No introduction. I'm getting straight to the point and attempt to keep it short. Before I start, this is not about Floyd Mayweather Jr's personal life. If he did beat those women he's accused of beating, he's wrong for it and that's some fuck shit. If he didn't then that's great. I don't know so I'm not going to speak on that. This is strictly about professional boxing. Just a little disclaimer. 

This is article is about the man who single handedly killed the sport of boxing. Boxing has never been the same since he's blah blah man fuck all that shit. This is about the public's hate (mainly Oscar De La Hoya's) for true greatness. The best technical boxer I've ever witnessed. A man who has been consistent and undefeated for 19 straight years in boxing. Won championships across five weight divisions. Pretty Boy Floyd Money Mayweather Jr. 

Oscar De La Hoya wrote the most spiteful, jealous, bitter, hateful letter in Playboy magazine last month about Mayweather's career basically discrediting everything that man worked for and sustained for 19 years. Just honestly the most bitch made clown shit I've ever read. It had NOTHING to do with boxing. It was all about Richard Schaefer leaving Golden Boy and staying loyal to Floyd and Floyd no longer doing business with Oscar. It was so evident to see. No one can ever give this man his due. It's always an excuse when Floyd achieves something. No other fighter experiences this in combat sports. It's truly sad. They can never separate the fact they hate him personally from his actual skill. I don't really care for Floyd as a person mainly because I don't know him but I can't deny he's one the greatest fighters I've ever seen. I dislike Tom Brady but for me to say he's not one of the greatest quarterbacks ever is just stupid. I'm going to break down all the dumb shit Oscar said in his letter as best as I can. 


Oscar De La Hoya top earner under his company Golden Boy Promotions is Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Canelo just came off a victory against Miguel Cotto in which generated I believe in the neighborhood of 900,000 pay per view buys. A very good number. Floyd did the same for both his fights against Maidana and Maidana wasn't really a household name. Think about that. Cotto is a household name with a country behind him. The same can be said for Canelo. The fight didn't crack a million buys. Put Mayweather in a rematch against either fighter you cant fucking tell me those fights are doing under 1.2 million buys. How can it be better without someone who kept the sport financially afloat and entertained with mega fights every year? The public pays to see Mayweather lose, he is the bad guy. HE PUTS MONEY IN PEOPLE'S POCKETS. I've always said when Floyd leaves the game for good they're going to miss him. Just give it a few years. They will really realize how special this guy was. I just find it funny that Oscar says boxing is better without Floyd yet he puts a female mixed martial arts fighter on the cover of Ring Magazine (The Boxing Bible) instead of the 2 fighters who were supposed to have the fight of the year or a exciting upcoming fighter like Chocolatito Gonzalez. Now he looks dumb because Ronda Rousey just got KO'd and exposed for her lack of boxing skills. He didn't put her on the cover of Ring Magazine for boxing he put her on there for the money. The same shit he accuses Floyd for being all about. He's one of the most disciplined fighters we've seen. The work ethic, dedication, and focus we see from him is unmatched. Those things are why he stayed on top. It's not enough to be gifted and talented. You have to want it more than anyone. Future professional boxers can learn a lot from Floyd. 


Let's get even realer and get back to the numbers. Everyone is praising  Gennady Golovkin. It's well earned, he's a monster. He's knocking out everyone in his path. He's not the definition of a boring fighter. He's exciting. He's fireworks in the ring. The style of fighting people have been BEGGING for ever since Floyd has been on top of the game. Golovkin fights David Lemieux on pay per view and does 150,000. Yes 150,000 pay per view buys. A fucking flop. I thought boxing would be better without Floyd? I thought numbers were going to go up? There is only 1 huge fight on the horizon and that's possibly Canelo vs Golovkin. Let's be honest nobody gives a fuck about anything else. Only 1 mega fight but the way Oscar was talking in this letter the flood gates were about to open since Floyd retired, mega fights were about to come and bunches and the numbers will be astronomical. What happened to all you hardcore boxing fans? This is what you criticized Floyd for not doing in the ring why aren't you flocking to buy Golovkin fights?  You don't care if Gennady wins or loses. You care if Floyd loses so you pay. You're not REAL boxing fans. You're casual fans. Casual fans don't really keep up with boxing. They usually just watch the mega fights at bars and parties with friends and that's it. They hope to see a knockout and know nothing about the fighters. It's nothing wrong with being casual fans but these seem to be the people running their mouths the most about boxing like they know the most. They cant even breakdown each weight class. I'm a boxing fanatic I love the sweet science. I love the art of it. I watch damn near every fight possible big or small. How about Terrence Crawford fight against Dierry Jean? A free fight on HBO. Crawford has the brawler style the people claim they want to watch yet I've yet to hear anyone to talk about him or that fight. He wants to fight Manny Pacquiao in April 2016. Why aren't these so called fans getting behind him to help get him the fight? He's a brawler. Manny is a brawler. It should have fight of the year written all over it. What's the hold up? It's cause you're not real fans. This is nothing against GGG or Crawford I enjoy their fights and pray they get the mega fights they're campaigning for but I'm showing the hypocrisy in the public.

Floyd has been fighting the same way for 19 years. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, and you still buy his fights. It's not Floyd fault that's your problem. What people do is build up all his opponents as the person that will solve the Mayweather defense and the same shit happens every time. Floyd takes away what his opponent does best and forces them to have to beat him another way they're not familiar with. Look at the Pacquiao fight. Manny is known for his high volume punching. He throws a ton. Mayweather threw more punches than Manny in their fight. 435 to 429. Manny landed 19 percent of his punches yet Mayweather is blamed for the non action in the fight. Go back further. Floyd told you YEARS before he fought Manny that the fight wouldn't be crazy because he would neutralize what Manny does best and outbox him easily. Bob Arum (Manny's promoter) was on video saying years ago he didn't want the two to fight because it would be a boring fight. The public begged for it, Rightfully so, and got the result that Mayweather and Arum predicted. Mayweather is the most hated so he shoulders all the blame, not Manny. How in the fuck can you be a boring fighter but make over $700 million in your career? It's laughable. Mayweather has plenty fights of just pure mastery. Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins is my favorite fighter of all time but no one calls him a boring fighter. He has the same approach as Mayweather and that's defense first and make the opponent pay for any mistake they make. Nobody criticizes Hopkins though. 


Oscar De La Hoya was an exciting fighter. He made a lot of money for the sport. I'll never take that away from him. I keep it real even if I don't like you but lets call him out on more of his mindless bullshit. He says in the letter Floyd never took risks. First of all if you step in that ring you taking a risk. I don't care who you are. There have been fighters who've fought cautiously and still got their heads knocked off. Oscar says he's taken risks because he's lost 6 times. No. You have 6 losses cause the fighters you fought was the better man on those 6 nights. Honestly you have 7 losses because you lost to Felix Sturm but they gave you that decision to save the mega fight with Hopkins. A lot of money was at stake and Felix outboxed you and the judges knew they could not give Felix the win. Risk or no risk, Trinidad, Mosley, Hopkins, and Mayweather are winning against you 10 out of 10 times. You're not better than any of those fighters. Period. Let's keep it all the way real. In a lot of your fights You danced around for the majority of rounds and tried to steal rounds with flurries in the final 10 seconds. Cut it out Oscar. 

Mayweather's opponents Oscar was criticizing in this letter (Like Chop Chop Corley) were opponents where Mayweather was barely top 5 pound for pound in the world and he was moving up in weight. I can see if he fought these guys as the number 1 pound for pound fighter in the world but he was still climbing up the ladder. Mayweather wasn't a household name yet. Floyd didn't really become a name until his fight with Arturo Gatti. He brings up ducking Margarito. A known cheat in boxing. Floyd didn't fight Margarito because he was in the middle of buying out his contract from Top Rank and starting Mayweather Promotions. The move that changed his career and was his smartest move. He cut out the middleman and wanted to control his career and money. A brilliant business move. Any boxing fan with a brain knows Mayweather would've WASHED Margarito so that's irrelevant. He went on to fight Carlos Baldomir instead. A person who they said Mayweather was ducking because Baldomir just beat Zab Judah and Baldomir hasn't been beat in 8 years. Floyd beat his ass. Shane Mosley was a guy Floyd was calling out for years. Shane said no then years later sees Floyd is the biggest draw and wants a fight. Why? It's because Floyd is the money fight. The jackpot. Ask Marcos Maidana who just retired off 2 fights with Mayweather. He earned the 2 biggest payday's he's ever had and said fuck boxing and retired. Floyd grants Mosley his wish. Mosley hurt him in round 2 but Floyd beats his ass the rest of the fight. We don't even need to speak on the Oscar fight. Floyd beat his ass. Ricky Hatton name is brought up. They said Floyd was ducking him. Floyd takes the fight and KO's him.

They start trying to make the Manny fight. All Manny has to do is accept the olympic style drug testing and it's on. He doesn't and Manny didn't like the fact Floyd was getting more money than him so those things combined derails the fight. Floyd gets blamed though. Funny how Manny never had a KO after they brought up drug testing. 10 straight fights with no KO's. What happened to the power? Power doesn't just disappear just ask George Foreman. Bob Arum never wanted that fight because if Floyd beats him in 2010 the money train stops. Arum knew that. They milked as much money out of Manny as they could before the Mayweather fight. They blame Mayweather for all this shit but also forget Mayweather is growing out of his prime too. It's like people think Mayweather is staying the same age while every boxer is growing old. He fights Victor Ortiz for a belt, KO's him. Fights Cotto who people kept saying he was ducking and Floyd schools him. Let's talk Canelo Alvarez. EVERYONE said Floyd was ducking him. All I heard is Floyd is too old. Canelo is too big for Floyd. Floyd schools him for a 12 round shutout with terrible judging and here comes the excuses. Canelo is too young. The weight cut was a problem. If Canelo had won you wouldn't hear none of these excuses. It's hilarious that De La Hoya criticizes Mayweather's opponents but majority of them were under Golden Boy Promotions. He's basically saying the fighters he represents are weak as fuck. Mayweather damn near wiped out his roster. Where has Mayweather ducked? He fought all the best of his era. 

It's the same story. They build up his opponents and Floyd makes them look average and the excuses come raining down. I would bring up the fact that Oscar goes on to say Floyd's mouth won't be missed but it's kind of pointless. It really proves that Oscar feelings are still hurt from how Floyd talked to him leading up to their fight and how he talked to him after beating all his fighters under Golden Boy. Males shouldn't be jealous that's a female trait Oscar. Floyd has surpassed you in history. It's okay you're a legend in your own right but to try and discredit his career is just weak. Just chill and drive the Canelo bandwagon for as long as you can. 

- Benny