4 years. What happens in 4 years? 

Leap Year. 

A new President is decided. In the case of this years election that was a sad day. 

What else happens in 4 years? 

It probably takes your woman 4 years to "get ready" when you wanna go out. You were ready 4 years ago. 

A whole entire high school career is 4 years. 

The Olympics happen every 4 years. 

All I know is 4 years is too damn long but The God is BACK!!!! The human hit machine is BACK!!! The most electrifying man in music entertainment is BACK!!! He's the Jesus of music industry except he turns water into Champagne. The man and after this album the LEGEND! Bruno Mars. 

I had the pleasure of seeing Bruno Mars speak back in 2012 at the ASCAP expo in L.A and that was the day I became a fan. I got to meet the man and he's a hard working muhfucka but he not super serious he having fun making these hits we hear. The whole Smeezingtons team are some real dudes I have the utmost respect for ever since that day. 

After listening to "24K Magic" Bruno Mars is shooting 3 for 3 from the field. It's not up for debate. The man just knows how to make a hit no matter what genre he's exploring. It's really a testament to his pen game. This is why I encourage upcoming artists to learn how to play instruments. It's a huge reason why Bruno is so great. 

Aight let's get this shit crackin. 


Perfect song to set the album off. This is the first music video in years that I watched more than 5 times. I'm not a big music video watcher like I was when I was younger but I couldn't stop watching this video. 

The song makes me want to go to Vegas shirtless wearing 7 chains. Walking through casinos and clubs like I'm Razor Ramon. Toothpick in my mouth. All Machismo. 24K Magic is so fucking funky. Bruno's music has the ability to make you dance to music you never thought you would dance to. 


I imagine when Bruno created this song the earth began to shake. The heavens opened up. A giant silver glittered glove appeared in the sky signaling "Okay." It was the King Of Pop himself giving Bruno the okay for this song "Chunky." Bruno did it justice. 

Soon as the beat dropped I immediately thought of "Baby Be Mine" from "Thriller." Bruno killed this shit. Such a feel good vibe. Looking for the girls with the big ol hoops and pay they rent on time. I hear you bro! 


Bruno Mars channels his inner founding father of funk Mr.James Brown for this jam. I really love the lyrics on this song it's very clever and creative. You're going to hear this song on plenty commercials guaranteed. It's too got damn catchy. I told yall Bruno and his writing team are a PROBLEM. 


This sounds like pop/r&b music somewhere between 97-99. It got that bounce. I just pictured this song being on TRL if it was out during that time. Should've got Carson Daly to talk on this track. Would've been legendary. Matter fact if they shoot a video for this they should recreate the TRL studio and perform that shit with 1000 screaming girls with colorful signs. That would be G as fuck! 


In my case it's more like "Kenneth Cole On The Floor." My broke ass can't even spell Versace like Day-Day daddy in "Next Friday." If I sleep with a woman who has on Versace  she probably was drunk and had me mistaken for Lil Wayne. 

I like my women in graphic tees, flannels, and chucks. Those will be on the floor. 

I don't know about kissing until we naked like the song suggests. I'm not getting bucky nakey unless I love that woman or I've done the nasty with her 10 or more times. I'm keeping on my Calvin's unless I'm super wasted off the Henny. Ladies gotta earn the bareback. 

This is the portion of the album where Bruno goes full New Edition/Bobby Brown on dat ass. "Versace On The Floor" sounds like prime bad boy "Don't Be Cruel" Bobby Brown. 

Just play this joint with your lady. Get some trees. Get some champagne and then just get it in like The legend Bobby taught us ......

It's not like Bruno is just biting these styles. He using the production and putting his style on them which is dope. He's not losing his identity or what makes him unique as an artist. 

"Versace On The Floor" has that classic bedroom boom feel. 


Okay, to the fellas that's reading this. If you've messed up with your lady just make a fire playlist with some slow jams on it and be sure to put "Straight Up And Down" on there. Guaranteed to get you off the couch and out the doghouse.

I told you we still in New Edition mode. Tracks 5-8 are like this. "Straight Up And Down" is the type of song that you hear out of nowhere in a club after hearing all turnt music then you just either search for a woman to sweep off her feet (if you're single) or slow dance with the woman you came with. If you single and get that dance from her, it would be impossible for you not to seal the deal and get her number of if you got the juice continue the party after the club.

This song is just pure 90's R&B with a bit of doo wop in it. It damn near has that BBQ music vibe to it. Music you can groove and eat ribs to.  


BRUH! I ran this song back so many times when I first heard it. Every man been in this situation. We mess up and our main not picking up the phone and ignoring all communication with us. Our pride get hurt and we go through our contacts to look through our roster. We really don't want to because we want our main girl but you have no other option. 

You would think that they know we be mackin so they would feel lucky to have us. NOPE! They could care less. We're panicking and thinking they're out doing the worse. Maaaannnn they at the crib drinking wine with they homegirls laughing at our attempts to reach out to them. They like making us sweat. Meanwhile we out at the club with our homies pretending to turn up on Snapchat and instagram when deep down we're fighting back tears. 2am hits and reality sinks in. You're not going home with her and you call one more time. 

Another fail. Straight to voicemail. 

I like the melody and drums on this song and Halle Berry voice sounds like that Boomerang Halle. Yes Lawd! 


Maaaannnnnn if this joint didn't make me wanna cut my dreads off and get gumby box cut like Play from "House Party" and dance all over the place like it's 1991. Hands down my favorite song on the album. 

"Finesse" had me dancing like .....


Last year I made a status on Facebook that stated "Someone is going to bring New Jack Swing R&B back and they will prosper." Never thought it would be Bruno to do it. New Jack Swing is my favorite era of R&B. 

"Finesse" sounds like it belongs on the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack. It's really a power couple song. You and yours looking good together, dripping in Finesse like power couples do. If this joint don't make you want to move you must be deaf or brain dead. Shit makes me want to cop a Jeep, Adidas track suit, and a all black kangol on some "New Jack City" type shit. 


A perfect way to bring this incredible album to a close. You know it's not a Bruno Mars album without a ballad. 

Such a beautiful song about a man that doesn't want to lose his woman. It reminds me of "Never Can Say Goodbye" by The Jackson 5. The lyrics are so next level and Bruno just does his thing on this vocally. Definitely a song I would love to hear live. I gotta catch a show on his tour. 

Whoever was on the bass was just going crazy. I love this song. 

Bruno Mars is officially in the heavyweight bracket. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Solidified his spot as a GREAT.