If you know me then you know Westcoast music is damn near the only rap I listen to consistently so you know when G-Perico drop some shit. I’m stopping what the fuck I’m doing and letting that shit play from top to bottom. Aight lets get into 14 Random Things About “2 Tha Left.”


You know a album bout to be hard when niggas don’t rap over a cold ass Intro beat. Just look at the history. Juvenile didn’t rap on the 400 Degreez intro. Prodigy didn’t rap over the H.N.I.C intro. Jay-Z didn’t rap over the American Gangster intro. G-Perico didn’t flow over that intro hurt a nigga soul but I knew he was gonna have a dope ass album because of it. 


Nigga you can just feel the jherri curl juices just dripping on the seats in the ol school ride on “Affiliated.” Shit could’ve been on the “Colors” soundtrack. 


“Go” sound like some side show go dummy Bay Area shit. 


I like the track “Other Side” but a bitch pussy gotta be as good as pink starburst for me to take a chance in enemy territory with it. She better cook some mean fajitas and rotel for me to play fear factor in her hood. 


If niggas kept it 10 outta 10. G-Perico was on the best collaborative album of the year with G-Worthy and had the best album that dropped the Friday with all the industry albums dropped. G-Perico been one of the most consistent for the past year. 


I be throwing up all types of shit when I hear “What Up Cuz” I be throwing up my block, the suburbs, baseball signals, the song is three generations deep in gangsterdom. I was C-walkin like Mike Epps in that all powder blue velour suit in “How High.” 


You can really skate to “World On Wheels Interlude.” I would not be mad at a G-Perico and a full Polyester produced album. I like their chemistry on everything they do. 


Bruh I really love thots too. They’re the most fun. Less stressful. They understand that I’m not committing to shit. They never wanna sleep over. God bless them hoes. They make me smile. 


I love how this album flows. Nothing feels outta of place. It feels like the tracklist order had some actual thought put into it.  


I swear I played “Fly Around” a good 10 times before I moved onto the next song. Perico really a rapping ass nigga. He floated on that track. I like how his flow is really updated and new but the production has a real ol school vibe to it. 


Send Her Home is the perfect night cruising song. When that bass hit on that mothafucka you feel that shit in yo soul if you really a true playa. Just need a few swigs of that yac in ya cup and the kush lit up like a pinball machine while you cruise to it. Spitta feature was perfect for this song. Go pick up another lame nigga chick to this song. 


I like how G-Perico addressed social issues from his point of view and did it his way on “Amerikka” It shows people he not just rapping to be rapping. He actually want people to get a message from his music. It shows he actually pays attention to what’s going on and he has character.


Again the versatility Perico shows on this album is dope. I like the storytelling aspect he showcases on “One Two” this is why he’s one of the best in the game right now. I could actually see the shit he was rapping.


This album was damn near perfect. I’ve only been listening to G-Perico for almost 2 years and this album showcased so much growth and the scary part is that I think he’s gonna get even better on the next one. I’m almost ready to put 2 Tha Left 2 Tha classics.