More relationship shit as requested. This for all my niggas though. 


So you’re chilling in your space. You’ve had a long day and you’re relaxing and unwinding. Watching Scarface or playing NBA 2K cause you a real nigga. All of sudden you hear your name called and your stomach drops similar to crazy roller coaster ride or airplane landing. It’s your lady and you yell at the top of your lungs (In your mind) WHAT THE FUCK DOES SHE WANT??!!!


For you to listen bruh. That’s all. 


That’s what she wants so basically nothing but it’s something to her. She wants you to listen to her nonsense. Women don’t give a fuck that their man would love them way more than they already do if they’d just shut the fuck up and leave them alone with their bullshit but they just gotta get it out their system to you.


Now you don’t give a fuck naturally. That’s because you’re a guy. If anyone outside of your woman was talking bout some nonsense you wouldn’t pay the shit no mind. You don’t give a fuck about the bitches at her job that she continuously calls bitches 893 times in the countless stories with no ending that she tells you everyday after work. You don’t care about her shady ass gossiping family members that hate your guts for no reason. 


You’re not wired to give a fuck about that dumb shit. We have to train ourselves to give a fuck about that dumb shit or at least pretend to. The dumb shit we care about is different from the dumb shit women care about. It’s all dumb shit at the end of the day but it’s different dumb shit. Like sports really is dumb as fuck. I have no clue why I watch the shit but it’s entertained me my whole life and usually has the power to alter my mood. Listening is kinda the same. It’s dumb shit but I do it anyway. 


This is why listening to your woman is some important shit.




If you remember convos from ages ago she might just drop the drawls on general principal. Remembering little shit is attractive to women. You ever talk to your woman on some casual convo shit and bring up a old convo y’all had in the past in reference to the current convo you’re having now? She’ll think you the greatest nigga on earth just because you remembered that. It actually shows her you cared enough to listen.




Bruh we just exist when women talk. They don’t give a fuck about our opinion unless they ask for it. So don’t say shit homie. Just shut the fuck up and nod in agreement or give them the “Damn that person was tripping tripping” face and let them continue. Just let them get it off their chest. We’re basically their psychiatrists but we’re not allowed to give advice or solutions. Women don’t give a fuck about our advice. They’re not trying to hear that shit. We don’t give decent advice to them anyway because we’re logical and we don’t give a fuck about emotion. It’s removed from our equation. They care about our attention and acknowledgement to what they’re saying and that we understand what they’ve gone through. Just acknowledge shit. You already know how you feel. It’s about figuring out how she feels. Spoiler alert. You’ll never fucking know. 




Translation. Ask the questions that’s in her favor and show that you’re actually listening. You ask the right questions and it shows you’re paying attention and you won’t turn this shit into a argument. The last thing you want is an argument because that means you not getting no fucking sleep and some petty shit will unfold. You don’t wanna go to bed with the imaginary line down the middle of the bed with her back turned. Compare it to like driving while texting. Look at the road and your phone back and forth. Looking down at your phone 1 second longer than you should could fuck everything up for you. Asking her one wrong question can fuck up everything up for you. 




All jokes aside, these conversations are about support. She just wants to know if you’re there for her. It’s not about her being right or wrong or her acting sane or insane or if what she's talking about nonsense or not. It’s about us as men being there for them right or wrong. You can talk about if she was in the wrong or if she was right later. She just needs you in the moment to support her now.