I'll make this quick. This is one interesting show. A friend of mine told me to check it out and I did and it's has a strange and simple plot. It starts out with this purple naked piccolo looking nigga destroying shit. He looks unbeatable. As the monster sets his sights on a little defenseless girl to kill, a man swiftly removes her from harms way and confronts the monster.  The most average looking muhfucka I've ever seen in life. Remember the wrestler Goldberg and they had a parody of him with the funny looking weirdo called Gillberg? Yeah that's what the guy looks like. Bald head, uninterested look, a yellow rubber suit like Jesse Pinkman had on when he was cooking meth in "Breaking Bad." I'm thinking a fight is going to happen and in a flash the fight is over before it began. This lame and plain looking hero killed the monster with one punch sending the monsters guts everywhere. It really is what the title says. He kills monsters with one punch. I'm confused at this point and the normal thoughts run through my head. I'm thinking maybe he has a weakness that will be exploited later in the season, or he will come across a monster that is powerful enough to withstand his deadly punch. He doesn't get hurt or seriously injured. It seems impossible for it to happen. "How can he lose?' is what I keep asking myself. Is there any depth to his strength? All those thoughts is what will keep you watching. You just want to know what the fuck you're dealing with. Who is he? 

The drawings of the monsters are tight. The fighting sequences are crazy. They remind me of that game Viewtiful Joe on GameCube. It's more gore than I expected and the humor always come at unexpected spots so that's always awesome. I think it's appeal and popularity comes from the fact that it's an anime that's easy to follow. Characters come and go so you don't have to remember them and the plot is just very straight forward. A hero with a one hitta acquitta. 

Saitama story starts out simple. He's a 22 year old man with a head full of hair, unhappy, and unemployed. He's walking home from another rejection from a potential employer and he runs into a muscular lobster that has drawls on (You read that correctly). The lobster tries to intimidate him but Saitama is tired and just doesn't give a fuck. The lobster let's him live because he sees that Saitama eyes are lifeless. I can't blame him because looking for a job you know you will hate and having a job you hate will suck the life out of you like a shitty marriage and friends who are on diets so they try to make you go on one. The lobster is looking for a kid who played a prank on him and who he says has a big chin. Saitama finds the kid first by chance and the kid has a big chin that looks like a huge ball sack (pause). The lobster comes to kill the kid and Saitama intervenes by saving him and squares up with the lobster. Saitama is knocked around for a while and it's revealed at that moment that Saitama always wanted to be a hero and destroy villains with one punch so now we sort of know the origin of his power. Saitama proceeds to pull the lobster's eye out along with a plethora of it's guts too. One Punch Man is born. 

Saitama trains for 3 years, doing nothing but running, squats, and pushups until he's the strongest hero in the world. He's invincible but there's a problem. He's bored. The ability to destroy his enemies with one punch has left him unfulfilled in life. He wants a real fight but the closest he can come to one is in his dreams. I compare his power to having the ability to fuck every woman in the world. I'd be bored as shit if I had that ability and looking for different ways to approach women and be challenged. Anyway. This way of living makes his hobbies like saving money for groceries when he goes grocery shopping feel exciting. The guy has a coin purse and loves coupon's that's how simple and dull his life is due to his incredible power. Saitama's personality is very plain, he doesn't like when people talk a lot, he's the epitome of ordinary. He doesn't really take being a hero seriously but he still cares for the job. Saitama's hunt for a true battle that doesn't end with just one punch is the mission of this season. 

Enter Genos. A 19 year old cyborg man who is looking for a fellow evil cyborg that destroyed his family and the reason he is a cyborg today. Genos has cool powers but usually he's getting his ass whooped. He's not in bitch ass Krillin territory but he's close. He meets Saitama while fighting a mutant mosquito and on the verge of death until Saitama destroys the mosquito with 1 slap. Genos is in awe of Saitama's power and immediately asks if he can be Saitama's disciple. From that point Genos is by Saitama's side every step of the way. There is more to Genos than we know now but he's the perfect contrast to Saitama. Genos is a thinker. Saitama just does shit. Genos is a cyborg but he thinks so much that it holds him back especially in combat. He's in the dark just like the viewers when it comes to Saitama's power. He doesn't buy Saitama doing pushups and squats to gain his strength so that just makes Genos even more eager to get stronger. I'm intrigued to see how Genos obsession with power plays out in the next season. 

The show gets interesting when Genos tells Saitama that he has to register to the Hero Association to become a real hero in his city. It means that you can save the world multiple times like Saitama did and no one will give a flying fuck because you're not registered to the Hero Association. Genos registers and pass everything with flying colors and that places him in a special class of heroes called "Class S." Saitama did poorly on all the written tests but broke every record on physical tests so this places him in "Class C." Saitama is clearly the strongest in the Hero Association but is treated like a rookie and that makes the show interesting because he has to climb up the ranks. Every monster they defeat from this point has meaning. What I noticed since Saitama was registered is that once people started to notice him good or bad it slightly annoyed him. He thought he wanted to be known but when you're known a lot of bullshit comes your direction. He started to figure this out when he saved the world from a meteor but in order to save the day it would mean the city will be ruined. All the people started acting like ungrateful hoes towards Saitama despite the fact that he saved their lives. He shrugs it off like it's nothing. He knows he's a hero because he loves to do it and not to please anyone. 

I don't want to really speak on the last 2 episodes of the season because they're up against very powerful enemies and there are some nasty fight sequences those last 2 episodes. I don't want to spoil those for you but trust me they're dope. I watched them both twice and I was in love. 

Season 1 may seem like it starts slow because you want to know why Saitama is stronger than 7 shots of Everclear but the last 2 episodes will have you itching for season 2 and gives you little hints of what direction the show will be going. I enjoyed this season and highly recommend it for a binge session

4/5 Fruit Snacks 

- Benny