I told you I’d talk about this more. Here we are. 

We’re in a very reactive social media era so it’s very important to have a hold on your emotions. The allure of social media is based on being reactive. I can write a plethora things that makes social media annoying but I can also save that for another day. My point is that it’s important to have a great deal of emotional maturity. 

Here are some traits of emotional maturity. 


People don’t even give themselves a chance to feel anything. They skip the feeling and react immediately. Even if something hurts your feelings just take a pause before reacting. A life or death situation is different but observing, feeling, and then responding in a way that’s more productive to your mental and physical health will always be a healthy choice. 


Where you are today you are responsible for. If you broke that’s your fault. If you live check to check that’s your fault. If you have a mansion that’s your fault. Good or bad choices were made to get you to where you are now. Everything has a paper trail and at the beginning of that paper trail I’m certain nobody put a gun to your head to make you make the choices you made that has brought you to the present. Emotional mature people accept responsibility. Good or bad. This helps you understand that decision making comes with ups and downs. Just try to learn from it either way it go. 


A lot of people don’t seek to understand. People love to hear themselves talk and they never talking bout shit. They just want to get an opinion out. The more you don’t listen the more you’re separating yourself from growth. You can’t improve if you don’t listen to where you’re fucking up at. Listen more than you talk and see where that gets you. It’ll get you on the side where you not getting on everybody fucking nerves, that’s where it’ll get you. 


If you understand the things that make you upset and get a rise out of you then you know how to change your usual response to those triggers. Being conscious of this allows you to distance yourself away from fuck shit. A lot of people get triggered easily because they’re always around or looking at the source of what makes them angry and then they blame everyone for being triggered. That shit ain’t got shit to do with nobody but them. Remove yourself from it and move forward. 


It’s up to you to draw the line. It’s up to you to let someone know if they’ve crossed that line. Some people don’t know if they’ve crossed boundaries or not. Some people are truly oblivious to shit. You are the protector of your boundaries. Everything you stand for is attached to your boundaries so if somebody on some bitch shit and shows no respect for your boundaries that means they have no respect for you or anything you stand for. Which makes that person a liability in your life. The more you allow the worse it gets. If a mothafucka eating your food you not gone keep letting them do it are you? Alright then. This also goes both ways. You have to respect other people boundaries too. A person who respects boundaries is an emotionally mature individual. 


It’s hard as fuck to be positive in this world we live in. When you see a person that’s always more positive than negative when you see them that’s a grown mothafucka. Seriously. Optimism is not for the weak. At all. I’ve seen some people go through hell like water in a grease fire and still keep a positive outlook on their situations. That’s gangsta. That’s what winners do. Is it possible to be positive everyday of your life? Nope but if you bout it you gone make sure the good outweigh the bad. Understand reality and keep an optimistic spirit and you’ll be unstoppable like 2001 Allen Iverson. 


Man regardless if people acting like dickheads or not I don’t take it personal because it has nothing to do with me and has everything to do with them. I can’t control people from doing or saying fuck shit so I charge it to the game. I’m not basing my life on what other people say or do and neither should you. If you always asking shit personally that means you’re investing too much of your attention on what people who don’t matter to you think. As long as you know your worth you’ll rarely take things personally. I’m too busy trappin to take things personally. I really have productive shit to do in real life and you do too. Figure out what the fuck that is.  


The bigger picture is giving a fuck about something that means more than your problems. What will out live you? What will you leave behind. You just gone be a complaining ass bitch or you gone leave a legacy? Make your time here worth it by enlightening people, spreading love, and helping people and not just yourself. You really gone let a bad Tuesday fuck up your outlook on life as a whole? You have a bigger purpose and I’m sure it’s attached to selflessness. 


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