Oooooh that title rhymes! Anyway. Different day. Same hatred. You know how that shit go here. It's a rerun to me. 

Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers took a stance (not physically) and sat down during the national anthem. He refused to stand because of the continued injustice in the country towards black people. Protesting against discrimination in a land that constantly turns a blind eye to it. I've done that plenty of times so it wasn't anything shocking to me but when I seen it on ESPN I knew that white america was about to go grab their social media lynching rope with a face full of white tears. 

Dah Well *Fresh Prince Voice* 

I sit with Kaepernick and I'm doing so with a huge smile on my face. 

Just like clockwork the internet is in a frenzy. People who are cowards so they can't show their faces in their avi are talking the most shit. Colin was called Nigger probably 856899 times. He probably got death threats already. Typical go back to Africa comments. Africa actually pretty beautiful. I wouldn't mind. Thanks for the suggestion. It's hilarious because those racist responses are EXACTLY why he sat down during the national anthem. Those people are proving him right and are too hateful and stupid to realize it. 

I don't see how him not standing for the national anthem effects the next man or woman in anyway. All I'm seeing is a bunch of white people judging a black man for protesting against something they've never experienced. A white person can try to relate by trying to put themselves in my shoes but they're going to need a shoe horn and I bet they won't even make it around the block before they're complaining to take my shoes off. Just a bunch of keyboard politicians who make no difference in any community. 

This shit is old. We've seen it too many times. They change the narrative then make the person who's doing the right thing the villain. Colin Kaepernick is the villain. I didn't see this much outrage from white america when black people were being murdered by the police or murdered period. It's fascinating! Sarcasm alert. 

Let's use North Korea as an example. American people want the people of North Korea to take a stance against their ruler and flag in their country because of injustice but when black people take the same stance against injustice in America it's wrong? Lucy you got some splaining to doooo.

The national anthem was written and created by a racist named Francis Scott Key who said and believed blacks will always be inferior to whites and it should stay that way. Would you show love to a song that was written by a man that thought about your race like that? You wouldn't. The flag they're telling us we SHOULD respect was the same flag in the air when they enslaved and committed genocide on our people. They just want us to forget it. We weren't compensated for building this country for free. When my ancestors were freed by that racist tyrant Abraham Lincoln so he can save the union they gave us no land. No money. Just left my ancestors with NOTHING. In the words of Frank White on "King Of New York," "You got fat while we starved."  

The Nazi flag. A jewish person would be pissed if they seen that flag anywhere. Why? It's because under that flag their people were being slaughtered by Nazi's. If you fly that flag in Germany today you will suffer consequences. They don't want to associate with that history. It reminds them of Hitler. So how is the national anthem and American flag any different? Genocide was ordered and committed under that flag too. If a black person feels the same way about the American flag how can you debate that? This was the SAME country that was trying to make an argument for keeping the Confederate flag around. Racism or slavery never died it just evolved. 

I knew what two arguments (excuses) were coming so I'd like to go over them.


Anyone thinks that Colin Kaepernick's 100 million dollar contract keeps him away from injustice, oppression, or racism needs to get out more. I have a couple of questions. 

If a person is rich they shouldn't care about these issues or protest against them?

Only poor people should be able to protest?

Okay. Gotcha. Wait, that can't be right. They complain when poor people protest too. They tell them to "find better things to do," or  "get a job." Quite the predicament we have here. So what I'm gathering from the gripes is that no black person (Rich, Poor, or In between) should peacefully protest. Maybe we should be the change we want to see! Yeah! That will work. Wait. I just seen a black judge get suspended for standing up against injustice in the courts. So much for the "Be the change you want to see" excuse and my Uncle Phillip Banks aspirations. I guess I just have to sit and be thankful that I live in good ol America, A country that oppresses me. I guess that's truly living the dream! 

Colin earned that money with his ability so I don't know why people are acting like it was just given to him on a silver platter. He put his health on the line to earn that money. I don't know why these people act like that a 100 million dollar contract is enough to rid the country of racism, change the wicked system of white supremacy and oppression. If 100 plus million could do that then no black person would ever have access to that kind of money. 

I'm black so I'll never know or experience what the white version of America is no matter if I have a negative balance of -12.61 or a billion dollars in my bank account or if I was adopted by an all white family in the suburbs like Gary Coleman on "Different Strokes" or like Colin Kaepernick. It doesn't matter. 

It sounds really selfish to say that rich people shouldn't care about troubling issues in America but hey that's not a surprise right? This country was built on selfishness. Selfishness and Violence. I even seen a article that said Colin picked the wrong time to make a stance. What the fuck is wrong with people? When is the right time? March 8th? Oppression happens everyday. The time for a stance is always NOW! 


Hate to burst your bubble angry white folks but I have a lot of friends who are currently in the military and some who are now out of it and they told me that majority only serve for the benefits not for our freedom. There are some people who do serve for liberty, freedom, etc don't get me wrong but majority did it for the benefits like school and a job. Some people life were so messed up they had no choice but to join the military. It happens everyday and those are the kinds of people in those situations that military recruiters recruit. They just need bodies. If it was all about freedom and liberty they wouldn't be advertising the benefits such as free school and financial security more than fighting for freedom on Army commercials. I respect people who are in the military it takes courage to fight in a war but what people have to remember is that the same freedom that they claim they are fighting for INCLUDES Colin's decision not to stand during the national anthem. It's not just one way. 

In the words of a veteran I know.

"All that gung-ho, fighting for liberty stuff is bullshit. It's all about drugs and oil."

These were his words, not mine. 

A lot of veterans I know or have spoken to about their time in the military told me that all that "Fight for freedom" talk is all propaganda protecting the American interests. They told me they just wanted to do their time and get home in one piece. They didn't care about fighting for freedom or none of that shit. People who aren't in the service who are upset with Colin are just using the military as a crutch to support their hatred and to try to make their argument legit. People who do this have no idea how the military works nor do they care to learn. None of these people care about the troops in real life. Don't be fooled. 

Everybody suddenly bringing up the military. Where was the troop talk when I seen countless homeless veterans on the corners asking for spare change? Where was the troop talk when I seen soldiers come back from their tours and they couldn't even get a job interview and still don't have a job after putting their lives on the line? Where was all the troop talk when the government acted like they didn't exist anymore after their sacrifice? 

No one brought up the military when Veteran Affairs were exposed for poor mental and physical healthcare or when veterans returned with clear health issues and Veteran Affairs tried to hide it and pretend that no health problems were present. Where was all the troop talk then? 

Notice that no one brought up the government. These people brought up the military. Colin's protest was against the people in power. Not the military. The military do not control amendments or laws. The government does. Believing that the government is wrong has nothing to do with the troops. 

The angry white people act like the military CHOOSE what they fight for. They don't. They fight for whatever reason the government tells them to. They fight for whatever the governments interests are. The people who give them orders to bomb countries killing innocent civilians are people who would never fight for this country or even themselves. They're just rich cowards. They throw the lower ranks to the wolves while they run to safety and watch the bodies drop.

People are so brainwashed. Actually they want to be brainwashed. It helps them escape from reality and that's why they don't attempt to hear the truth. Their lives and perception of society is built on bullshit and lies and they want to keep it that way. This is why they defend the injustice that happens to black people in this country. I wish bullshit had shares in the stock market because I'd buy up all of it. People in America love a good helping of bullshit. Just look at holidays seasons. Good Ol American Bullshit! 

Is it wrong for me to not respect a flag that doesn't respect me? 

Is it wrong for me to refuse to pledge to a country that's okay with me possibly being murdered by the police (Who my taxes go to by the way) then be painted as a villain by the white media when I'm not here to defend myself? 

What's scarier, the fact that I don't care for this land or the fact that I knew how predictable the hatred towards Colin's stance would be? 

Regardless of my answer to any of those last few questions, I'm still sitting with Colin Kaepernick.