See you niggas next year. I’ve been working on a project that’s been taking up all my time so that’s why no articles/posts have been dropped. I apologize if I’m late getting back to the emails, calls, texts. We gone link next year. You got my word on that. 


Fuck this year on some real life shit. Outside of that though a lot of creative shit blossomed and ascended. 


St.Louis Lit 2017. 





This nigga hit the billie jean toe stand and moonwalked in a performance. In real life he did that shit. Nikee Turbo the greatest performer I’ve ever seen in my old ass life. I already was tired as fuck at VIBES day 2 almost didn’t go but I’m glad I did and literally after his performance I was ready to go home. There was nothing more to see. He had the performance of the night and a lifetime. I hope someone has complete footage of that performance and shows it to the younger kids who wanna be artists because THAT’S how you put on a show. Pure artistry. 


The nigga premiered a movie at The St.Louis Science Center. You saw the mobiles on the Omnimax screen. Nikee had 2017 thumping like the mobiles. No question. 





When a artist finds their voice, it’s over. Not only did he find his style he progressively got better at songwriting. The kid just knows how to write a song. The hook writing. The background vocal work. He has the “IT” factor. If he’s featured on a track the track is instantly better. I don’t think I’ve spread word to people in the streets about any other artist more than TheePharoah. Every song he dropped this year was fucking flames. Nigga was shooting a perfect percentage from the field. Bet the house on TheePharoah in 2018. He is key to St.Louis’s rise.  





Young Twister Rodriguez of St.Louis. One of the most creative introverted mothafuckas holding a camera today. No fancy shit he works with what he has and does more than niggas with the connections and expensive equipment. Couch Convos had some of the coolest content this year and was needed in the game. Expect more from Youngblood this upcoming year. 




I know I say a lot of artists my favorite rappers from the crib and I really mean that shit but Bari really one of my all time favorite artist from St.Louis. Him, TheePharoah and Jizzle Bucks I can listen to all damn day and I don't even listen to that much rap for real. He has his own style and lane and that's what I respect about Bari. It's like hood gospel with a lot of sauce in it. Homie went on tour this year and dropped nothing but missiles when it came to the music. Been waiting on that MSTR GLSS project for a minute and I can't wait to cop the $40 silk durag and listen to Bari talk that shit real niggas can relate to. 






I did a whole ass article on this nigga. So that basically describes what kinda monstrous year this artist had. Featured in VIBES with his better half. On TV I dunno how many times. Featured in Art Basel. Met Erykah Badu and now she owns his work. Art, Pancakes, & Mimosa. Premiered a movie in Tivoli. Painted NFL players cleats. Dropped nothing but audio dope this year. The Art Game Jamie Foxx destroyed 2017. Did it all quietly too. No bragging. 





This woman is the most important woman for black woman in not just St.Louis but in the world. What she’s done this year with “Year Of The Woman” is nothing short of remarkable and fearless. She is the creative I respected the most this year because she helped so many creative women this year and didn’t make it about herself or showed any signs of selfishness. It’s always the selfless and patient people who leave huge positive marks on the world. Alexy is one of those individuals. Event game was on 5 Head SWOLE this year.  





Sean Alexander did all the right things this year. Every time I saw the nigga this year he looked richer so you know that nigga Glo up was official. Successful event. I seen countless people in his threads. Metro didn’t shoot him. Trusted him and wore his gear. You could find his jacket in Vogue. Balloons were everywhere this year. 2017 was simply Brilliant. 





Someone I’m the most proud of. Told her this last year. She is literally the living version of the black woman quote “Fuck it, I’ll do it.” Some of the biggest events in St.Louis this year Sie had her hands on and literally wouldn’t have been as successful as they were if she wasn’t involved. Good or bad she’ll ride for what she believes in and that’s something I really admire about her and how she handles her business. She never folds. You wanna see why black women are the strongest and most important humans in the world then just watch Sie. Each year she progresses and 2018 she’ll continue to grow. I’ll put my bankrolls on it. 





Don’t think there was a day Trina didn’t work in 2017. I always tell younger people to just put out content. I don’t give a fuck what it is. Just flood the streets. Trina photography was N64, Playstation one, and Dreamcast eras all combined in one. She was that mothafucking on point in 2017. Super passionate. Super real. Super cost efficient too. I Don’t think she spent over $100 on cameras this year.  "How can so much sauce and love fit inside such a little person?" is what I ask myself every time I see her. 





My favorite graphic artist this year. Threw one of my favorite events this year and helped form the Nowhere collective. He pushed the needle in fashion, art, and creativity in 2017 while being a great father in the process. Respect. 2018 will be his. 





Stringz might be trapper of the year. Another example of a creative who follows the advice of his brand and just create and focus on his business. Been peeping a lot of people biting his wave too. He’s the next fashion kingpin from the crib fasho. 





Another loved one I wrote a whole ass article about. Changed her name. Dropped an EP and that shit did digits. After that went all over the country like Carmen Sandiego po tour. She became a professional Llama trainer and opened up a Kool-aid stand in Harlem to fight against gentrification. PinkCaravan had quite the year. 





My nigga really a "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock Plymouth Rock landed on us" kinda nigga in this photo. Jokes aside. Homie made a dope ass series this year. Had 4 screenings for every episode and showcased some of the coolest people and things St.Louis had to offer. He brought back MadeMonarchs on some TVone Unsung shit but without the drug addictions and hoes. Jon was really on some quality over quantity shit and that’s how it should be. 





Niggas in STL multi talented we can do everything. Our creativity is like triple doubles. Vanacana did everything in 2017. The Ferris Mag and fashion show gets bigger every year and they dropped one of the best albums this year with “VROS.” Vanacana 2017 was Naruto in The Great Ninja War huge. 2018 bout to be even more trashy. 





Probably threw my favorite event this year. Good show. White hoes on coke tripping. 1000 niggas on stage losing they mind to Chief Keef. Shit was like a movie. Events. Music projects. The Everything’s Fly team went Super Saiyan in 2017. No talk. Just results. Loved the approach of not complaining and being the change of what they wanted to see. Just throw your own shit. Everything's Fly did that. They Already starting off 2018 right with their “First Class” show because they real niggas. 


Trap Harder Next Year. Everybody. See You Next Year.