If there is any show I'd put right behind "Hey Arnold" in the greatest cartoon of all time discussion. Recess will be in second for sure. A show about kids being kids in a simplified but creative fashion.  Just like "Hey Arnold" there are a lot of hidden gems in Recess that I didn't understand watching as a kid. Episodes about religion, capitalism, socialism, their teacher Miss Grotke teaching kids the truth about America and not the lies in their history books. Recess was a cartoon ahead of it's time. 

The characters were all very interesting and colorful. You had the snitch bitch Randall. Lawson the asshole 5th grader. The King of all Kings, King Bob. The crazy ass tribe of Kindergardeners. The kid who could sell water to a well known as Hustler kid. Butch the boy with a 1000 playground stories and kept a toothpick handy like Razor Ramon. So many different characters but there was one character that will forever be my favorite and my nigga for life and that's Theodore Jasper Detweiler aka TJ Detweiler. *Clears Throat* Reeeeeeasons. The reeeeeaaasons that we here. One love to Earth, Wind, & Fire. On some G shit though. Here are the reasons I fuck with TJ Detweiler.


I'm a man of loyalty. It means a great deal to me. Don't just be loyal when it's convenient. T.J was was the most loyal kid you ever seen. Remember that episode where he didn't want to kick it with his squad because he said he had plans but didn't tell them what his plans were? They find out he was hanging out with the opps (Opps = "Enemy" for any non hip people reading this). T.J was hanging with Menlo. When asked why he was hanging with Menlo. T.J & Menlo explained they used to be best friends when they were in preschool and they made a promise to always turn up for each other's birthdays no matter what. T.J kept that promise even though they grew apart and don't see eye to eye. Ladies and gentlemen that is loyalty. T.J always tells it like it is even to his homies. That's loyalty. He called out Vince for being a sore winner and letting him know that he was being an asshole in the episode where he bet Vince couldn't go a specific time period without winning at everything. T.J was being a real loyal friend. There was also a episode where he did a project and had to choose who his best friend was. Everyone thought it was Vince but T.J  didn't want to choose and said the whole squad was his best friends, that's some real loyal G shit right there. He goes all out for his friends. He'd go against the world for them. T.J is that kid that would never rat on you. The kid that would take pain and embarrassment for you. He's a stand up kid. 


T.J Detweiler is what people in society call a "Creative." How was T.J a creative you ask? Think about this. T.J academically was a terrible student. Awful. He wasn't dumb he just didn't care for studying and school work in general. The creativity and intelligence he possessed was channeled else where. The playground. He was the school's prank king. The pranks he would pull were genius and creatively executed. The way he got out of trouble and certain situations weren't the qualities of a dumb person. If he actually put that energy into his school work he would be a notch under Gretchen in the nerd department but that wouldn't be T.J. There's no way T.J would ever have a regular 9 to 5 job and if he did he would find some glitch in the system or chink in the armor to exploit to his benefit. He's a crafty, creative, kid. 


T.J was so cool that his enemies respected him and liked him. Why? It's T.J Detweiler that's why. He's a playground legend. How could you not like that guy? He goes to war with his enemies all the time and when it's all over they still respect him. He respects them back too. He doesn't hate any of his enemies. He doesn't want harm done to them. There is no ill will. It's like a weird game to him. You would think he hates Ms.Finster but that's not the case at all. He respects her job but he's always looking out for him and his crew. They come first. 


Whenever a kid was treated unfairly. T.J always cared and did what he could to help a kid out. He really was like an activist. Whether it was the school taking away privileges or abusing power. Bullies bullying other kids. T.J would find a way to try and help the victim. T.J was a guy who really disliked bullies. It's the only thing that he would show disapproval or dislike for. Which says a lot because T.J is a chill, cozy, kind of guy. He likes to go with the flow. When injustice happens he comes running to put an end to it. 


T.J is a simple kid. He's all about simplicity. He just want to hang with his homies. Read Senor Fusion comics. Pull pranks. Just enjoy the fuck out of life. Mainly recess. The wardrobe was even simple. Jacket, Hat, Chucks, Blue Jeans. Nothing flashy. Just a regular, simple kid. 


Anything that can make things easier, T.J will find it. He has the juice. He's the plug on the playground right under "The Hustler kid." Remember that episode where he had detention with that kid Gordy who didn't like him and T.J took him through the secret passageway to the ice cream bars and unreleased video games? T.J is really the plug. He had the school figured out to make things easier for him and his squad. He was willing to break the rules to be comfortable. That's dedication. He's the "Who" from the quote "It's not what you know. It's who you know." T.J has a shortcut for everything. It's how he lives the cozy life. 


T.J had a knack for getting out of trouble. He had the gift of gab. He knew how to talk and say the right things. He was a negotiator for wagers and deals. He could get people inspired from giving a motivational speech. He had his own philosophy he would preach. He just knew how get things and get out of trouble with his gift of gab. 


Last but not least. He was an amazing leader. When someone in the squad would lose their way T.J knew how to bring them back. When it's time to plan things T.J always had an idea. Gretchen was usually the underrated MVP in that department but she lacked leadership qualities so it was always T.J who bring those ideas to fruition. He knew how to take everyone's personality and make it mesh for the common good which was to enjoy the fuck out of recess. He was always confident. T.J walked into almost every situation with the mindset that he's not leaving the situation a loser. Sometimes that would backfire because there are moments where he can be too confident and everyone in the squad suffers because of it but for the most part he was a great leader. He was a kid that just knew what it takes to get ahead in life and that's why I fucks with T.J Detweiler. A Third Street Elementary Legend.