How the fuck you live in New York and you afraid of rats? I thought they were used to seeing em? Creep better get a refund from Candy hoe ass for a busted nose and unfinished top. 


Rudy be plottin but something off about dude. I know he a gangsta but what kind? Is he fair or foul? 


The lawyer guy afraid to be gay in public. Dude got a whole ass family at home probably. 


Andrea Mr.Ratburn looking ass back to ruin Vincent's life. Women like her are the fucking worse. Don't even know why they miss you they just bored.


Candy look like shit and yet she gets hit on by this average joe lookin guy. 


I don't know this cop name after 4 episodes so I'm a keep calling him D'Angelo until I find out. D'Angelo testing the no go is gonna have that nigga jobless. 


Fatman could barely make it up the stairs. i knew he was dying at that point. The good news is he died receiving a blowjob. The bad news is that it was from a prostitute. That's gonna be one awkward ass funeral. 


Sandra nosey cause she a reporter. Surprise, Surprise. 


Darlene and Abby bonding is fantastic. I dream of having a threesome with them. 


Here come the bitch ass police ruining everything. Fuck the police. 


Candy been a zombie this whole episode but the scene with her and thunder thighs was some scary shit. They've been through so much it was like watching 2 army veterans with ptsd talking to each other reminiscing about Vietnam except they were talking about hoeing. 


Vince finally got the box and finally gets a shooter. Now we definitely getting somewhere. 


Rudy beating the fuck outta Bill Schmidt was some low down shit. I can understand why Bobby was pissed. He knows they're in some shit they can't get out of. 


D'angelo thought he was gone get that beautiful brown ass. Nah bruh. Sandra using that nigga to go hoe scouting. Isn't that cute. 


Candy going on an actual date was interesting because it's like a step back into normalcy. Every date she has is on her knees but now she got a dude treating her to a meal and wine and actually interested in what she has to say. Sad that Jack kissed every dick in New York City. Poor guy. 


Will Vince run a theater? 


Abby buying Darlene a bus ticket to Charlotte was bad but good. Good in a sense that it could get Darlene out of hoeing. Bad as in Larry will probably find that ticket and do harm to Darlene. Abby won't suffer any consequences. Darlene will and that's the issue.