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2020 just sounds and looks so fuckin wavy. It’s almost here and people are already looking to the future. Being excited about whatever you’re choosing to pursue is always fun. I got some things I want to end this year with personally and use that as a springboard into the new year. Everything was feeling good until I looked down at my journal and thought “How am I going to have time or make time for all this?” Only way I can do everything is live uncomfortable. It seems like a challenging and complicated choice but the amusing fact of it all is that it’s the most rewarding and essential lifestyle to success. 

When I think of the word comfortable I think of sweats, fresh tees, some running shoes that feel like I’m walking on clouds, and snacks in my bed. I love being comfortable. I try to live the coziest life possible which includes me not driving, not working, and not interacting with people who are not funny. That’s my goal. When I sat down and thought about the road I have to travel I came to the conclusion that I’d have to live uncomfortable now to live comfortable later. I’m really only working hard so I can be chill later in life. Think it’s a game. I’m fucking serious. When I get a crib strictly off my company I will look my shorty in her beautiful eyes and tell her “Play Teddy Pendergrass and pick a streaming service because we’re fucking, talking, cooking, and chilling for a week.” I’m working towards the ultimate stay-cation. I know that sounds basic as fuck but I think a stay-cation would hit different when making money or bills aren’t anywhere on my mind. Watching Hey Arnold with my naked ass wife is my move. 

Back to the present. 

Comfortable is my opp right now. It’s yours too if you want something better for your life. If you’re comfortable, happy, and content then congratulations you’re winning. Doesn’t matter how much money you make or what you own. If you’re truly happy with where your life is I envy you. If not then you have to go willingly be uncomfortable and make decisions that will put you in uncomfortable places. If you’re comfortable but claim that you’re grinding towards something then you won’t go all out when pursuing to do better than where you’re at. Once you get into the state of mind where being uncomfortable is almost comfortable for you then you will be a bad mothafucka. Hard to rattle. Difficult to get unfocused. 

Living outside your comfort zone because you know something greater in store for you isn’t crazy. That’s called dedication. It’s called sacrifice. Putting what makes you comfortable to the side and moving towards the unknown is bravery. You may have to do and be the opposite of who you are to unlock your true potential and the best version of your talent. Not everyone built for that life. Someone who’s willing to live uncomfortable is a person that is about action. There’s people who make shit happen and people who wait for shit to happen to them. If you waiting for shit to happen I bet that you’re comfortable. If you’re making shit happen I bet that you’re going through pain and understand that there may be more pain on the way to you. 

What are you going to do when the breakdown comes? Are you going to accept it and turn around or are you going to get the crying session out and keep moving ahead? Everybody has a limit and everybody breaks down but who’s not going to let that breakdown define who they are? This isn’t about being strong. It’s about being locked in on something that you feel is bigger than yourself. Cause I’ve seen people quit once their breakdown came but that didn’t make them weak. It actually made them strong because they understood they weren’t built for what they were chasing and recalibrated their life and found what truly energizes them and now they’re happy. Putting your ego and pride to the side to quit what you thought was for you takes strength. I respect people who take their L’s. Those are the real gangstas. 

Living uncomfortable is what turns a hobby into a hobby that brings you continuous checks and benefits. Uncomfortable people innovate, grow, actually bring positive change to whatever they’re involved with. Being comfortable is distracting you from living your full potential. It’s uninspiring. I can’t get jiggy with a comfortable life because outside of it I know there is greater things for me waiting on my arrival. 

I know shit is scary. I know people have terrible anxiety. I know people may think they’re soft. You’re not soft you’re just unaware of the strength in you and how to use it. You don’t have to stay where you are. If you really want to then you will always find an excuse to. It’s easier to find excuses than it is to find change. That’s why a lot of people are stagnant and always complaining. They make the choice to stay the same and blame everyone and everything instead. 

I know being vulnerable is uncomfortable. I know uncertainty can be terrifying and paralyzing to you. I know you hear the doubt in your mind. I know constantly being frustrated at things not going right with what you are building can be annoying but that’s the cost of success. The cost is being uncomfortable. 

When you’re uncomfortable just ask yourself this… 

“What am I learning?” and “How can I get closer to my goal?” 

Then it’ll make sense. 


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