There was so much iconic shit that came from the crib this year. All sause. St.Louis wasn't stingy with the sause like those petty bitches in the fast food drive thru's. We were giving away sause like Oprah giving away washer and dryer sets. Everybody getting some. 




First and foremost he's a good muhfucking human being. He genuinely wants people to succeed. No faking. As real as they come. Every time we see each other it's nothing but love. 

Seeing him actually focus this year is really something I admired because he's usually all over the place but he actually buckled down and focused and in return we received "CUSP EP" one of my favorite joints this year. 

From the EP to being on BET to being the first rapper to play "Delmar Hall" 2016 treated Mvstermind very well. 



My homie Patric (Lead Vocalist) invited me to his band show this year and I missed the first one but I caught another show at Ciceros and I had no clue Insane Analog was that dope. I slept.

They're a mixture of many music genres and they're fun to watch live. I always knew Patric did music but never checked it out so the first time I heard any music was a live experience which was dope. 

Trust me. Remember this band. 



Own lane. Doesn't sound like anyone. Doesn't act like anyone. I really love her a lot. Her voice can snatch your soul and return it back to you better than it left. She is literally an experience. Everything she does is and that's what makes her so great. She just does what she wants and you gotta admire people like that. She's very inspiring. 



On God (*Looks Up* Sorry Big Guy) I'm speechless when I see them perform or try to write about them. You can't compare them to anything and you shouldn't anyway but you have a hard time trying to describe them because they're doing something different. Rocky is an artist I've always looked up to. Aloha has always been incredible. Together they're the human forms of "What the fuck is happening right now?!" "Set 1" was dope as fuck. 



He was on this list last year. He's back. Why? He surpassed what he did last year by miles. Nigga turnt the fuck up this year in almost every statistical category. LeBron James type shit. 

You saw his art on your favorite rappers Instagram and Snapchat. He did pop up shops. Live paintings. Painted NFL players cleats. Zero Fatigue merch. Making short films. Seals was every fucking where. Take notes. He's getting his art everywhere. He's out here moving. You know his brand and his art when you see it. 

Didn't even mention the music. "ZEN" is the new St.Louis Anthem. Flatout. 



She was a sleeper. She just minds her own and keeps working. She flies under the radar. From running her own yoga classes, DJ'ing events you've attended, to throwing block parties Nico held it the fuck down in 2016. The ultimate professional. My favorite DJ forever. 



This nigga just came outta nowhere and I fucks with him for it. Ever since he played a Pharrell mix almost to it's entirety at an event I've been rocking with homie. After that he was everyone's go to DJ and he never disappointed. He definitely was MVP of the events. Underrated producer as well. 


Ever since I heard "KP Send The Beat" I knew he had the "It Factor" he knows how to write songs really well. He has the capability of making a Billboard Top 100 record. He's that talented with his hooks and his delivery. It wont take long for the kid. Definitely one of my most played artists this year

His VIBES performance. LEGENDARY. 



NovaByNature was a versatile body of work. One of the best this year. Very polished with replay value. Freshanova knows how to be a songwriter without compromising his lyrical ability which is very rare. You don't have to dumb down to get people to listen to you. He proved it. 

Artists To Watch In 2017

J'Demul - STL AVE was a solid debut and I'm interested to see what his next project due out next Spring will offer. The next project is the project where he has to take us deeper into his world. I want him to work with vocalists in the future too. He's still raw but the gift is there and you can't deny it. He's young and he has time to grow. He has Kendrick Lamar type potential. If he focuses on a conceptual album and stays the course it will be a scary sight. 

Vanacana - I was hoping these guys would give us a project this year. I was looking forward to that. Their sound is very melodic and druggy and I fucked with it. Gotta keep your eye on this duo in 2017 

Bo Dean - I know Bo. I know what he's capable of. I've done music with him on numerous occasions. I feel he has a timeless album in him but it hasn't been brought out of him yet. He has the Super Saiyan God talent in him. I think it's going to take a special producer that can bring it out. I'd like to see him work with one versatile producer for a project and I think that'll bring the greatest out of him. I know he has some shit coming. 

4Deep - A very raw group of talent. I think they've finally found their sound this year so next year they will most definitely put their foot on the gas and put out more content. Can't wait for an official project and solo projects. 




One of the most intelligent, insightful, funny, creative individuals I know. I don't want to sound biased but I don't really care if I do because her work speaks for itself. Besides loving the person she is, I love the fact that just by looking at her work whether it's photography or videography you can see that Jessica loves what she does. It's really real. 

Seeing the work she put into for events is fucking amazing like my Kings Of Leon playlist on my iTunes. I love my Kings Of Leon playlist dammit! Jessica creating her own studio is the most clutch shit ever. Her photography got even better after that decision and she'll get better in 2017. I'm taking all bets.



Mvstermind's "Mali Moolah" was played on every fucking thing on TV this year. Mir's "Portal Music" was my favorite video this year and "Moon" for J'Demul was no slouch either. It was Quality over Quantity for Louis in 2016 and every video delivered the goods. 



Interesting dude. He actually one of the realest muhfuckas ever. Every time I read his tweets I either laugh at the fact that he's being so real and honest or he's just a hilarious guy. He gives his all for his craft and I really respect that about him. He's all business. He comes to shoot and he never disappointed in 2016.



Man, when the Distortedd event was being prepared and Jon sent me a actual marketing plan I was like "Damn this nigga serious as fuck. I can't fuck around." I knew he would have a prosperous year. From reshaping "VESS" soda's brand to the Distortedd event in St.Louis and Chicago. The Silent Parties. Jon has literally taken his photography and videography and evolved it into a brand.



If you saw Seals work then Nicholas Coulter was probably the reason you saw it. From the LA Rams training camp photos to the Seal$ Show vlogs. Nicholas was a man on a fucking mission. Nicholas has one of the greatest Instagram accounts of all time. Seriously, if you're in a bad mood go look at his Instagram and watch your mood change. Instagram: nicholas.coulter



The hardest working man in photography. The nigga just doesn't stop working. Club shoots. Rapper shoots. Model shoots. Anything, he can do it and he does it well. He probably in the middle of a shoot right now as I'm typing this, no bullshit. Instagram: roach_god

He a rapper too, his new album "Juggs In Da City" coming soon.




This was some scary shit. In a good way. I was high as fuck and that made a great show even better. The elevator was even creepy looking. Everything about the venue was creepy I felt like I was going to fall into one of those trap doors and end up in a dungeon somewhere. I was sitting in the basement of the venue thinking to myself "A orgy look like it would take place here." It was so cool! 

The show was well thought out and executed and memorable. I remembered everything. The pictures from it were incredible too. 


When Rell died I couldn't imagine this happening 5 months later. 5 months later a center for creatives made in his name. It was just really surreal to be standing in the Finesse Center and seeing Kayla and her family's vision come to life. 

A tragedy now a triumph. Rell's name will forever live on and impact lives. 



It was the place to be at the top of the month without question. Everything you could think of that's creative was going on at First Friday's. It rejuvenated the city in terms of going out on a consistent basis. You experienced something different each month and it was built from the ground up. I didn't find out about it on the internet I found out about it through people on the streets. That's special. Old North just keeps getting better and better. 

VIBES 2016

What can I say. We were on the news. The radio. 2720 was at capacity. The city came out and supported. All the performances were great and people actually watched them. The upstairs gallery once again turned into Saints 1998. It was an event that changed my life and I was proud to be apart of. Much love to Rell Brodie for believing in a nigga. 

It was the best art I've seen. The best food. Man, Shari and Keysh are the best cooks ever. On mommas. I'm a vegetarian now but I swear if they cook I gotta cheat for the day. 

Everyone involved learned a lot from this event and it will make the future VIBES events even better. It gets bigger and bigger each year. 


The word for this is optimism. When I seen Smino take the stage all I could see is a guy that believed in himself, his friends, and his city. From the time I've known him I've never heard him speak negatively. It's either something funny, chill, or inspiring when he speaks. 

The show was incredible. One of the best performances ever. Everybody was having a great time. A couple got engaged. Everyone was just so happy to be around each other. 

Kribmas opened my eyes to a lot of shit. We can make St.Louis the greatest place in the world. We have the power to. This could be the place to come live. STL can be the new hub for creatives. Kribmas showed me that. 


This isn't an event but three of the events I named she had a hand in helping them be great. 

I'll say it again. I don't care if it sounds biased but I don't think I've been more proud of a person this year than I have been of Sierra. When I worked with her on VIBES I noticed how smart, calculated, professional, passionate, and creative she was. I was NONE of that shit (except creative) when I was her age which makes it so amazing to see. I witnessed a young woman find her purpose and she ran with it. 

She makes me give a fuck about events. Even if it's shit I'm not into. She can do any form of event. Hood shit. Fancy shit. Chill shit. Whatever. She's amazing. She was working her ass off from the summer to now. She's found her calling and I can't wait to see or be apart of what she does in 2017. 

Hire her. 



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Damn. I'm done. I love you all. See you next year.

Love, Benny available now.