First and foremost before I start. 




Okay shall I proceed? Cool. 


It was a normal day. I got curved by a shorty I shot my shot at. A struggle rapper's mixtape link goes ignored. Peers losing at life by trying to live by twitter logic. I ignored every human soul at my job. Nothing unusual. Everything was really routine which sucks because I hate routine shit. I was just really in this creative rut and I was questioning life and god. I'm like "God why are you doing this to me? I accepted every friendzone you placed in front of me like a gentleman. I drank Whiskey and Henny instead of any white liquor like the bible said. I even listened to the teachings of your only begotten son Future Hendrix. Why lord? Why am I losing at life?" I sat in silence for about 10 minutes then I started up my macbook and did what any normal sad human being would do and that's surf Youtube. During times of confusion and sadness there's nothing that can make me happier than watching old music videos, breakfast club interviews, Old Stone Cold Steve Austin Promos, and felony fights. It restores my happy meter.

I was watching a SWV video then went to a Destiny's Child video and on the side where youtube has a bunch of related videos I saw a Beyonce video of her vocal highlights that were from the documentary she did on HBO from a few years ago. She was laying down vocals to "I Care" & "4"and rehearsing "1 + 1" in the studio. She was fucking up, killing it, joking, being serious. Just a range of emotions. A lot of hard work but she was happy, tired, passionate, and disciplined. This video made me search for a bunch of Beyonce videos. I probably watched videos of her for 3 hours straight. Interviews, Music Videos, Performances, everything. Something came over me after I was done watching everything. All I could think about is writing. Nothing else. I really felt that I haven't accomplished shit and of course compared to her that's no brainer I haven't. I started to write, write, and write. I wrote 4 articles in 4 hours. I felt like Tony Montana wired on coke in the last scene of "Scarface" where he took like 12 gunshots and was still standing and talking shit. I felt fucking untouchable. It was like I was possessed. I took a sip of water and that's when I realized what happened. This was the closest to Super Saiyan as I was going to get. I channeled my inner Beyonce (Pause). Everything changed. 

What the fuck happens when you channel Beyonce? A lot of shit. Great shit. Some I've experienced. Some levels I haven't reached yet but I can tell you what's up. It's like making playing the Oboe look cool and receiving a IMOS pizza full of middle pieces. Allow me to go in depth of the true powers of Beyonce. These are the thoughts and characteristics you gain. 


Drugs suck. I did Shrooms in Los Angeles once. I went hiking. Got lost. Started seeing robot birds flying in the air like a Dr.Robotnik Stage on Sonic The Hedgehog 2 so I decided to go to P.F Changs of all places. I ordered some rice and I didn't eat it because it looked like a ant farm. I was tripping so i paid for it without eating none of it and I left and hallucinated for the rest of the night. I can't forget the time at SXSW where I thought my legs were missing. Fuck Drugs. Beyonce doesn't do drugs. Why should you? I've never seen her stumbling out of a club drunk or high. Summon her and drugs are out of the equation. Staying drug free is what makes her incredible and keeps her consistent. It makes her untouchable. Just say no kids! 


Beyonce has a vice that I fuck with. Eating pizza. She can't stop eating pizza. Pizza will be your vice when she is channeled. I'm okay with that because I bleed Imos sauce. I'm broke as fuck for ordering it all the time because it cost 78.54 for a Large but it's worth it.  


Beyonce is a very private person. I have a better chance of smacking the shit out of the President and listening to a Meghan Trainor album before I find out anything about her private life. It's apart of Bey's mystique. She doesn't do interviews anymore. She's not really active on Social Media. She has a love/hate relationship with the internet and she should. Have you seen some of things people have said about her and her child? She was even accused of not giving birth to her own child. I wouldn't give a fuck about the internet either if I was in her position. My goal is to get money and stay off the radar. She just works and loves her family. I'm starting to become a private person. Only thing I'm really private with is who I'm intimate with and my family. I'm protective over them. I have my moments where I just disappear. It's never really planned it just happens. When I pop back up people ask me what's been going on and I always say the same shit, "Just chillin." Honestly if I didn't write I wouldn't be on any form of social media.


I'm sure everyone's goal is independence. It comes in so many forms. Spiritually, Physically, Financially, etc. The power to do things on your own and have the choice of having people accompany you or not is truly a blessing. I'm not as independent as I want to be yet but this blog is a huge start for me because I came up with the name. I created the site. These are my ideas. I had no help doing this. I initially reached out to some friends to help but something just told me "Nah homie. Handle your own business." It had to be the spirit of Beyonce. Watching all those videos and seeing what I've seen of her career Beyonce's independence is what she treasures the most besides the obvious things like God and family. She only wants to prove to herself that she's a strong independent woman and there is nothing wrong with that. The ordeal with her father is a real good example. I'm sure she loves him that's her father but in order for her to grow and fully embrace her independence she had to remove him from her career. She wanted to think for herself, do things for herself, and not have anyone tell her who she should be. Nothing wrong with that. If you channel your inner Beyonce this will be the source of your aura, beauty, and power. 


This is the key to all success (Khaled voice). From something as hard as dieting to being an artist. When you have no discipline it's the equivalent of trying to go off roading with 4 flat tires. You're making your journey unreachable. Discipline is having to workout at 5:30am and not hitting the snooze button when it's time to get up. Discipline is staying in to practice your craft and saving your money instead of going out to party. Discipline is sticking to something that maybe tough and hard but after you get through it your prize is enormous and fulfilling. Whatever you want in life, discipline is going to have to be apart of the equation. You can't avoid it if you want to be great. Beyonce is one of the most disciplined artist I've ever seen. It's no surprise rapper/mogul Jay-Z is her husband because he's one of the most disciplined rappers I've ever seen. Just look at the elevator incident. It takes discipline and patience for him not to react. He knows what stake. Beyonce didn't react either because she knew what's at stake. It's hard for me to not respond to every rumor about me and the rumors are very petty but I'm ready to fuck some shit up and flame everybody and they momma when I hear rumors about me. Beyonce hears so many rumors on a daily about her family, her life, and she never says shit. Discipline at it's finest. I'm sure deep down she wants to respond to everything because she's human but once again she knows what's at stake and she's worked too hard to fuck all of that up. You see all these other artist running straight to twitter and instagram to stunt, complain, whine, respond to negativity, and slander others and you see how mentally weak they are. I finally got disciplined with my artistry and I write a article a day now it's gone up to 2 articles a day. Some I release. Some I don't. Sometimes I don't write articles, sometimes I just write what I feel or random things. It's all about the time and practice I'm getting in on my craft. My day job don't stop me from shit. I'm getting my work in no matter what. Discipline starts mentally. If you're mentally stable and ready, having discipline won't be a difficult task. It takes discipline to rehearse for 14 straight hours everyday preparing for a world tour. It takes discipline to go vegan to get your body right. It takes discipline to turn your phone off and lock yourself in the studio to work for weeks and months at a time. Discipline is what makes Beyonce....Beyonce. 


This could go hand and hand with discipline. You have to put in the work. We see Beyonce Super Bowl Performance. We hear the albums. We see what phenomenal shape Beyonce is in. What we see is the finished product. We never see the grind. We never see the sacrifices. We never see the work.  You ever seen her perform? Easily Top 5 or 10 all time. The Best performers I've ever seen in their prime are Michael Jackson, James Brown, M.C Hammer (Dude was crazy on stage), New Edition, and I'll throw Beyonce in there. We forget Beyonce is a fucking cyborg. She's programmed to complete her missions towards greatness. She's been this way since she was born because of her father. Some of the shit she did for rehearsals as a child is shit adults can't even do. I was watching a clip of her rehearsing and she is very calculated, precise, and specific. She knows what she wants and if you're in the way of that she is not hesitant to remove you from the equation. She's all business and not in this industry to be nice. You either have what it takes or you don't. It was like watching Michael or Kobe working in the offseason. Not even 2 weeks after winning a ring MJ was back in the gym working for the next one while all his peers were on vacations. You can have talent but if you do not have the work ethic your talent will be wasted. My work ethic grows everyday because I want to be the best writer I can be. Work ethic and discipline are the foundation of timeless artistry. You started with nothing but an idea and a vision then your hard work and discipline that you exhibited made it possible for it to exist. You know how heavy that is? Art just doesn't appear. It's up to you to birth it. 


Every artist can relate to this. You complete a project and everyone loves it but the artist in you cringes because you see or hear something you could've done better. In music I hated playing my music for people. They're enjoying it and all I'm thinking is "Damn I came in late on this verse." I finish a music video and then I think of something that should've been added that wasn't. I was seriously looking at a Beyonce performance I thought was perfect and Beyonce was just picking it apart. It's what makes her great. 


What you think we live on a farm? Nigga be forreal. You gotta embrace your country. I'm from St.Louis, I can't say stairs correctly, I do some country shit sometimes, and I don't give a fuck. Beyonce talks and acts very country. She tried to disguise it earlier in her career but the older she got the more she embraced it. You are what you are. Just embrace it.  


Beyonce has probably done a song in every genre except country music and I'm pretty sure that will probably happen over the years. I wouldn't doubt it. She experiments with her sound from album to album and if she has a diverse sound then that's going to draw in a diverse audience which will of course bring more money. Michael Jackson did the same thing in his prime. "Off The Wall," "Thriller," "Bad," and "Dangerous" are all different albums. He experimented with his sound on all of these albums and of course that launched him to being the biggest musical icon of all time. One thing I commend myself for is writing and blogging. I never read blogs before creating this site so the idea of me starting one I always thought was stupid but when I thought more about it and decided to experiment with it, I found that I enjoyed it and the people reading what I wrote enjoyed it. I write about music, anime, movies, sports, social issues, etc.  A range of different things. I reach out to more people that way. Always aim to be diverse. 


Empowerment is the epitome of Beyonce's career. It doesn't impact me at all because all of it is geared towards women. I'm not mad at it. It makes sense. It's almost all of her fan base. She empowers the fuck out of women. Just look at some of these songs. 

Partition - Doesn't seem like a powerful song because of the content but it is. She basically saying to women don't be ashamed of pleasing your husband. He's mine. I'm his. This is how I please him. It's her sexuality. Men express themselves and share their sexual desires like this to women so why can't women do this for men?

Irreplaceable - No man is safe. He doesn't want to claim you well move on. He cheats on you pack his shit up and place it to the left (Just don't destroy shit like the PS4. We need that.) Never put yourself down because he can't act right. Rise up. Love yourself, and share your life with someone who wants to be in it. 

Run The World (Girls) - This is self explanatory. It helps women who are listening to this to know what they're capable of being and that's special and great. Being a woman is a challenge in today's society and they should be treated with the same respect as men. 

Flawless - You are who you are so you might as well love yourself. Why change. Look at yourself. Love yourself. You're flawless. 

There are other songs like "Best Thing I Never Had", "Ego", "Single Ladies", "Me, Myself, and I." Just a plethora of empowering women anthems. She promotes being faithful and having healthy relationships. She also shows vulnerability in her music. She knows she's not perfect. She's able to be hurt just like any other human being. She takes losses. She has fears in life. It's important to show that side of herself because it makes someone who larger than life more relatable. Everything isn't easy. It's not just her music. She does a lot of charitable work and is quite the philanthropist, which I had no idea about because it's never publicized which is a good thing in my opinion. Only people who need to know about it is the people that need it. She is a role model. People may disagree with that because how she dresses and dances during her performances and videos but like I pointed out in the statements I said earlier. You've never seen her out of pocket in the public. She dresses the opposite of how she dresses on stage. Never seen her on drugs. Never seen her in a social media beef. She never publicizes her drama or anyone else's drama. She enjoys being a mother. She's hardworking. She really has a good reputation and that's very hard to have these days especially with technology being so much more advanced and given the spotlight she is in. There's cameras everywhere. How can anyone be mad if their daughter looks up to Beyonce? All role models look different. Look at Quarterback Cam Newton. All they can say about him is that he dances. I don't see him getting into off the field issues. He's charitable and he cares for the youth. As long as they're good people that's all that matters. 

I hope I can empower as many people as she does one day. I don't want to stunt on anybody. I want to empower the youth and adults to show love and stand up for what they believe in. It's one of the reasons why I write. I'm far from a perfect person but I pray people enjoy what I share and it inspires them to do what they love. The more I write the more I empower myself and hope to empower you. The power of channeling your inner Beyonce is real. Prepare to empower people around you. 

Just a normal youtube surf session sparked all of this and awaken my creativity and work ethic. You never know where you find inspiration from. I've only listened to 1 Beyonce album ever in my life and that's the album "4" (Great album by the way), but after those videos I watched I understand why she's one of the biggest icons in music. Thanks Mrs.Carter. I owe you.