I fear three things and I always will. 


The Internet 

Middle & Upper Class White Women. 

Get Out has made my fear even worse. 

Now you’re probably wondering why was I afraid of white women before this movie? 

I’ve always had this fear that I’d say hi to a white woman while I was walking somewhere or being polite and hold a door open for one and then she would get raped or kidnapped by someone else shortly after and I’d get blamed for it just for being the last person that interacted with her and the police and judicial systems love middle and upper class white women and all they’d have to do is cry and they’d give me a year for each tear that runs down their face so they’d put me under the jail for a crime I didn’t commit then they’ll find out I was innocent (Hopefully) but 10-15 years would’ve passed and my life is fucked up and I’m doing dateline interviews, nobody cares about me, I'll get no money, and I’ll live the rest of my life working in a GM factory coming home to cold canned ravioli. Okay that was one long sentence and I don’t know where the fuck I’m going with this. 

A Polite Review…. Get Out 

Out the gate my senses kick in from my fear of middle & upper class white women. I say to myself “Look at this evil bitch looking at donuts” You know damn well that nigga want some Captain Crunch not shit with sprinkles on it. 

I’m just looking at them as a couple and the bitch looks boring. What the fuck could they have in common?

Let me get to something disturbing. Why in the fuck are you going along with a woman who didn’t even bother to tell her parents what you looked like in the social media era? Women never shut the fuck up so I highly doubt she not gone tell her parents what you look like. That’s the biggest red flag. Call up your nigga Rod and hit up a lounge or something. I would say kickback but that nigga Chris look like a fancy lounge head ass nigga that hates kickbacks. The type of guy that feels outta place when Shawty Lo gets played cause he the only person in the function that doesn’t know the words.

Of course Chris goes anyway. Wouldn’t have a movie if he was smart. 

The driving scene was funny for 2 reasons. 

Niggas not checking on a deer they just hit. Fuck that shit. It's dead. We leaving that muhfucka like O-Dog left Harold in the street in Menace II Society. We not checking on shit but the car. 

You see the superpowers of middle & upper class white women? She talking to that cop like he ain’t shit and he ain’t gone do shit. If Chris would’ve spoke to that cop like that well then the trip is over and possibly Chris’s life. Of course she don't wanna have his license ran because of her family business. 

The family is fucking weird as expected all the actors did a really good job of being creepy as fuck. You see the Catcher Freeman ass nigga working on the yard. You see Georgina which I’m not gone front. I’d wear her old Clair Huxtable looking ass out. The brother Jeremy looks like a mass shooter on heroin. 

The whole family scenes make you feel uneasy and tense. Very uncomfortable Every black person watching this shit felt uneasy like Chris. I guarantee it. It depicted perfectly what racism is today. It’s not niggas hanging from trees daily and crosses being burned in lawns. It’s hidden under pretending to be interested, inviting, and understanding of other cultures. It’s not over the top. It’s more cerebral. Every stereotype being thrown in the viewers face. This is true horror. The evolution of racism. 

So after Chris comes from outside trying to smoke and seeing the weird nigga running like the liquor store bout to close, the mom just sitting up in the dark and shit waiting for Chris and he decides he wants to be hypnotized and his consciousness falls into a place called “The Sunken Place” I’ve thought about it and The Sunken Place isn’t really that bad. Chris was just in the wrong environment for that shit. I wish I could go to the sunken place when people want to have small talk with me or when I go to work. Just don’t have me talking like a Ulysses S.Grant head ass nigga like every other black person in the movie. 

I damn near got hypnotized in the theater. The sound of that stirring in the teacup is really weird and was fucking with my mind. I don’t know if it was the surround sound of theater or what but that shit is strange. 

The old bitch start fucking with his mind and his past and he crying and shit about his dead momma and he ends up back in the bed afterwards.

Like I said above you see what racism has evolved into. They have a "LOOK AT THIS NIGGA" party. At this party you see people tell Chris how he should feel as a black man. An old white bitch feel up Chris like he a prostitute and ask if black dick is as good as advertised. The “I know black people and athletes” shit is being thrown in Chris’s face. White people saying our skin is a fad. The nigga Darius from the Atlanta show is dressed like a Roots character and is forced to be a sex slave to a old ass white woman that looks like she smells like ham and soccer mom van suede seats. This shit was just so fucking scary. 

When Chris went upstairs and the party just STOPS that was hands down the scariest shit I’ve ever seen in a horror movie. It was the moment I really feared for Chris. Even though he was being sold like a seized car at a police auction the party stopping was the scariest moment for me. 

By the 3rd act the movie is really flowing well. No time is being wasted. No unnecessary parts. It’s moving at a great pace. This nigga Chris now wants to get the fuck outta there so he and his girl agree to leave. 

Homie packing his bags and he finds a box of photos in the closet of his girl with every nigga on the east coast. That bitch ain’t got NO WALLS like America before that orange run over new balance sneaker looking ass President came into office. Now we know how niggas getting kidnapped. Pussy. Every time I see niggas getting fucked up physically, mentally, or emotionally. Pussy is not far from the scene like ...


Life comes at you fast. First she buying you long john’s for breakfast next you find out she took hundreds of long johns in her guts. Life not fair. She turns on Chris and he’s captured and the action sequences are about to begin. Bitch was looking for new victims and eating fruit loops with the milk on the side. Stay woke that's some white supremacy shit. White shit can't be with colored shit.

We find out exactly why they’re kidnapping black people. They feel they gain some sort of immortality with our bodies. It’s really some deep shit. 

I’m not gonna get into the action sequences and explain them but I saved this for last. Rod is the realest nigga possibly in film history. The pal of all pals. Every nigga needs a Rod in their circle. My G did everything possible to ride for his homie. He warned his homie about the situation. He tried to save him. Chris didn’t listen. Niggas not crazy bruh. There’s always some truth to some shit we think is crazy. Rod was perfect for this movie. The right amount of comic relief that wasn’t forced and it came in at the right moments. What a legendary performance. 

Overall this film was perfect. I tried to find a flaw but I couldn’t. All the actors did a great job and Jordan Peele has officially arrived and rejuvenated the horror genre.