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Benny1 Comment

I love to read. If i'm not working I usually have my face in a book. I don't read from tablets, it's just something about holding a good book in my hands that completes me. I would like to think I have a pretty good diverse collection of books. I really enjoy books about the mind because the brain is the most complex creation ever so it just makes sense to study the human mind. It's what gets us through everything. If you would like to donate a 9 cube shelf to me for my books that would be very awesome! I seen one at Target and I will gladly point you in the direction of it. I'll pay you in Seoul Tacos too. Anyway. If you don't read I suggest you take 15 to 30 minutes per day just to read something. It will definitely make you feel good. I've always been a reader when i was growing up then I went through that "I'm too cool to read" stage then I picked it back up when I turned 21. In my collection I have 3 really interesting books all by the author Robert Greene. I've owned these books for about 7 to 8 years. Those books are "The 48 Laws Of Power," "The Art Of Seduction," and "The 33 Strategies Of War." These books are very well written, have thought provoking moments, and has some good advice but these books especially "The 48 Laws Of Power" were created for assholes. 

Harsh but if you really want to learn how to not make friends and be a narcissist this book is right up your alley. People literally read this book and think they're god or the deepest human walking the planet. If you ever want to see an annoying douche then hang with someone who just read "The 48 Laws Of Power" and tries to live by it. I've seen clueless people try to execute these laws and fail miserably in doing so. You have to be a fucking sociopath, have no morals, no empathy, live a life of deceit, treat people like chess pieces, or have no care for humanity to follow all 48 laws. If you're just ruthless then yes this shit will be easy to do but if you want to have fun with friends listening to trap music, chilling with beautiful humans, and not be a paranoid little shit every second then this book will confuse you. I've read this book and during a lot of it I just kept wondering who hurt this mothafucka to make him want to write this shit. "The Art Of Seduction" is no better. It's teaches you how to give mixed signals, fuck with people's feelings and emotions like a dickhead instead of being a decent human being and telling someone you like them and would like to date them. These books are about manipulation of human beings. You have to be very lonely, always eat butt bread sandwiches, and never been loved by anyone to take some of these laws seriously. You would think the world has nothing good in it after reading it. 

I would like to take a look at some of these laws that caught my attention. 



Let me give you a scenario. We're out kicking it. Everyone is feeling great. I'm feeling great and I'm buying everyone food and drinks. I just feel good and want to share my happiness and good mood with people. Nothing more. Nothing less. You turn down my drink offer not because you don't drink but because you despise the free lunch and free things are evil. You will be a grade a piece of shit if you apply this law to that scenario. If you say no thanks because you despise the free lunch you're weak as fuck. It's not like i'm paying your rent or mortgage. I can understand if you deny that but I'm buying fucking Henny shots, not a new car you asshole. Quit being a little bitch and take the liquor. If I continuously pick up the tab every time we go out then yeah you have an argument. It could make you feel uncomfortable but don't be an asshole and turn down a harmless gesture. Let's say you're sitting in jail for warrants and a friend offers to pay your bond so you can get out. Are you going to sit your silly ass in that cold cell still? I highly doubt that but according to this law you should. 



What the fuck is this? Pose as a spy? What the fuck are you? A 6 year old? This law is some lame ass shit. If someone tries this shit they would be easily spotted because most likely they'll just start hanging around people's circle out of nowhere. You have to be one bored mothafucka to pretend to be friends with people you don't like just to get information out of them. This is shit that happens in blue collar crimes and wall street crimes. You do this shit with a regular person in St.Louis you either going to get your ass beat or get shot. This law condones you being fake and I can't co sign that. People with ulterior motives is just one of the cons of society. People like that will always be around. I see this law used when people practice petty gossip. He say, She say. Please do not be one of those people. Please get a life and get some real friends. 



This is the law where people really think they're god. You work a regular 9 to 5 job. No one is following you except your punk ass boss because he or she is an annoying micro managing prick. Nothing wrong with having a job but YOU'RE NOT GOD IF YOU READ THIS BOOK!" This law is some Adolf Hitler type shit. We all know that weak ass bitch is in the fuck boy hall of fame for all eternity but this is a law he used to kill millions of people. He played on peoples beliefs and manipulated them. What sane person wants a cult like following? Why would anyone want a group of people to follow them who can't think for themselves? You would have to tell people what they want to hear or believe constantly. Sounds familiar? This is what politicians do. Tell you what you want to hear, make you believe so you can follow them and they can receive your vote in the polls. All so they can be president aka The big money corporations bitch. The corporations run the country and the world not the presidents. It shows the lack of intelligence of this country has because people actually follow those people and believe every word they say. 



The dumbest shit I've ever heard. Seriously. It's some gems in this book. There's some good advice it's not all bad but this law insults my intelligence. Let's say your goal is to have a net worth of 100,000 dollars by the end of the year. Instead of meeting that goal you surpass it and make 600,000 dollars. OH NO YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR! YOU'VE SURPASSED YOUR MARK! THIS IS TRULY DANGEROUS! PEOPLE WILL SEE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT AND YOU WILL REGRET THIS FOREVER! I yelled that sarcastically of course. Fuck this law and go hard. If you ran 2 miles and feel you can run 2 more do that shit. I've seen people slow down their success because they're afraid of what people will think and say. Those people don't pay your bills and they won't be in your shoes for the times you do fail so never achieve in moderation. Do it at your pace. Jordan didn't stop at 1 championship nor did Kobe. Stop achieving when you are willing and ready to stop. It's your call and your call only. 



I would like to use social media as an example for this law.

You haven't been on Twitter, Facebook, etc for 2 months. Why? You could just want time to yourself, just give it a rest, get things in order if things are falling apart, focus on work, eat more tacos, play Final Fantasy VII, a death of a loved one and you need time alone. All good reasons to just get away from everything for a while. Totally understandable. If you leave and pretend to disappear from social media just for the purpose of attention, I would sincerely like to say fuck you. No one cares. If you are a weak and annoying person to begin with, no length of absence from the public will increase your respect and honor. This law is lying to you. You can be gone for 6 years and when you resurface you still will be weak as fuck and irrelevant to the people you're trying to impress. How about you earn respect and honor by be being a good fucking person. Why do people do this shit for attention? It's simple. They're full of themselves and full of shit and are waiting for that golden question to be asked when they pop back up on the timeline and that question is "Where have you been?" They've been nowhere doing the same shit they always do while secretly lurking the timeline pretending to be ghost from social media. They're not fooling anyone. They cant wait for someone to notice they haven't been around. No your crush wont want you if you disappear. He or she still don't like you. No the world will not stop when you pop back up. Life won't miss a beat. The internet will not throw you a welcome back party you self absorbed piece of shit. A big fuck you to the people who actually announce that they're departing from social media also. I haven't forgot about you assholes. WE DON'T CARE! No one will ask you why or beg you to stay like you want. Just fucking go. The people who always complain about social media fuck you too. "It's not the same." "I'm out growing it." Shut your weak ass up. People who say that shit only say it because they feel they don't get the attention they think they deserve or in a guys case it's because no women fuck with them so they play the "I'm a loner" card. They say all that shit just to still log they happy ass on everyday and participate in the bullshit along with everyone else. Only people like Banksy, Jay-Z, and celebrities can pull off this law. You can't because no one will care if you disappear. 

What happens when people see through your attempt to be an asshole by living your life abiding by these laws? You'll be a hated lonely jerk instead of just a lonely jerk. The power this book is trying to offer you is a power you will regret once you achieve it. There's no winning scenario to this at all. Why in the fuck would you want to live a life where everyone is your enemy? Karma has everyones address and if you live by all 48 laws faithfully that energy will come back to haunt you. Humans aren't put here to prey on other humans. We were put here to love each other. Care for each other not step on or manipulate people's feelings. If you want to see this book in full force just look at the business world. Everything is cutthroat and dog eat dog. No humanity at all. Everything is greed and green. Just be a good person, care for life, and be honest. Nothing wrong with that. What I took away from this book is that you have to be underhanded and dishonest to achieve success and that's not true. I know plenty of honest people who are successful without treating people like shit. Reading this book I asked myself "Why be in the company of snakes, thieves, and liars when you have the choice of being around good friends who genuinely care about your well being and passions?" Love, Friends, Passion, and Good Vibes are true power. Never forget that.