My short term memory trash as fuck so it's close to impossible for me to remember everything. This what's going to happen. I'm going to tell you some lit shit that came out of Saint Louis this year. You're going to see the underrated wave of some creative souls, get hip, and support because you're smart. Visiting this site is a start so I know you're smart. If you're not on here it doesn't mean you wasn't making moves. There's so many photographers, fashion designers, musicians, etc. Keep working, don't be corny, and stay focused. One love to everyone who progressing. I just don't feel like making a long ass list of 20 things. I support you as long as you not on some fuck shit. Cool. Let's fire up. 


There were 2 Vibes events this year. One at the very top of the year and the second in October. The venue for the event in January I didn't like because it wasn't sound friendly and it was too small for that crowd. Vibes did numbers so that was a problem but a good problem. Numbers are numbers. Rappers I apologize but I didn't understand a word you sang or rapped that night. It's all good though because the art and people I saw evened it out so the night wasn't trash. It was still a good time. Let's fast forward. Rell (Creator Of Vibes/Vince MacMahon Of Kickbacks and Artistry) being a true professional heard the gripes about the January event and instead of pretending he didn't hear the complaints. He kept grinding and fixed it like a G supposed to. He could've said "Fuck all yall. This my shit. Yall gotta deal with it." He didn't. He listened to the people that helped make the event grow and that's what made the event in October bigger than the last. The venue was bigger. I had more liquor. The honey's were thicker. Everything realer. Game over. This was the event of the year. A two level Wrestlemania. Performances were on the main floor. The visual and edible art was upstairs. Upstairs was damn near Saints in 1997. When honey's started twerking to Chief Keef "Faneto" I should've gave Rell and his team the Stone Cold Skull championship belt at that moment. I have to apologize to all the rappers and singers again. I didn't catch one performance because upstairs was too live and I was waved out on cognac like a classic Max-B interview. I know all of you killed it. Whoever had those alcohol cupcakes had me right too. I need a box of those. I like this event because it's so much shit going on in it and everyone positive. It's no fuck shit happening. Vibes was definitely that wave in 2015. 

JVCKS - 2000 EP

Photog: Jessica Page

Photog: Jessica Page

I forgot how I came across this EP but I'm not going to question god's blessing. I'm just going to be thankful for it. The best way I can explain her music is imagine that you're walking through a forest and all of sudden she just appears and you don't know where the fuck she came from on some Friday The 13th Jason shit then she starts singing and you cant move. She's just floating around you singing this EP while you're stuck. It's hypnotizing. It's a feeling. If you close your eyes and listen to "2000" it feels like a woman is trying to seduce you in nothing but a long white t-shirt on and you cant fight the seduction. It's not forced, it's subtle and alluring. You can just throw this EP on and just let it play and chill the fuck out. Preferably while high. Majority of her EP was produced by Artist/Producer TheePharoah (Who has some heat on the way). Check it out below 


I came across this track when someone retweeted it on Twitter. I downloaded it and I played this shit at least over a 100 times on my iTunes. It's one of my pre game joints. I had to do my homework on him to see if he was a solid guy. I can't listen to somebody music if they a fuck boy. I don't care how good their music is. I heard nothing but good things about him and found out he's a very dope painter (He paints STL Rams DB Janoris Jenkins game day cleats). He's solid so the pre game Clicquot jam sessions continued. It's short and straight to the point. Definitely one of my favorite songs of 2015.


Before the summer officially kicked off I met Arshad at a show we were both performing on and he told me about a live show he was doing at a venue called "The Demo" the same month so he encouraged me to come check it out. A very wise decision I made. Live bands set anything off but if the content is excellent it takes the live show to another level. I've seen below average artist do live shows and they sound awesome because they have a live band but the weak content will still be there. Arshad lyricism is very intricate mixed with realism so the live band doesn't carry him, it compliments him. HUGE difference. They give each other energy. Black Sunday's production is perfect for live instrumentation so I basically heard the album on steroids that night. He really cares about his art and it showed that night. My favorite parts of the show were the "Anytime, Anyplace" mash up with Aloha Misho for "Mary Go Round" and "Marginalized Monday." One of the best shows I attended this year. 


Adrian been on some 1990-91 Michael Jordan shit with his photography for the past few years. If I was to list all the achievements we'd be here forever like southern church services. A true testament of god, hard work, and focus. The man has achieved a lot and he's only getting started. In 2015 he published a photography book titled "My Lens Our Ferguson" where he captured so many emotions with his lens on the week after Michael Brown was unlawfully murdered by the Ferguson Police. The event changed lives in St.Louis and worldwide. Definitely a work of art and was nominated for a photo book award in Paris, France. I was proud that this art came out of the city. You can purchase it at


He might be the MVP of 2015. I recently wrote a review on his latest EP "Blk Juptr," he was on fire before that with the "SICK SICK SICK" EP and various songs with producer Monte Booker. They was on some Ryu and Ken Street Fighter Alpha 2 shit. I like how he executed his plan by not dropping continuous albums and mixtapes or tagging 1000 people to listen to his shit. He took his time like he was making gumbo and his rise has been organic. He gave you wave over quantity. The "Blk Juptr" show was a clear success and almost every music outlet you can think of featured his music. He's about to go on a T-Pain 2005-2007 run in 2016. He's just getting started.


Just a story of a Wellston kid with a lost soul trying to find his way and cleanse his spirit. Probably one of the most important and cohesive bodies of work out of St.Louis in 2015. Steve paints you a picture so vivid that you swear you experienced the story he's telling you by his side. The soulful production. The important subject matter. Steve's unorthodox flow. The spirituality. The struggle. You were in his space. It's currently his magnum opus. It also makes you feel good because coming from St.Louis you know what he's talking about more than anyone else would. You most likely drove through the same hoods, went to the same corner stores, made the same mistakes, it's such a relatable piece of art. We all come from somewhere and it's very important to remember that place wherever we go and it's okay to be proud of it. It makes us who we are. Listen below and purchase physical copies at Vintage Vinyl.


You ever heard the joke told by the late and great comedian (My Favorite) Patrice O'Neal where he says men can have more fun than women because men are philosophical about dumb shit? We can have a conversation and debate over questions like "Would you fuck a bitch if she didn't have a nose?" The Jenkins and Jonez podcast is exactly that for an hour. It's conversations that men have when women aren't around but women can join in on the fun. It reminds me of that show "Tough Crowd" on Comedy Central. Topics such as comparing the athletic abilities between a squirrel and a rat, Jerking off to 80's porn, and if Dj Khaled is lonely as fuck is shit that needs to be discussed. I don't usually check out podcasts because my mind wanders off all the time so it's tough for me to pay attention but this is the first podcast I listen to often. It's just best friends showing you their view of the world we live in and pointing out the key things you may have missed.  


Definitely my favorite videos of the year, From Less "Drill Time" remix to "ILLEGAL" by Mir. All of the visuals are different and he doesn't repeat his style he switches it up every go round.


I came across a picture of Mega Man lighting a blunt with his Mega Buster with a very, very beautiful woman (Hi Jessica) in a bathtub holding a blunt, wearing a long white headband similar to Jin Saotome from Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it was the coldest shit I've ever seen. Mega Man is my favorite game of all time (Specifically Mega Man 8). I've beat all of them. The art he creates is centered around all his subjects sporting a Power Ranger Helmet. I wish I had a black power ranger helmet right now and I'm old as fuck. What you expect? They're tight. Rell Finesse mixes it up with iconic moments, hip-hop, models, just a bunch of G-shit. I definitely enjoyed the art I saw created by him in 2015. This is a different Rell, not the Rell that throw art events. I just call them the SWAT Kats: The Radical Rell Squadron so I don't get confused. The cartoon was lit and so are they with their art. It's all family at the end of the day. 

Instagram: Rell Finesse

I can go on forever because a lot of people did great things out of St.Louis this year. I'd fuck around and never finish this if I name everyone and everything. I have nothing but love and support for everyone. Just continue to keep it positive, uplift others, and ascend towards your purpose. We are a special creative city and in due time the world will notice what we've known all along. Let's make 2016 ours, celebrate with chinamen, and start it off right by going to these events below. See you there and put me on your Snapchat. Peace. 

- Benny