I had this old T.V in my room when I was a kid that was a piece of shit. Literally falling apart but I loved it. Many Saturday Morning Cartoons were watched on that bitch but the channel I had the T.V on the most was "The Box" music video channel. 

Videos from E-40, 8Ball & MJG, UGK, Dr.Dre, Tribe Called Quest you name it they had it and you could call the number and request the video you wanted to be played but of course that came with an ass whooping if you lived in my house. My momma wasn't going for that shit. 

One thing I didn't notice about "The Box" until I was an adult was that they played every genre. It would go from a video from The Luniz to Weird Al Yankovic. E-40 to George Michael. They played everything. As a kid if it wasn't rap or r&b I'd just change the channel and come back to it once they were playing some shit like Jodeci or something. 

One day I'm chilling and this video comes on with this white man dancing with a big ass hat on his head. I didn't turn the channel like I usually do. He sounded like Stevie Wonder kinda. I was hypnotized with him gliding across the screen along with gliding furniture. I just thought to myself "Wow this is some cool shit." 

The video was "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai.  

A few months later I'm watching the MTV video music awards and I see Jamiroquai winning all the awards for "Virtual Insanity" and the awards were well deserved. For a decade and some change I didn't hear another Jamiroquai song. Why? My mind wasn't in a curious space to seek them out. I was still stuck on strictly rap and r&b. I was very closed minded. 

Fast forward that decade and some change I mentioned. I was going through a breakup and I'm sad as shit watching almost every movie I owned because I didn't want to leave the house. I'm watching "Napoleon Dynamite" and the song Napoleon was dancing to at the end of the film I wondered who sang that song. I've probably seen the movie hundreds of times at this point but for some reason I wanted to know who sang that song. 

After going through the soundtrack on the internet I found it and I was like "Damn it's Jamiroquai! I haven't heard that name in years." After I found out it was Jamiroquai I actually made it my priority to listen to a Jamiroquai album. I'm a adult and I process music differently than I did when I was 10 years old. 

First I didn't know they were a band. I thought the lead vocalist Jay Kay name was "Jamiroquai." He was the only person I saw so I thought he was a solo artist. 

The first album I listened to was "Traveling Without Moving" and I was stuck on that album for months. I didn't check anything else they created during that time. All I kept thinking was that this white boy was soulful as fuck. When I heard "Everyday" for the first time it gave me this Marvin Gaye feel. I actually wanted to pretend I was slow dancing around the crib like Melvin in the movie "Baby Boy." 

Jay Kay's voice is just undeniable. Smooth. Soothing. Funky. Stylish. He has the panty dropper vocals. If he sings to your woman. It's over. She's gone. Plus he has the sickest hat collection in the universe. It's not even close. Cole Brown from the show "Martin" is in a distant second. 

Jamiroquai helped me appreciate Disco. I wasn't alive when Disco was around but it was a very underrated era in music history. I just want to groove and have a great time when I listen to Jamiroquai just like disco made people feel in the 70's. They were at the front of that Neo-Disco wave in the early 2000's along with Daft Punk.

I just imagine dance floors full of people overseas dancing the night away in loud clothes and colorful lights to the music they create. It just brings out the best in people.  

Just listen to a song like "Little L." Who in the fuck can make a breakup song sound that fucking groovy and sexy? Only Jamiroquai. 

A song like Virtual Insanity which was made in 1997 and it predicted how technology has consumed our lives and become more important than humanity. Jamiroquai did that. 

Weed Songs? "Mr Moon" and "Space Cowboy." 

Beautiful Ballads? "Corner Of The Earth" and "Tallulah" 

Songs You Can Fuck To? "Everyday" and "Butterfly."

Feel Good Jams? "Alright" and "Canned Heat." 

They're one of the most all around bands in music history. Easy. 

I bullshit you not when I get that nice crib that will make me say to myself "Benny you did it" The first thing I will be blasting around that residence is Jamiroquai and I will be dancing and sliding on my floors in my socks. 

The more I dug into the discography the more I appreciated their art. Each album was consistent with it's vibes. The music just made me feel so fucking good. When I'm upset I play Jamiroquai. When I'm excited I play Jamiroquai. When I want to play something different when I'm chilling with friends I play Jamiroquai and they always ask "Who is this? It's dope."

After that I started digging into their music videos I missed. All their videos were beautifully shot and conceptual. When that wasn't enough I would watch all the live performances I could. The Woodstock 99 performance. The Montreux performance. Pure greatness. 

They inspire me and inspire other great artists such as Daft Punk, Pharrell, The Internet, Tyler The Creator, and Bruno Mars. 

I bullshit you not. The moment I hear about a show. I don't give a fuck where it is on Earth. I'm going. 

The day I heard Jamiroquai was the day I never walked anywhere normally while listening to their music. I grooved to my destinations.