Fuck a intro, let's get right to the stove a whip up. 


Arguably the greatest video game of all time. It definitely has the greatest storyline in a video game ever. There is a reason why Sony and Squaresoft are remaking it for the PS4. I remember seeing that it was 3 discs and I didn't care what the game was about I just wanted to have it because it was 3 discs. This was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played and this game made me a fan of the series. Guess I was rookie but Final Fantasy wasn't really huge in the U.S when I was a kid. I used to play this with my brother a lot and a few of my homies. It's definitely fun to play with a few more brains around. You really get into the characters as the game progresses. You even felt for a few of them as if they were real. Poor Aeris. Took me almost 25-30 minutes to beat Sephiroth. I ended up slicing him up real nice with the Omnislash, that's for Aeris you bitch.


If you never played this shit over and over with your homies, congratulations you just played yourself. This shit was beyond fun. It was definitely fun for me as long as I got Axel or Adam. Nobody plays with Blaze bruh. Every time I make it to the final boss I do the same shit. TAKE OVER THE SYNDICATE! I'm whooping my homie ass, then beating the bosses ass as soon as he gets up off that chair and then I'm becoming a BOSS like Dame Dash told us to. BAD END on yo bitch ass! I'm the kingpin now! 


A fighting game that really changed shit. You never really trip off winning. The game just fun as fuck to play. I just jumped around with Fox hitting everybody with that baseball bat. I never learned to play this shit until the one on Gamecube dropped. I'm serious as fuck. I was beating my friends ass without caring to learn this shit. It was just dope.


When this mothafucka dropped, everyone was going crazy. I remember living in U.City and my homie bought it and we was playing that shit in my basement. We'd even ride our bikes from Partridge over to Rabe Park to go to our other homie crib to play it over there. It was like watching a movie. I would play this game in the dark nervous as a bitch. Tyrant pop out of nowhere and I jump startled and shit. This the game that made the series popular. 


I'm very glad this game came out well before I was an adult with responsibilities. If this shit came out when I was grown I'd get fat, never go to work, and never sleep. Me, my brother, and my cousin used to play this shit literally from 6pm to about 3am. Trying to win the hardcore title and finish the career mode that was impossible to finish. My created wrestler was the shit and of course his finishing move was the stone cold stunner. I wouldn't have it any other way. This is STILL the greatest wrestling game we've ever had. 


I think this was the 1st big crossover I can remember. Battletoads was already hard as fuck to beat and this game was too. My brother always picked one of the Battletoads and I ran with the homie Jimmy Lee. The evil bitch known as the dark queen and the shadow guy have teamed up and are annoying the universe again and we had to stop them. Game was fun as fuck. 


Mario Kart was fun when I was a child. That's obvious. I love this game as an adult. We used to go out, get drunk, go back to my partna crib and play this shit drunk as a mothafucka. Talking shit to each other. Some people took it too seriously but we'll just blame it on the liquor. Afterwards I'd go home and rub a booty and go to sleep. I think I play better when I'm wavy so I'm pretty tough to beat. 


Fighting games are my forte. My favorite genre by far. I'm a Capcom head so Street fighter is my favorite game. I remember having $10 going to Tilt in Northwest Plaza to hop on Street Fighter III 3rd Strike and I seen it was empty and everyone was on one arcade. Marvel vs Capcom 2. I was overwhelmed. It was like a kid in a candy store. I spent all my money on the sticks (pause) that night and we would close the mall down every Friday and Saturday. This game really changed the genre and I doubt there will be another fighting game as important as this one. Once it came to Dreamcast it was a wrap. Me and the homies would play this shit for hours all night just going back and forth. We were serious on this side so we had arcade sticks for the dreamcast. This was probably one of the most addictive games I've ever played. 


Whoever invented this game was very creative. I remember when the first one dropped, it was like crack. You couldn't stop playing the shit. You started to see NBA Live sort of get pushed to the side and 2K wasn't a monster yet like it is today. We still played NBA Live but NBA Street was that go to basketball game because it dropped around the time AND1 basketball and it's show "Streetball" was on ESPN. A very popular show. Vol 2 dropped and the difficulty of the game went up. You could easily master the first NBA Street but the 2nd one was a little bit harder but still easy to grasp. Vol 1 and 2 are 2 of the most fun video games I've ever played with my homies. 


The greatest shooter we've ever seen. They could remake this game with updated graphics and fix the glitch in the multiplayer (Real gamers know that glitch) and it would still be better than all the shooters we see today. It changed everything. Me and my friends would never like to play with less than 4 people. It's like Poker. You always want 5 players for a game of Poker. Goldeneye, we always wanted 4 players. We'd play 3 players but it's not as fun. I remember one of my homies had a sleepover when we was kids and we were all on Goldeneye and Mario Kart all damn night till like 5am. There's nothing like getting "The Most Deadly" honor in multiple games of niggas talking shit. The stages are dope and it was just a great time when you had friends to play this with. I think there aren't too many people who even beat this game because of how fun multiplayer was. You had to give 006 Trevylan weak ass the blues and save Natalya so you could smash. 


Super Nintendo didn't have Streets Of Rage. Another reason why it wasn't better than Sega but that's another subject. SNES had Final Fight. My little brother had a Super Nintendo and Final Fight 3 was one of the games we'd always play when we would hang with each other. This one had Guy from Street Fighter Alpha 2 and he was my favorite player on that game so I always had to pick Guy. Game easy to beat but we always kept playing it together. Only thing we weren't arguing about. 


I'm old so I grew up in the arcade era. There are no more arcades anymore and it's some truly sad shit. When I get the gwop I'm opening one up. From the days of me being a child going to birthday parties at Showbiz (Now known as Chuck E Cheese) to now playing this on PS3 and at SXSW this is one of the most fun games ever invented. I would smile from ear to ear if my family or friend would have a party at Showbiz. I'm not playing no fucking Skee ball. I don't give a shit about winning some weak ass tickets. I'm getting some tokens and going to play TMNT. I would never even eat the cake or ice cream. I was posted in the arcade playing this with other kids I didn't know. My mom would literally have to pull me away from this arcade game. They have this game at a bar on 6th Street in Austin and I was drunk as hell playing it down at SXSW. Don't think I've ever been that happy to see a arcade in a bar. Order some Henny and fight Bebop and Rocksteady. All Love. Give it up for a true classic. 


This is my favorite Arcade game ever. This shit is timeless. Another Arcade some places had and some didn't. Weak ass Smithers stole Maggie and a Diamond and you gotta go get her back. Every time you see this arcade no matter how old you were you had to stop and go play it with the random people around. I linked up with a lot of people from my childhood because of this game and had fun playing this game with a lot of friends I already had. I always liked to pick Homer because he threw hands. He didn't have a weapon like everyone else. You gotta respect that. This is one of those rare games that you can beat and immediately start over and beat again. It's replay value is so high. The GOAT.