Same shit. Different day. Chill. Check Bernice Burgos Snapchat. Watch a few episodes of Naruto. Check my Soundcloud to see if anyone reposted some dope shit (pun intended), and BAM!!!! (Tommy Davidson Voice) there is new music from Indiana Rome. You know. The nigga with 3 cellphones. A EP dedicated to the love day that has passed titled "#LUVDOPE." It's a short project so I'll match it with a short review. 


In my case it's Netflix and Sleep. Every time I call a shorty over for Netflix and Chill she ends up watching me fall asleep because I'm not only the client I'm the playa president. I can do shit like that. Juice personified. Okay this track is nice. Teresa Jenee's voice on this track can make me empty my bank account and massage her feet. That's saying a lot because I don't like feet. Rome lays down some playa lyrics to accompany Teresa and it's a perfect fit. Obviously in the song Rome doesn't approve of Netflix and Sleep. He's on a mission for Netflix and Chill. 


Easily the most relatable song on the EP. What man hasn't gone through this shit. Fight and makeup. Over and over. Circles/Cycles. The clip of Keisha aka The Ghetto Naomi Campbell and Tommy Bunz make perfect sense to be placed at the start of the track. We all know what happened with those 2. The Knuckles (Rocky and Aloha) melodies float perfectly on the hook as Rome wonders if her Ying loves his Yang.........  Typing "His Yang" don't feel right so I'm going to say "Pause" to be on the safe side. Circles is dope though. 


Definitely the most riding track on the EP. Real American Pimp-ish. Rome flows with a Pimp-C/Ray Cash type delivery about A honey passenger side. They Cruising down 70. She wants to get it crackin. Case closed. This shit beats in the whip. 


My favorite song on the project along with my favorite movie clip. It gives off a Foreign Exchange vibe. I love the production on this track. Black Spade helped Rome with the production and the beat is very smooth and jazzy and whoever the woman that is on the background vocals really gives the hook life along with Spade. I love the lyrics on that hook. It was real shit. My favorite line of the whole project was on this song. "We only fight cause the love's worth it." Corey Black takes us home with spoken word summing up what happens on the battlefield of love and war. Just a beautiful song. 

You can #LUVDOPE below