Walking around my crib complaining like a 68 year old about the 120 streaming services that are clearly sucking the life out of my bank account like a prime Jada Fire I was literally seconds away from cancelling my Hulu account and I saw what they recommended. The Wu-Tang: An American Saga. After the first episode I thought “Well I guess I’m going from paying $243.19 per month in streaming services ain’t that bad. Stop being a bitch ass nigga.” 

I watched the 4 available episodes and these are my random thoughts so far. 

First and foremost who’s the woman who’s portraying Bobby’s (RZA) sister on the show? I need her Babyhairs in my presence.  She finer than a chicken plate on a 73 degree day. Ain’t God good?

Sha (Raekwon) was a piece of shit. This is one of my favorite rappers EVER. This nigga shot up Dennis (Ghostface) crib with a Tec while his family was there and then burned down Bobby’s and Dennis trap house while they were in there. How in the fuck is this man in Wu-Tang Clan? What’s next he bout kidnap niggas family members on some Paid In Full shit? I can’t wait for the episode where Bobby tells Dennis the idea of being in a group with Sha. I know Dennis probably slapped or punched the shit outta somebody before he accepted it. With that being said ……

Dennis is a fucking CROOK. It really makes sense that Ghostface and Raekwon had the best chemistry in the whole group. Both these niggas wasn’t shit. Dennis straight robbed Power’s pops and kicked this nigga fake leg. I can only imagine the shit Dennis has done that the show didn’t show. These 2 ain’t shit niggas came together and made hip-hop classics. 

I like how the series is showing how dedicated Bobby was to music. This nigga tried to steal a beat machine the size of a Monte Carlo engine in a Walmart book bag to create music. He was obsessed with music despite being apart of a drug crew. He was basically there by association and still found time through all the chaos to make time for what he truly loved. 

The acting is insanely good on the series. The man who plays Divine is incredible. If you’ve seen the Wu-Tang documentary on Showtime and you saw Divine do his interviews you’d see how on point the dude acting is. He sounds and looks just like Divine. The guy who plays Dennis is really great too. Reminds me exactly of Ghostface. Shameik Moore has been hit or miss for me as Raekwon. The red beans and rice scene was pretty bad. I was laughing my ass off at that shit. Then there’s some scenes where I can see Raekwon in his performance. I grew up idolizing The Chef so I might be picky as a mothafucka. Everyone is doing a great job. Shoutout to whoever did the casting. It’s very on point. 

Divine being the adult and the backbone of his family is weird but also somewhat normal in our communities. You see how vital he is once he goes to prison. It feels like everyone’s world crumbles. Not just in a family aspect in the fact that he’s a son and brother but as the breadwinner of the family. His mother really depends on him and it’s interesting that she knows what he does in the streets and allows him and Bobby to risk their lives and freedom. It’s really an intriguing thing to see. 

These niggas was talking bout these kilos coming to Staten Island like people in 3rd world countries waiting for water to end a drought. Kilos coming to Staten Island would increase niggas pockets but the violence would go up with the money. 

Power was a fly ass nigga. He reminded me of that nigga Knowledge from the movie “Belly” Knowledge was a forreal grimy nigga I never really trusted him he the type of nigga who’s just too smart for his own good. Power was the same way. (I just found out that Power in real life played Knowledge in Belly lmaoooooo I’m weak!!!) 

This show stands on it’s own. If you never heard of the Wu-Tang Clan or never been fans of them you could still enjoy the show because the characters are really good and the story is compelling. 

Aye I fucked with Jah Son. Nigga was funny as fuck. Nigga was a forreal livewire. I wished he would’ve stuck around more. 

The double life Dennis lived makes him the most interesting character to me. He has so many layers to his story than everyone else. He takes care of his brothers who are special needs. His mother is an alcoholic who is wore down from taking care of her 2 kids with special needs. Dennis is dealer and robber with a very short fuse, extremely temperamental with the streets on his back and he’s dating his homies little sister on the low low. Nigga could have his own series with all the shit he’s going through. 

This nigga Bobby really hopped on stage and rapped about the biology of busting a nut in front of all of Staten Island. This nigga a creep. 

Also who plays Divine’s girl who has the safe in her crib? I need her Instagram for research purposes. 

I wanna see more of GZA in these next few episodes. He’s an interesting nigga. The shit he said about bullets and flesh outside of Jah Son’s funeral is proof of that. 

This is definitely the best music bio pic story I’ve seen in my opinion. It would be impossible to make the story of the Wu a movie because there’s so many stories within the group. 

So far so good. Loving this series as a Wu-Tang fan and an overall show fanatic. Each episodes leave me with wanting more. The ruggedness. The darkness. The camera shots are beautiful. If I could binge this I would’ve been done in one day. Hurry the fuck up Wednesday. 


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