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You got all the sauce. Everybody got sauce. Even lame muhfuckas got sauce but they chose to be lame instead of investing in the sauce that resides in their soul. You just gotta unlock the sauce inside of you like a Marvel vs Capcom 2 character. It's your confidence. It's valid. If you're having confidence problems creatively then that's what I'm here for. To help. 

10 things. You ready? 



First be thankful to be able to do anything. Knowing that your blessed to attempt to give your all to something special is the first step to securing confidence in yourself. 



You gotta believe that you deserve what’s coming to you if you put the necessary work in. If you’re busting your ass daily trying to get your creative endeavors off the ground then you gotta feel good about yourself at all times. So treat yoself. Go buy those fly ass clothes and shoes. Dress how you wanna dress forever. Stand in front of the mirror and just pose. See yourself having fly threads everyday for the rest of your life thanks to your creativity. Go buy whatever food you want. Go eat like the boss you wanna become. How does it make you feel? You don’t wanna go back to ramen noodles do you? Keep that in your mind as you’re working. Go rent that car you want and ride around in it. Take it all in. Have valet park that shit for you. How does it feel? Play the part to see how it feels for when you actually live the part. Do it to the point it feels normal and mix it in with the hard work and it’ll be second nature to you. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll feel beyond a normal human being. You’ll feel like a boss. 



Whoever is negative get rid of them now. All of them. Family included. That man or woman that has you constantly in your feelings and you’ve been fucking with on and off and the relationship is going nowhere and it distracts you from your work GET RID OF THEM. Emotions in those type of situations will never do you any favors and will only hold you back. The friend that wants you to got out every fucking night and constantly pulls you away from your grind. HE/SHE are useless to you. I don’t care if you’ve been friends with them for 15 years. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to be in the same position 15 years later full of regret. Either they helping you or hindering you. Your family doesn’t approve of what you’re doing and they’re gossiping about you or hoping you fail? FUCK ALL OF THEM and cut off communication or keep it very brief. Don’t respond to any negativity. I hate to use the President of The United States as an example for this but I have no choice. Do you think President Beyonce Knowles Carter has time to deal with negativity? When have you ever seen Beyonce argue with anyone on social media or in person? If she responds it will be through her art and business. That’s it. She flips the negativity into some mothafuckin dollar signs. She know she has no time to bicker with anyone outside of her family. She even removed her father from her circle. Doesn’t mean she don’t love the nigga she just knew it had to be done in order to keep her shit in order. Negativity has no space in your kingdom and doesn’t contribute anything to your confidence. Clean your circle and any place negativity might be today. 



Just like a nigga who nervous tryna holla at women the best way to build confidence is holla at every woman you think is beautiful and there will be some no’s in the process but the more a nigga get told no the more confident he becomes and the nervousness is gone because he realizes it’s just a “No.” The women didn’t beat his ass or nothing for talking to em they just said no to him and the world didn’t end but after every interaction that man gains experience and he’ll have a fine ass honey on his arm real soon because women love confidence. I’ve seen so many ugly niggas with bad shorties because those niggas carry themselves like they THAT NIGGA.

Go get told no. Find every person you look up to creatively and email them a business plan. Email celebs managers. Get in contact with millionaires. Reach out to your favorite magazines. Youtubers. Famous photographers. They may not respond or a representative may respond but just do that shit. In due time that shorty will be on your arm. 



Do you even know yourself? Do you really know what you want out of your creativity? Get to know yourself. When you know yourself and you know your strengths then can’t nobody tell you shit about yourself. You’ll know can’t nobody fuck with you because you can’t even fuck with your damn self. That’s how mothafuckin G you are. Make a list of what you love about yourself. What you’re insecure about. What do you feel limited at and why? Are there any restrictions to anything or is it all in your mind and it’s something mentally you need to conquer. These things need to be answered so your confidence can blossom. 



We all have overall big goals. Let's say you want your company to have a  net worth of $100,000. That’s big shit and nothing wrong with having that as a big goal but I want you to scale it back a lot farther. Not because you’re not capable but because I want your confidence bigger than that net worth before you reach it. Set small goals like if you’re photographer set a goal of 5 to 6 shoots a month and see if you reach it. One of my goals is to put out at least 4 articles a week. Setting little goals like this and achieving them builds your confidence. You know how the cliche quote goes. “It’s the little things that matter.” Very cliche but true. 



I’m still afraid to share anything I write today. I always fear the feedback. I have fears but that doesn’t mean I’m not confident. If you’re afraid when it comes to things you’re doing creatively then that’s normal. It’s not a bad thing. It’s only bad when you never act upon anything because of those fears.Moving in spite of them is confidence in a nut shell. It’s okay to be afraid. It’s never okay to be stagnant. 



Affirmations builds confidence. If you don’t know what affirmations are I’ll tell you mine that I say to myself everyday. 

“Nigga you gorgeous.” 
“Fuck dreams this is about to be your reality.”
“Nigga how are you writing this exceptional shit? You’re a prodigy.”
“I love me some ME!” 
“Of course there’s DM’s waiting for you. You’re YOU!”
“You’re the master and the ruler of the world.” 
“Your potential of being THAT NIGGA is inestimable.”

Basically I just say factual shit about myself every morning. You can do the same. 



When you understand you can’t please everybody then you’ll feel more confident. I just don’t give a fuck about pleasing people. That’s not what I’m put here to do. You think great creators gave a fuck about pleasing any and everybody? Nah. It’s part of why they’re full of confidence. You don’t need everyones acceptance. What you do won’t be favorable to everyone. 



Shit just funny to me. I laugh at everything. Including myself. I laugh because I know I’m gonna be alright. The ultimate confidence builder is laughter. Laugh when shit good and bad. Nothing lasts. Forreal though. Nothing lasts.