Photog: Je$$ ( )

Photog: Je$$ (

Nostalgia is a drug. Good or bad, I really can't call but we're all addicted to it. I'm out of my prime if I we're an athlete but I can't help but hold on to the things that brought me joy when I coming up. I always compare this living shit to when Mitch was telling Ace how much he loved hustling in Paid In Full. I love the game. I love to hustle. I LOVE LIFE! The term Nostalgia reminds me of how much I love my life in the past and present. Nostalgia is needed. 

Rell (Current Heavyweight Champ) throws an art event named "Nostalgia." The perks? Free food & desserts from Rico (@swedliferico) and Shari (@BlckMambaKj). Photo booth by Je$$ (@_jessicajpage). Goldeneye and Super Smash Bros N64 set up. Classic tunes played by TYYOUGENIUS (@TyYouGenius). The Artists included

Maxine Du Maine

Chave Amir

Tyler Harris

Rell Finesse



Brock Seals

This is nothing new. This is what Rell does but this event was different from the events he's thrown in the past. What I fuck with about Rell functions is that it seems his approach to the events is "How can I make sure everyone comfortable?" I'm a cozy, comfortable type of guy so that's my speed. I almost wore sweatpants to Nostalgia and the dope thing about it is nobody would've said shit if I did. Some people dress up. Some people don't. Nobody gives a fuck. It's all about the experience. I wasn't drunk. I was sober as fuck dancing like my direct deposit hit twice in one day and my student loans were paid off. One moment I was feeling like I was in the Palace and Saints. The next moment I was feeling like I was in Club Society. I can't recall the last time I've had fun without being wasted. It doesn't really matter either way but I know this. The event Nostalgia was needed last night.

The art was crazy. The Gerald from Hey Arnold/Trayvon Martin and Animaniacs paintings were my favorites. Everyone was very friendly. I took the ugliest picture of the night in the photo booth with a Lil Fizz picture over my head. He's cool. He makes lotion now, It's about to drop. I flamed some people because we're friends and that's what true friends do. Brock Seals painted a gameboy live. A lot of people dressed up and that was very real. Participation is awesome. It made me regret that i didn't throw on some old shit. The women looked good. Shoutout to shorty in the Rams jersey dress, that ass brought a tear to my eye. MVP speech tears. I just liked the fact that one minute you can be looking at or tasting (In Shari's and Rico's case) artists hard work and then go turn up to some classic 2000's records. Just trill shit and oh yeah I will uppercut the fuck out of someone for those Empanadas. They were that good. 

It was 20 degrees outside. I didn't care. The speakers in the venue was weak as fuck at certain points. Nobody cared (That's out of Rell control). People enjoyed each other's company that's what counts. I love to see people party without the fear of judgement. Fuck all that looking cool shit. If you can dance. Dance. If you can't dance. Dance. If you drunk. Be a fun drunk. I knew this event was needed and this year will be prosperous for St.Louis when these 3 things happened. As soon as I walked into the Venue "Grindin" by Clipse was played. You can't script shit like that. God was speaking to me at that moment that 2016 will be sensational. All me, Rell, and my bro Kevin could do is laugh at that point, that's how real that moment was. The second moment was when I heard Shawty Lo played. Shawty Lo songs are Negro Spirituals. Hymns. Just timeless motivation. Last but not least was the hour of Neptunes records played by Ty. I'm a big believer in signs. I pay attention to the signs. I'm a nigga you don't have to tell shit twice to. The stars aligned that night. 

Nostalgia was needed because it set a tone for everyone in terms of fun. Just have fucking fun man. It set 2016 off right. Majority of us that attended are creators in our respective lanes and this event gave everyone a positive boost to grind harder but also reminded us why artists do what they do. They create because it's fun and it's their life. All the art I saw came from a place of passion and fun. Nostalgia has tradition and sequel written all over it. I can see this happening annually. If part two happens let's get a Dreamcast up in that bitch. 

There was no ego's. No stunting. Just a bunch of chill, creative, dancing muhfuckas just high off the drug Nostalgia.