the way Nate described Jules to Rue is the complete opposite of who she is as a character now. Only thing he was right about is that Jules is out of Rue’s league. Jules way of living and Rue’s way of living are on the opposite ends of the spectrum and as high schoolers that’s not going to work out at their age. As adults maybe but as teens no. Jules called Rue’s bluff about leaving town and Rue folded faster than hotel housekeepers. Jules plot is just becoming very vague. 


So she just decides that Ethan is the one for her? How did she reach this point? Was it because Daniel forgot he dated her when they were 12? Is she going to stop doing webcam sessions? Kat was such a disappointment after her episode and the finale didn’t help. Now I will say this. If she continues webcam sessions and dressing like a cosplay character everyday while with Ethan that would be interesting. 

Season 1 was decent. Not great but not awful. I think the focus needs to be on fleshing out the characters especially Lexi and Fez. It’s like the writers have 2 players who can score 25 points a night sitting on the bench and giving them garbage minutes. Makes no sense. Put them in the game coach! McKay needs SERIOUS work or they need to cut him from the show. Nate I already explained what needs to happen with him. They just need to develop the characters better and not let them waste away. Take actual risks in the storyline and not just in the visual aspect. 

3 outta 5 fruit snacks 


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