When Hugh Jackman announced that he would be “Old Man Logan” Last year I called “Bullshit” This feud between Fox and Marvel Studios would never allow that to happen because each side doesn’t own all the characters to make an epic story like that happen. 

The trailer came out and I’m not going to front the shit looked wack to me. I wasn’t hyped. All I could think of is FOX has fucked up again. Fox has never gotten X-Men right.

The only one I thought was above average was X-Men First Class. The first trilogy was trash. X-Men Apocalypse has KILLED the the 2nd trilogy and franchise again. There is no fucking way they come back from that. Putting Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique as the leader of the X-Men was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in the history of Superhero films. It was in Batman Vs Superman territory. I cringe every time I see or hear Jennifer Lawrence because of that shit. Hollywood politics ruined it. 

Along with that travesty we never got a TRUE Wolverine. It’s bad enough we never got the suit but I never watched any of the X-Men films and thought Wolverine was the shit. He had the first 2 solo Wolverine films. The first one was the first and only movie I’ve ever walked out of in my life. After Deadpool shot lasers out of his eyes I got up and left. To this day I don’t know how that film ends. I don’t wanna know either. The 2nd Wolverine film was just fucking boring and stupid. Fox eventually made up for Deadpool in a separate solo film which was the best comic film of 2016 in my opinion. So going into this 3rd installment of Wolverine I wasn’t expecting much but after seeing it last week ……. INSTANT CLASSIC.


Logan is at least a top 5 comic film of all time. It might be the BEST superhero film of all time. It’s up there with The Dark Knight. It’s not “Old Man Logan” so don’t expect that. Any comic book fan knows that would be impossible to make at this moment. But my god this film was a fucking work of art. 

Hugh Jackman is at his best as Wolverine. He’s old. He’s washed. He’s like a punch drunk boxer in a sense. His body is broken down. His healing power isn’t as strong. He’s a broken man. This is the weakest we’ve ever seen him in the franchise. The only thing that he lives for is a peaceful dream he has. For the first time I felt sorry for Wolverine which is rare because he’s the gangsta, he’s the guy that you never felt sorry for because he always thugged his way through shit.

He’s a sympathetic figure in “Logan." It makes for beautiful cinema. This is the best I’ve ever seen Hugh Jackman. 

The thing I love about this film is that every time you think there’s hope it’s snatched away from the viewer. It doesn’t play it safe they explore as many tragic moments and worse case scenarios as possible. It's dancing with tragedy as often as possible and I wasn’t expecting that at all. 

Wolverine has nothing to live for. He’s just taking care of Professor X who has lost his mind and grip on reality and he’s also broken down and mentally unstable. But a lil girl comes along and gives the two of them this sense of humanity (More for Wolverine) and purpose for living despite being dying mutants. 

Laura (The little girl) did an amazing job. She was the key to the movie. If her performance sucked then the movie would’ve been a disaster. She brings everything together. She doesn’t talk for at least 85% of the movie so all we get from her is facial expressions and body language and we watch Logan and Xavier communicate with her the best they can. Her character development was a home run. It was flawless so by the time she finally speaks you feel that you know her so well. That’s good ass acting.

This film is fucking brutal. I forgot it was rated r and if you thought Deadpool was brutal Logan made that shit look like church. Everything is brutal. From the gore to the emotions of the characters. Every fight scene in Logan I was literally on the edge of my seat because of the brutality. All bets were off so you never knew what the fuck was gonna happen. You finally see a legit Wolverine fight where he’s just swinging claws like a maniac with no regard for life. The fights are NASTY. 

Ever since Deadpool. Fox has changed the game with Rated R films. They not only showed that the film can still make money but the fans prefer the R rating. Logan and Deadpool wouldn’t be shit without the R rating. it allows you to see these characters in their full form. Suicide Squad made this mistake. Yes it made money because of the hype and cast but no one is calling that film an all time great film. With D.C universe being a darker universe than Marvel it made no fucking sense to have a movie with Harley Quinn in it be PG-13. 

The only complaint I had about the movie was that there’s a lull during the road trip that didn’t have to be there. They could’ve cut some scenes out. It was longer than it needed to be but I guess since it was Jackman’s last hoorah they wanted to keep all they could. 

I’ve waited 17 years for that Wolverine. 17 long years of frustration. I’m a little upset because the Wolverine we saw in “Logan” we never saw go head up with the likes of Omega Red or Sabretooth with the R rating giving us a no holds barred view. A prime Wolvie against his enemies with the R rating would’ve been filthy. We never got a Beserker Wolvie either. I’m just happy they got it right in the final film of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. 

Salute and thank you to Hugh Jackman. What a way to end a career as one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Logan is timeless.