When I started this blog the blog portion was only supposed to be roughly 30-40% of my vision. The blog is more popular than I thought it would be so that's great. I have so many things and people I want to give a platform to and what's keeping it on hold is the weather. I'm not a winter person at all and I can't wait for spring so people can really see what my vision is. I created this site to give the underdogs and creatives a platform to express themselves. I want to shine light on St.Louis and show as much love as possible. It's not just baseball and hate here. There is really something special that the world has yet to see. I've come across even more creative people since I've started this in December and I think we all have the talent to turn this city into a melting pot of G-shit. We can really prosper. What do we need to really prosper? I'm a wish list making face ass boy. I'm always making list so here's some things I believe we need to make this city even more polite.


Last weekend I was at my homie Smino's show and The Slumfest awards. I was sick as fuck too so none of you mothafuckas cant say I don't have love for yall. After these events ended I was hungry as fuck and guess what? There wasn't shit to eat but the same old shit. Waffle House. Steak N Shake. Ihop. Just the same shit I'm fucking sick of eating. Who in the fuck is going to be the savior of these hungry nights and slang fish plates outside of these venues. Where the fuck are the tacos at 2:17am? Who going to be Steph Curry with shot and slang the funnel cakes and deserts when the night is over? All you cooks, chefs, etc are sleeping. This shit a goldmine. Get at the grand total of 5 venues we have for permission, start slanging and get you some money. Drunk people spend the most money especially on food. We need more different late night food spots. Food will set shit off. 


I'm not a fan of all the cliquey shit but I understand it. You got the art crowd, the underground rap crowd, the club hoppers, the famous St.Louis rappers and their followers crowd, the fancy I quote nothing but Fabolous lyrics on my instagram caption crowd, the hood crowd, the Skater/backpack crowd. I don't know why we all acting stuck up and not linking up at least once throwing one huge event a year? We all listen to Future and Thugger. We all some dancing mothafuckas. We all smoke. We all drink. Let's link, make a fucking movie and do something special. Just do 1 huge event per year on some family reunion shit then go back to our respective scenes and continue or grind. Things like that will bring a lot of light to the scene here. Every scene can bring something unique to the table. We just have to put the egos aside. I know it's easier said than done but I'm just throwing the idea out there. A nigga can dream right?


I don't see a lot of events for the youth in any scene. I think everyone in St.Louis should have more things for the kids out here because they will have to carry the legacy after our time is up. Let's throw some events for them and reach out to them more and not alienate them. I see that happening with a lot of people who are older than me. They don't want the young artists and curators to have shit. Let's meet in the middle like bosses and get a understanding of each other because the way things are now is not a good example for the kids. We can have something like a retro game event for the kids. Teach the babies the wonders of Goldeneye 007, NBA Street, G shit like that. Artists teaching kids how to paint and draw. Just something to show the youth that we care. 


I'm tired of the same venues. This is the biggest problem I see. Like I said there's only like 5. How in the fuck am I going to throw my Imos and Champagne party? I want the homies to be able to light the gas in the function. This is no joke. I'm throwing a Imos and Champagne Party with 5 mini performances so you rappers and singers get at a G. I want the shit to be like a kickback. This is where I wish we had warehouses to use like New York has. The hip hop scene over 10-15 years ago had so many venues I get jealous when all the O.G's tell me stories about them. Hopefully a miracle happens and new venues open up for the city to use and enjoy. Now let me get into some selfish shit. The creatives need a headquarters. Our own space. Our Sandlot. Our GeraldField. It would be big enough to throw kickbacks in it. If I was rich I swear I'd have this joint built from the ground up. Let a nigga dream and break this dream down for you. 

A room for business. A conference room with one of those big ass business tables and big chairs. The creators meet in this room to discuss business, events, etc. Writers, bloggers, work in here.

A Nap room. Just a room with a bed. You put in a lot of work and want to get a quick nap in. The nap room is the plug

A room for photography/videography. White screen. Green screen. Editing. Interviews. All that shit done in there.

A room for painting, drawing, graphic design. 

A space like Saints party room when everyone wanna turn up.

A space with a couch, TV, and game systems. You also can be smart and watch anime and Hey Arnold there too. Arcades too. 

We just need our own space period. All that fly shit above just a dream I'm working towards. Like the homie Curren$y said "We'll get there in a minute.'